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10/28/2006 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perez Hilton
Just because a guy runs a blog doesn't mean he can't throw down. That's the message we got from blogger Perez Hilton after he was confronted by a photog at Wednesday night's Xbox 360 party.


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They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

paris wants that pole up her butt

2887 days ago

Lisa D    

That's Criss Angle gropping Paris there, he must have a buzz on to be grabing her like that, and she walks away, fool, but travis Barker turns her on,,Criss is far better looking then that tattoo'ed idiot,,she has to have her head read , cuz Criss can come disappear with me any day,,,HOT.HOT.HOT.Paris doesn't even know HOT when it's staring her right in the face................

2887 days ago


Okay, where to begin?

About K-Fed-up, who the hell cares?

About Paris Hilton, bleach wouldn't be nearly enough to disinfect that pole. It needs nothing less than to be melted in the fires of hell.

About Madonna, I took a dump that has more talent than she does. I guess an african baby is the latest fashion accessory (like a Prada purse) on the planet she's from.

Jennifer who?

Tara Reid! The wheel is turning but the hamster's dead. It must be a bitch for her to have to scratch and claw for the last remaining shreds of her celebrity. DaSceptic sure would like to see her new sweater kittens though. Fortunately, we expect them to be flashing around the red carpets before the scars even heal.

Perex Hilton. What can I say, dude looks like a lady.

Reject the cookie.

2887 days ago


what a publicity whore. anyone who buys and/or listens to the crap this trash puts out ain't no better. can't sing & we know IT can't act; just flash & shock for the love of money so her bastard off-springs can be just as selfish & nasty as her. this raw sewage skank will do anything for attention; even at the cost of a child...oh this is an orphan either. so i guess the rest of those kids don't mean anything as long as this trash got to purchase one and be just like LIPS (jolie)

2887 days ago


MaDuh....get your yellow teeth fixed. i could drive a 57' chevy through that gap. by the way new face too you ugly, used-up, cheap, non-talent trailer trash skank

2886 days ago

SF Entertainment    

Paris is my princess. She's the finest and the most realistic beauty in hollywood. Anybody who has something negative to say about her just jealous that include male and female. If she stick that pole up her butt, I think is her business and not anyone's.

2886 days ago


Paris makes an ass out of herself every time she "dances"....Girl has NO rythym and uses the pole just to keep from falling on her face.

Drunk ass Whore.

The only thing I am jealous that Paris has is $$$$.....I wouldn't want to be her in a million years- she's a f***ing JOKE. SO many people hate her, for good reasons.

2886 days ago


Madonna is as stupid as she is ugly. What she clearly doesn't understand and has just helped perpetrate, is that those with money get put to the front of the line when it comes to adoption. If she, and Angelina, wanted to ACTUALLY do some good, they would get behind easing the process for us common folk.

As for Paris . . . she's a no talent parasite who looks like Squidward's sister.

2886 days ago


Wow Number 7...if someone told me that your type of ignorance still existed I would have said no way....does everyone in your trailer park feel the same way as you?

2886 days ago


I hope guy and the children are having fun with this new toy child and aren't bugging Madonna so much, when she needs to think about her next reinvention. Now Africa knows her power and might.. they better not be messing with her anymore, or she'll cut off fundage.

2886 days ago


Julia, I hope that person is just trolling. I agree it's hard to believe some ass backward yahoo like that could exist in this century. We live in a great country, but every once in a while my belief in the right to free speech is challenged by an idiot poster like him/her. But free speech is for the intelligent as well as the ignoramuses. I just wanted you to know many others find the statement appalling as you do. It kind of makes me sad in a way, to know someone would post that even as bait.

2886 days ago

paris hiltons and nicole richies biggest fan*hayley*    

PARIS ROX!!!!!!!

2886 days ago


What good person Madonna has turned out to be. Did you see her interview? She loves that little boy you could tell by what she said and how she reacted. I was happy to hear she has no plans of returning that little boy. How devastating that would be to the little fellow! I was surprised to find out that the father had never visited the kid even though he lives near by. In fact none of his family had ever visited him. That's too weird. You may not have the money to raise him but it cost nothing to visit. He's so much better of where he's at now. It all worked out for the best interest of that kid and that's what counts.

2886 days ago


I don't know why everyone is so negative about a child getting a chance at a good life, a education, medical attention! It should not matter the race of the child or the person adopting, A child getting love and having a family is a good thing in my book!

2886 days ago


People arent jealous of Paris just her money she has made a big ASS of herself and her last name I am sure her parents are ashamed of her antics and porno tapes.

2886 days ago
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