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K-Fed Up? -- "Rapper" Boo'd on Halloween

11/1/2006 2:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Federline: Click to watchKevin Federline calls himself "America's Most Hated" and last night he proved it, as his Halloween performance was met with a chorus of boos -- and not of the ghostly variety.

Before the first beat dropped from his new song "Privilege," Federleezy was bombarded with jeers from the costume-clad crowd at the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival. To his credit, the ratio of haters-to-fans hovered somewhere around 50-50, with at least half the crowd actually screaming in anticipation of K-Fed's performance.

Though rumors (and high hopes) floated through the crowd that his wife, Britney Spears, would make a surprise appearance, everyone seemed let down when Federline sang his one song and quickly bolted to his album release party in a white Rolls Royce Phantom.


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mike j    

I give K fed Props ,For A Little Sticking And Moving He's Going To Have Millions! A True Mack! I'm sure he will buy a double wide trailer for his future home away from home! A Gheeeeto White Trash Pimp ,I LOVE IT, K Fed Keep Pimping ,Trailer parks of america is totaly behind you ! Rock White Rap ON?

2902 days ago


K-FED did NOT have a pot to piss -in - nor a window 2 throw it out of ,until he got with Brit. I think he is a p-ssy to put his wife @ this time on blast talking about a sex tape.HOW MUCH OF A MAN IS HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2902 days ago


Brittany just made a very bad mistake in picking Fed-ex. But that is no reason to bring in the kids(calling them idiots). Hopefully Brittany gets her head on straight bsfore getting in too deep with Paris Slut!!!

2902 days ago

rich little    

he sold 8,000 albums of his no talent music...Britney bought 7,000 of them......Sucker!!!!!!

2901 days ago


Poor Britney ,she should have known if the guy dumped his pregnant girlfriend for her; that he was not going to be a father figure for her kids.

2900 days ago

Chris Schrader    

K-Fed got K-O'ed by Brit....RIGHT OUT OF THE HOUSE.

Wrestling is fake and all but I hope John Cena KILLS this jackass.

2900 days ago



2900 days ago


9. f-fed has ruined b.spears and her career. very very sad because i remember the day i thought she'd be around forever. he's gross!

Posted at 12:46PM on Nov 1st 2006 by ASHLEY


Hey BRITNEY ! I think you have a career in COMEDY with comments like that..ROTFLMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

2900 days ago


I saw the video of poor K-Fed trying to rap.....

It was the funniest, most terrible piece of entertainment I have ever seen. Talentless doesn't even begin to describe this display. And about the music industry? Yeah, it is one big pile of crap. They pick who they want to be the next big thang, and push, and drive it down your throats until you have no real choice but to buy it because if you don't, you don't fit in. I can't blame the guy for milking every ounce out of it, he really has nothing else going for him. What a waste of a blank CD.

Brittany... if you ever read these entries, kfed was a BAD BAD choice. Divorcing him is going to be the best thing you ever did for yourself.

2900 days ago

Marina Martinez    

I heard and saw his debut video and thought it was good. What do you expect from rappers anyway, good voices, genious lyrics?
Sorry, but anyone who posted condemning him said what they because they had nothing original or going for themselves. In the music industry it takes luck and breaks and most performers had either one or both. This guy had to have had some talent to have been in the position to have met Britany Spears.
As far as Brittany Spears, it was looks more than talent and when that fades than what? Put your self in that position
White trash?? Who wrote that? Funny.
So original when people make racial implications of the degree of the quality of the person. What are performers anyway? Rocket scientist?
I hope for the sake of both performers they don't take these blogs seriously and continue their careers...

2897 days ago


hey ppl

review from hong kong ...... this dude is so bad ... even chinese rappers and dj's have banned his songs from all tracks ..... hope he gets the message and understands that hes just dont have what it takes to be a rapper . hell i'm indian i rap in both cantonese and english - f*** that , i can say fans in h.k tell me even im better then him !

get a job at 7-11 or a gas station cause everyones fed up of you !

MCG from Hong Kong

2896 days ago


Don't let Ms. Britt off the hook, she went after a man that already had one child and one on the way. That's what she gets for having that high mentality "I'll take your man", so she got what she deserves. What kind of women would want a man that is not supporting his children, seeing this she knew he didn't have any money so again she got what she deserved, did she think that hey by him being with me that will change him (probably). So blame it all on K-Fed, she should have left him alone while he was with Shar. But again she got what she deserved.

2894 days ago

Not my name    

An album release party? What is their to party about. It hit the charts at 1600+

To me, this is like having a party because of a train wreck.

2892 days ago


Loser rapper want-a-be. This guy needs to disappear off the face of the earth. And he can take his white trash wife with him. Man those kids are gonna be idiots like their parents. If the parents don't kill them first.

2922 days ago


I just heard him perform on Tyra and he wasnt really all that terrible...pretty decent actually....

2922 days ago
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