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K-Fed: Haters Are Motivators

10/31/2006 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

K-FedThe day we have all waited for is finally here. K-Fed's highly anticipated album "Playing With Fire" has finally arrived at a record store near you. To celebrate, TMZ will enlighten your day with genuine pearl of wisdom from the Federleezy himself.

"I won't ever be a back-up dancer for anybody again. I think we all have established that. But I'll do it for myself."

Brilliant. Be on the lookout for K-Fed backup dancing for himself on his current tour of venues that can miraculously sell enough tickets to cover their power bill. Sorry Cleveland.

All kidding aside, the album has generated significant interest around the country, but Kevin is still constantly taking shots from music critics and haters alike. Shocking, we know. But K-Fed says he uses the criticism to motivate himself into being the best Federline he can be. "You can't really get anywhere without someone gawking at you or nitpicking at what you do."

Well in that case, K-Fed, the world is your oyster.


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in the know    

#35 you are right on the mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2912 days ago


to all the haters. first k-fag i mean k -fed is banging a hot ass so called singer.and if he gets tired of her, he will walk away with 10 million bucks! sh*t ill be k fed but then i have to move to yemen.

2912 days ago


#27 EL_P...

I see you aced your spelling test again today. Way to go

2912 days ago

U Know Who    

Yep cuz spelling is what this is all about, Nellie, take the band aid off your eye.Then maybe you can SEE that your a fat troll =/

There are approximately 9,000 spelling errors on just the FIRST page of TMZ, you gonna point em all out for us?

Prease Miss Engrish Teacher?

Another fat skank heard from YaY !


2912 days ago

U Know Who    

Lulu, grammar and spelling are your friends.

YES I realize I had A "Typo" not 57 spelling errors in one small paragraph.

Lulu - "IF" you had posted the bullsh*t you did - as MERELY YOUR OPINION - I wouldn't have said dick to you, as your a waste of my time. But since you came off as the ALL KNOWING AUTHORITY on EVERYTHING Federline, I called you on it.
I know my opinion doesn't matter to you and I am grateful for that. And since you don't currently have a spouse, well get ready for a long lonely life. Because with your sh*tty f***ing know it all attitude you will still be alone come 2050.

And K-Fed will be at some awards show laughing at you from your tv. While you sit alone eating a microwave dinner.

Again f*** yourself, and get a dictionary.


2912 days ago

E-BOMB of OZ    


Your BLACKMETAL is showing.


2912 days ago



come here little boy...I need a little bitch to share my cell with. If you get my drift.

2912 days ago


yawn...............between Paris and k-fed................yawn...................tmz please give us something good..................................

2912 days ago

J Doe    

k-dog is the DISPOSABLE DOUCHE!!!

2912 days ago


I'm glad Brit's a multi-millionaire. If not K-Fed would be on welfare and we would all be supporting him while he tries to make a wanna-be rap career. Keep supporting him Brit, because if you didn't the rest of us would have to unless McDonald's is hiring. Lord knows, he can't rap.

2912 days ago

Pam Anderson    

Elllis, tonight I have just one burning question...does he rise to the level of feces, or is he just wannabe feces?

2912 days ago


To post 29 Lulu you are right I would never marry for money even though I wouldn't mind being rich,I've learned along time ago money is important but it's not everything.But you and I know there are many people who can be bought and that's kind of sad.But I can only blame one person for this whole K-Fed mess and that's his wife.I just don't get her at all and if you read about alot of female celebrities most of them seem the same.Their rich,beautiful,very successful but they somehow feel they need a man by there side at all times.I can never figure out why such successful women can reduce themselves to chase after losers and idiots that they have.Like Britney for example she had everything going for her and she made it on her own,she didn't need a mans help to do it.So why would she go nuts over someone like K-Fed.I mean what was she thinking when this guy left his pregnant g/f and kid for her couldn't she tell right away what a loser he was and did she ever think for a second if he did it to one woman he will certainly do it to her to.It's because of women like her that we have these idiots that think their god's gift or something on earth such as K-Fed.What more can boost the ego of someone who has absolutely nothing and going no where and being chased by a rich beautiful successful woman.It's women like Britney with their low self esteem that create such monsters as K-Fed.He may be the monster but she's the creator.

2912 days ago


To post 40 I have to agree with you LuLu if this EL-Phantasmo guy isn't K-Fed himself he's obviously trying or living the way that k-fed does.Got a poor little rich girl for himself to pay his way or has one chasing after him.It's got to be one of those options because his attitude is oddly very similar to K-Feds LOL.God whats happenin to all the rich successful women of the world are chasing losers and boosting their egos their idea of charity work LMAO

2912 days ago


(Providing for his family?!?!?! Looks like his family doing nothing but providing for HIM!!! Useless piece of s**t that he is.)

I agree 100%... EVERYTHING that this trash owns was bought with Britneys money including Britneys own darn wedding ring, their wedding and their honeymoon. Britney is the one who paid his studio time and she is the one who is paying his child support.

EVERYTHING bought for both Britneys sons were bought by Britney and when it comes to the insurance that covers the babies and their births it is BRITNEYS.

This idiot needs to wake up and realize the world does not hate him just because he is not talented it is also because he is a dead beat dad who had an affair while his girlfriend was pregnant and the fact he is using a person to get famous.

The only rapper whom is white to ever make it was Eminem and it took him years but the difference between him and Kevin is he earned his way and he is actually talented and funny and loves his child and spends as much time as he can with her where all Kevin does is look for ways out of seeing his kids.

2912 days ago


I just think it's funny that people call K-Crap haters "jealous". If we were jealous we would keep our mouths shut and wish to be like him, or we would be supporting him mindlessly. When I dislike a person it isn't because I am jealous of them, it is because they are a worthless human being. The people who are jealous of him are his supporters; one wouldn't support that guy if they didn't want what he has. I am not jealous of him, I think he is a terrible person for what he did to his ex, and Britney's an idiot for shacking up with him. I am not jealous of a person that chooses a man who leaved his pregnant girlfriend to travel with them. I can't support a person who has such low morals, even if he were the best musician on Earth. So no, I am not jealous of either of them, my husband and I have plenty of money, and he didn't leave a pregnant woman to be with me because I could give him more or boost his career, or because I begged him. I think Britney is a nice girl (even though I don't know her), and I think she could do better than support this idiot with her money and encouragement. She needs to tell him he sucks, and if she chooses to stay with him, make sure he never records an album again. Let him "rap" to the kids... I'm sure they'll enjoy it (because they don't know better).

2912 days ago
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