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Babs Heckled Again - But No F-Bomb

10/31/2006 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barbra Streisand's Bush-bashing tour made it's way to the hotbed that is red state Florida on Monday.

Barbra Streisand
Babs, who was heckled earlier this month after bringing out a Bush impersonator for a skit during a performance in New York, once again brought out a presidential look-a-like and faced outbursts from members in the audience at Fort Lauderdale's Bank Atlantic Center.

A source tells TMZ that during the skit, "Bush" asked Babs if they could sing a solo together to which Streisand replied "How about "Enough is Enough?" (A reference to Babs' 70s disco duet with Donna Summer) At that point a disgruntled fan threw ice at the 64-year-old diva. Barbra kept her cool, opted against using her now infamous retort of "Shut the F**k Up!," and simply said "It's ok, it's ok."

When fans asked her to sing a song for the Republicans, Barbra's suggestion was "Send in the Clowns." This got another audience member upset, who started to boo loudly at the singer. Some of Babs' superfans came to her aid telling the heckler to "shut up!"

While both the heckler and the ice thrower were escorted out of the arena, Barbra remarked, "If you just want to hear my songs, buy my albums and stay at home." And with tickets for Babs tour going for exorbitant prices, no doubt many fans did!

After her comments filled the arena with a round of applause, Babs got back to doing what she does best with her voice -- singing.

Babs' tour, and the controversy associated with it, winds up November 20 in Los Angeles.


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I'm not much of a fan of her music .. but damn I do love her polotics ..

2914 days ago

Gina G.    

I love you Babs!!! You have the right and the forum to speak your mind so go right ahead!! Celebrities have the right just like you and I to say what they feel about our elected officials. Just like the Dixie Chicks, Jane Fonda, and me too!!! We pay for that right with taxes and the blood of our brother and sisters in arms. My sister was in the gulf war and I'll be da**ed if I am not allowed to speak my mind; a right she fought for.

2914 days ago


I feel bad for the Republicans, they know their days are numbered. It must feel strange to know you had control of Congress, the Senate, and the Presidency and still couldn't get anything done but chip away at the rights of America's citizens and couldn't make any positive changes in our country. Yet, with all that power they still managed to trash our economy, managed to create a bogus war to save the face of the President's daddy and be responsible for the deaths of thousands of American Soldiers and hundreds of thousand innocent Iraqi women and children. It must be devastating to be a Republican right now, the shame must be crushing.

2914 days ago

Diana Sponseller    

Limit your show to singing. You are on the path to ruining your legacy with this lame act you are including in your shows.

2914 days ago


I hate when celebrities' egos become so massive they start thinking everyone gives a damn what they think. I personally think its a turnoff. I think you have to either go into politics or be in the music business. Not both.

2914 days ago


Celebrities do have free speech and no one is saying they don't. In the case of politicians, you can write, heckle or vote. When you're discussing issues with your friends, you can disagree. When a celebrity says (or does) something you disagree with, the only way you have to disagree is to 1) Boo; 2) heckle; 3) boycott economically.

Celebrities such as Barbra, Madanno, Dixie Chicks even Michael J. Fox seem so surprised when people do one of the three options available to them. Duh! No wonder people find celebrities so stupid.

2913 days ago

J. Koopman    

Ignorant people running rampid........Steve Bridges, the Bush impersonator wrote the bit that is performed at Barbra's concerts! He is a republican, but has a sense of humor. Men throwing ice and drinks at her just shows how absolutely pathetic and desperate "some" republicans have become. READ UP PEOPLE!!

By the way, Steven Speilberg, you know, E.T., Poltergeist, Gremlins, Back to the Future, The Color Purple, Shindler's List, Men in Black, Saving Private Ryan, Shrek, Artificial Intelligence, War of the Worlds and many others, thinks Streisand is a "genious"! So you better not go see any more of his work, because according the ig's in here, she has no talent, so he must be completely mad! Oey Vey!

2913 days ago


People are making much ado about nothing. Barbra is actually being kind to George Bush, compared to what she could be saying about him. Never in her skit does she actually say he IS an idiot..she only makes him look like an idiot. "Saturday Night Live" has been doing that for years with Presidents. It's just comedy, granted with a liberal bias, but you should expect that from Barbra. Presidents are not royalty, nor do they deserve blind faith from citizens merely because they're President (after all, we decide whether or not we want to vote for them); we're not a dictatorship. With as much publicity her "F" bomb got, I can't believe people are acting like they're surprised that she's doing this skit in her show. If you know you're going to be offended, sell your tickets on Ebay and don't go.

2913 days ago


Let's see.....Celebrities, like Streisand,.Dixie Chicks, The Boss, Bon Jovi, Eddie Vedder. obvious Democrat's.
Your comments are "Who want's to hear from celebrity's," We don't want their views on stage, at political functions, or concerts ..just need to go one cares....blah blah blah...

BUT,......if the celebrity is...a Republican...such as Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwartsneggar , Shirley Temple-Black, Sonny Bono, Al Franken, Lynn Swann, Jessie Ventura,Clint Eastwood, Fred Thompson, then it's share political views, to make political statements, go on stage, to political forums, and express their FIRST AMENDMENT, and also to hold an office .
But if your a celebrity Democrat... then you are not even speak...anywhere?

BS...I am entitled, she is entitled ...and all American's are entitled freedom of expression, and or Speech.......First Amendment is for all..........not just neocon... Republican's....

A bias is a prejudice in a general or specific sense, usually in the sense of having a predilection for one particular point of view or ideology.

So what now.....

2913 days ago


SNL has tons of funny skits about Bush and no one get all bent over those? What's gives? Just cuz it's Barbara I guess.

2913 days ago


Jon Bon Jovi is a democrat BUT he believes that when a person pays to come to his concerts that they are paying to be entertained not to be subjected to Jon's political views. So Jon does not subject his concert attendees to political rhetoric. (He stated that on Larry King Live) And that's the way it should be. All this talk of Barbara's concerts is not of the music but of the political nonsense which is sad because it could be her last tour. And what a mark to leave, it's a joke. And I think it is so sad that Barbara has let her political views interfere with her talent so much.

2912 days ago

J. Koopman    

Celebrities are stupid? That is the dumbest thing I have ever read. So I need to consider the source.

Freedom of speech will and should be excercised for as long as we still can. There is still the option of choice in some matters. Some would be going to concerts, buying music, musical preference and the right to disagree. Why people would say terrible things, mean, hateful, spiteful things about another human being is wrong. Although it is their right, morally it is wrong!

2911 days ago
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