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Fingers the Photogs

10/27/2006 2:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Like Barbra Streisand and David Schwimmer before her, Kirstie Alley likes to drop the F-bomb.

The former "Fat Actress" was shopping at the chic Beverly Hills boutique Theodore, when Alley noticed the paparazzi and non-chalantly flipped them the bird. Cheers!

Considering how much weight she's lost, you'd think Kirstie would want her picture taken for all the world to see.

Hey Kirstie, lighten up. Every celeb knows the only thing worse than having the paparazzi take your picture -- having them stop!


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Oh my gosh! Kirstie Alley looked much better than she was too fat. Too skinny and too fatso are not good for the people's health conditions; therefore, we should take careful what we do with our bodies. Now I noticed she flipped her middle finger up at the paparazziafter she saw the ignorant paparazzi taking the picture at her without her permission or knowledge while she was shopping at the store. Paparazzi, leave the celebrities alone and respect them as human beings! They want to take their own peace and private times. Suppsoedly, if I am a celebrity and see those idiotic paparazzi doing something without my permission or knowledge, I will flip my middle finger up at them. So be it! sigh!

2884 days ago


Maybe some ass*** photog made a nasty comment..and she flipped him off, so's as American as apple pie...get over it...she is beautiful, and look's great....if you can't admit at least that...then who cares is right...
Rock on Kirstie........

2884 days ago


I think shes hot, Id do her anyday

2884 days ago

james crane jr.    

I think that big booty looks great !

2884 days ago

Rocky Babe    

Kirstie has inspired MANY with her efforts to better herself at her age. She should be commended for her VERY public struggle with her battle of the bulge. She's a beautiful lady and shouldn't be the target of such demeaning remarks on here. As for her "one finger salute" to the camera's......... walk a mile in her shoes and maybe YOU would let your finger fly too! I know I would get bugged if someone was always around to shoot my photo when I step out the door. Leave her alone and appreciate her for her great qualities. geesh.......Negativity abounds when people are full of envy and bitterness in their own lives, I guess. But yes, I DO think she started at a higher weight than she wanted to admit to originally. SO WHAT? Us women have the lying gene when it comes to weight and age. Big deal. Deal with it. Kirstie, You GO GURL!!! You're lookin' good and have been a positive influence on many of us who are watching your amazing progress.

2884 days ago

Britney, Britney, Britney    

Hey: "im just sayin" --- I'm also #71 -- Am 110 lbs. and have been ever since high school. Your spelling could use improving, too: (1) "im" is actually "i'm" for "I am"
(2) "sayin" is spelled "saying" ------ Oops -- you meant to spell it like that! I bet you're (for "you are") a big fat slobby person (probably a guy!) I've never eaten a hoagie or double cheeseburger in my life. Since YOU know so much about them, must be you have eaten them. I'm more of a Wendy's "junior" cheeseburger and side salad (with fat-free french dressing) kind of gal.

2884 days ago

Rocky Babe    

People are taking offense at her flipping her finger like it's going to encourage her children to do the same? Like they wouldn't ANYWAY??? SOME people EARN the finger! It's not "nasty" but more of a way to convey a clear message without having to use words. It's certainly effective, isn't it?

Have a clue people. A woman who is secure enough to flip off someone who is invading her privacy is showing her children "they don't have to TAKE IT!" and that is empowering in itself! Kids shouldn't be SHOCKED that their Mama has attitude. I'm sure that same hand may have been used to correct THEIR "attitudes" in the course of child rearing. They already KNOW there's power in her hands.... and fingers as well. If not, then they've learned it NOW, eh?

2884 days ago


Kirstie is just one more women in this god-forsaken sicko culture trying to get through each day. I think she was incredibly brave to do Fat Actress. She's underrated as a comedic actress, and apparently as a person. You folks on this post are so hyper-critical, it makes me wonder if you were raised with any compassion or manners at all.

2884 days ago


You all hating on her again? I swear, you people have no lives. I bet you're all fat, or too skinny your damn selves. And if you aren't, they you're sure UGLY as hell. Which is even worse, cause you can never be cute, but you can ALWAYS lose the weight.

You haters! BOO. Go Kristie!!!

2884 days ago


Give the woman a break. Why is it when a pic of a star who has weight issues goes up, the first thing people seem to do is pick that person apart. I dont mean just people who have been overweight....and I notice it is NEVER a male star who gets picked apart this way.

2884 days ago


I want to say one more thing. If you want to lose weight (if not great I'm not talking to you) you can do it and you can keep it off forever, not just a year or two as one of the pervious posters said. It can be done, don't try to do it alone. You'll want to have a support group or buddy. I recommend Weight Watchers because I've seen the results and I know it works, but if you find another way good for you. Again you can not just diet. You need to change your life style. Don't let anything you've read here discourage you. You can succeed and be healthy! I've had many many students over the years that have lost the weight and kept it off. I've been in the fitness business for 16 years and was in healthcare before this job. Don't give up, get help.

2883 days ago



2883 days ago


Kirstie Alley starred in the worst movie I have ever seen (Sibling Rivalry). Everything about it was absolutely HORRIBLE - I knew it was crap when the sex scene came on, ugh! When me and my girlfriend (who loved the flick) exited the cinema I was ready to break some stuff. It was the PITS! Anyway, Kirstie usually "plays" the same type of character and she is using the finger as a means to get attention. Just look at Madonna and her recent crucifixion act. Say no more.

2883 days ago

im just sayin    

#81 You are so gay. OK we get it your 110 pounds woo hoo good for you!!! You said it like 30 times on this site. EVERYONE give #71 a big hand SHE WANTS EVERYONE TO KNOW SHE WEIGHS 110 lbs!!!! YEAH (oops hope I spelled everything right for you) because not only are you BIG CLAP EVERYONE 110lbs you are also an english teacher!!!! EVERYONE # 81 & 71 (SAME PERSON) WEIGHS JUST 110 LBS. Its a shame you left out the fact that you are only four feet tall and REALLY UGLY but good for you cause EVERYONE SAY IT # 71&81 ONLY WEIGHS 110 LBS!!!!!

2883 days ago


I think Kirstie has come a long way from her before weight loss days. Most people don't walk around sucking in their gut-it's called relaxing...She does however need to learn that since she is a star she has to deal with those types of people who will try & portray her anyway they can but positively. Paparazzi people also need to learn that although the lies & fixed photos they take sell stories & make money they are ruining peoples lives by being so overbearing.. I guess the saying If you are going to do something in life be great at whatever it is needs to be taked a little less serious in this situation-KUDOS TO KIRSTIE-KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!!!!!

2883 days ago
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