K-Fed: Haters Are Motivators

10/31/2006 4:15 PM PST

K-Fed: Haters Are Motivators

The day we have all waited for is finally here. K-Fed's highly anticipated album "Playing With Fire" has finally arrived at a record store near you. To celebrate, TMZ will enlighten your day with genuine pearl of wisdom from the Federleezy himself.

"I won't ever be a back-up dancer for anybody again. I think we all have established that. But I'll do it for myself."

Brilliant. Be on the lookout for K-Fed backup dancing for himself on his current tour of venues that can miraculously sell enough tickets to cover their power bill. Sorry Cleveland.

All kidding aside, the album has generated significant interest around the country, but Kevin is still constantly taking shots from music critics and haters alike. Shocking, we know. But K-Fed says he uses the criticism to motivate himself into being the best Federline he can be. "You can't really get anywhere without someone gawking at you or nitpicking at what you do."

Well in that case, K-Fed, the world is your oyster.