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Can't Wait for K-Fed? You Don't Have To!

10/27/2006 7:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Try as we might to avoid the reality, but Kevin Federline does indeed have a rap album. And yes, it is coming out next week. But if you can't wait until then -- a scenario we cannot envision -- you can listen to the entire album right now, exclusively on AOL.

Yes, all 13 tracks from "Playing With Fire" are there for you to listen to. There are even interview segments for each song so K-Fed can tell you the motivation behind songs like "World Is Mine" and "America's Most Hated."

If you love the album enough to buy it, the CD hits stores October 31.


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You know you need another coaster for your soda, so buy his CD....He needs some way to build up some child support money!!!!

2882 days ago

3rd Hilton Sister    

He is a "ok" rapper, being this his first album, its not as bad, but its pretty BORING after the frist 4 tracks ( I actually listened to the whole thing trying to stay neutral). I don't think this album is going to be a success do to the fact that he is disliked by so many. His public appearances don't help him either (ie. the wrestling thing). IThe sad thing is that Paris Hilton will be seen as more of a success this guy who seems to be at least trying to do "something"

2882 days ago

Puh der Baer    

Ellis...this DOUCHEBAG is "allowed" to live because we live in america, home of the "free".
I think the question you meant to ask is, "How come this douchebag hasn't been shot DEAD DEAD DEAD yet, and when will somebody please do us all the favor?!?!?!"
Murder aint legal, but sometimes the only answer.

2882 days ago


B...excuse me but K=Trash is about as far as you can get from upper class...he is white trailer park trash...the worst kind of trash of this planet...don't care if he does live in Malibu now...he is still white trash and always will be...and BTW...I am white...trash has no it what it is...probably white trash is the worst trash on this planet...JMHO

2882 days ago


Trash is trash and will never be anything else. Britt was crazy to marry such a money sucker.

2882 days ago

J Doe    


2882 days ago



2880 days ago

Mike V.    

I've taken sh*ts that sounded better and smelled better than this CD.

2880 days ago


All things considered, Kevin actually has a nice chiseled look, I dont know why he insists on being a thug or trying to be a rapper, I really dont. He could be so much more if he would clean up, quit wearing the "pants me please" shorts which are obnoxious. Come on Fed get your act together, you actually could be so much more. Being is thug which your NOT and trying to be cool with you hand thing just aint it. Get it together your not 16 anymore and your no rapper. Go forward and change your image.

2880 days ago


I'd let him hit it then pass him to my other scandelous friends.

2880 days ago
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