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Tara on "View" -- Pretend This Is a Piece of Paper...

10/26/2006 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tara Reid made a guest-hosting appearance on "The View" this morning, and let's just say Ms. Reid seemed a little, well, caffeine-deprived during her stint at the "Hot Topics" table.

Talking to Rosie, Joy, and Elisabeth about her various plastic surgery mishaps over the past couple years, Tara tried to explain how a surgeon fixed her rather mishandled breast implants with the help of a blue piece of card stock. "Say this is a piece of paper," said Tara, to which Joy replied, "That is a piece of paper, Tara." The explanation that followed was no more cogent, mixing areolas and incisions and the paper into a weirdly incomprehensible jumble that had Rosie looking awfully confused.

Joy, as usual, saved the moment by comparing the procedure -- and Reid's explanation -- to an Italian family in Brooklyn.


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Tara had all that plastic surgery and had to have it redone. She probably didn't need it in the first place. She's a has been and I really dont care. You wanna be like all the rest of the Hollywood crowd then the end result is just too bad.

2886 days ago



2885 days ago


who gives a flying fuck. when tara reid was in american pie she looked fine just the way she was. its her own fuckin fault for getting that plastic surgery in the first place when she never even needed. what a vain tacky looking bitch

2885 days ago


why the fuck did she get implants her titties were fine in the spread she did for FHM like about a year or two ago...she made money for the rest of her life off that shit....she deserves everything she gets for that shit i think she was hotter before and besides who really likes tits that don't bounce eeeewwwww

2885 days ago


I am completely sick of hearing about her multiple surgeries. Okay, we got it. ENOUGH ALREADY.

2885 days ago


LOL even the HAIR'S fake. Go back home to rural NJ and spend some time with your Mamasister. I kinda always thought she looked a little inbred...her IQ level says she is.

2885 days ago


I really do not care about Tara Reid's goose-egg nipples --

2885 days ago


Say this is a piece of paper "It is a piece of paper Tara! "LMAO! Tara should just go into rehab or become a clown in a circus! The broad is a LOSER!

2885 days ago


You left the best part out.. When asked what charity event she was at last night she replied with "Until there is a Cause" rather than "Until there is a Cure". Humph!

2885 days ago


Tara should just shut up about it. But she's into that group of lLiberal wierd people that talk talk , accuse accuse, threat threat.. and never do much about it., from their own pockets, in private and effectively. I imagine she is stunned and shocked something actually got done, there was a cure, in her own case. She's right.. these charity groups rake in money and pay themselves, keep having fun raisers and parties.. parade around and pout.., stomp their feet, until there is a cure then take credit.. after all they spent their time showing up, lent their famous names to the cause.. and brought out the information that it needed a cure huh?

2885 days ago


Tara Reid is so wonderful and all of you are just jealous of her. She will definitely make a comeback and then you will all say how wonderful she is.

2885 days ago


This is part of the most transparent yet, at the same time, impressive celebrity image repair efforts I've ever seen. Plaster her on all the morning shows (Today, View, etc.) and give her not one (hack job plastic surgery) but two causes (AIDS cure) to speak for as if it will make us forget she's a slutty, semi-retarded, booze-hound. How did she get booked on those shows? Who is this woman's publicist? They deserve a lifetime achievement award if this gets her back into the Hollywood game....

2885 days ago


What's with that horrible, atrocious wig?

2885 days ago


boy is she working the pitty party, and trying to cash in on her stupidity or what. it's the only way she can get attention, cuz nobody wants to see her drunk dumbass.... Its all about her and her terrible ordeal.. what about the people with the same problem who either died or have been mutilated and don't have the money to fix it.. or their is no fixing it... gee my nipples were egg shaped and i had bumps on my stomach you want some cheese with that whine

2885 days ago

paris hiltons and nicole richies biggest fan*hayley*    

I always watch the veiw befor school tara made it real kool today she should take barbra walters place that old lady is never there!!!
tara is kool she used to kick it with the koolest prettiest gurl ever "PARIS HILTON!!!"yeah but tara is kool tho i didnt think she even needed that surgery but she wanted it those stupied doctors dudes are so dumb poor tara at least she got it fixed she looked really pretty today but im not gay tho but yeah im out*P3AC3 OUT!!!*

2885 days ago
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