Tara on "View" -- Pretend This Is a Piece of Paper...

10/26/2006 1:15 PM PDT
Tara Reid made a guest-hosting appearance on "The View" this morning, and let's just say Ms. Reid seemed a little, well, caffeine-deprived during her stint at the "Hot Topics" table.

Talking to Rosie, Joy, and Elisabeth about her various plastic surgery mishaps over the past couple years, Tara tried to explain how a surgeon fixed her rather mishandled breast implants with the help of a blue piece of card stock. "Say this is a piece of paper," said Tara, to which Joy replied, "That is a piece of paper, Tara." The explanation that followed was no more cogent, mixing areolas and incisions and the paper into a weirdly incomprehensible jumble that had Rosie looking awfully confused.

Joy, as usual, saved the moment by comparing the procedure -- and Reid's explanation -- to an Italian family in Brooklyn.