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No Prenup

In Witherspoon-Phillippe


11/1/2006 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

reese_ryan_excl_getty_200-1TMZ has learned that Reese Witherspoon's fortune is fair game as her marriage to Ryan Phillippe comes to an end-- specifically, there is no prenup.

The financial consequences are enormous. Witherspoon now commands $20 million a movie. In 2005, Witherspoon raked in a total of $30 million for two movies, "Just Like Heaven" and "Walk the Line."

Phillippe has been commanding around $2.5 million a film, making him bankable, but clearly not in his estranged wife's league.reese-ryan

Under California law, without a prenup, earnings during a marriage are divided up 50/50.

Connected sources also tell TMZ on a scale of one to ten, one being a peaceful breakup and ten being Hasselhoff, the Witherspoon/Phillippe split is a three. And, we're told, it will almost certainly stay peaceful, partly because of the children and partly because of the couple's personalities.

We're told there is no talk of reconciliation and that divorce papers are merely a matter of time.


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Woman have been stealing half for years. Men should get half just like them.
I like them both, but Ryan should get half. Next time get a prenup. That will teach these fools

2890 days ago

Wicked wouldn't marry with one....because YOU HAVE NOTHING

stupid remark you made

2890 days ago


The money earned it this household over the last 7 years was mutual...they married young, probably had nothing when they got together...who the hell cares if they didn't have a prenup...they will both be very well off financially,no matter what. Next time Reese...get a prenup..I am sure she will. Be happy and well are a rare jewel in Hollywood these days.

2890 days ago


Ryan is a total idiot if he cheated on Reese. If he did, then he didn't deserve her in the first place. She is a beautiful person and deserves to be happy. Very sad story.

2890 days ago


I was just starting to admire his acting talent. I hope the cheating allegations are not true for Reese's sake and because I will probably not bother to see his movies if they are true. Just like I will never see another Brangelina movie. Reese is a classy lady and I wish her and the children all the best.

2890 days ago

E-BOMB of OZ    


In addition to being a 50/50 state California is also a "NO FAULT" DIVORCE state which means that any extra-marital affairs that EITHER one might have had HAS NO BEARING ON THE ALLOCATION OF ASSETS.

An affair MAY ONLY MITIGATE AGAINST one spouse's custodial rights and privileges but California (as well as many other states) ALREADY has A PRE-ESTABLISHED BIAS TOWARD ASSIGNING FULL CUSTODY TO THE MOTHER.

Reese'll get the kids; Ryan'll get 1/2 of all accumulated assets --LESS SO INHERITANCES.

2890 days ago


It's not about the money. Marriage is about 2 persons and their commitments. Ryan is such a loser. I suppose you have to lose something before you realise how good it really is......

What a shame!

2890 days ago


I think that if they did not agree to a prenup then split it 50/50 and try and keep whatever relationship they have as parents. I do really hope that they can work things out, I thought that there are/were really cute together.
Good Luck Reese & Ryan!!!!

2890 days ago


They both have enough earning power to live just fine after the divorce. Best thing is to get it over quick stay friends for the kids and get on with life. Oh, and Reece should look me up as soon as the dust settles! She'll be taken care of as a proper lady should!

2890 days ago


You mean Ryan Phillippe is straight? Damn, I thought for sure he was GAY!

2890 days ago


Ryan play on player and you'll get half.One stone kill two birds.Women do the same all he time but they always tripping when we do it,see how hurtfull it is..........

2890 days ago

John C jackson    

Ryan had more industry buzz when they got married. Reese was best known for a movie she did when she was 14 and string of foregttable films and straight to video ( despite heavy promotion of her by studios). He was also considered a better up and coming actor.

However, she ended up doing things like "Legally Blonde" that became huge commercial hits. While he chose to do a lot of low budget ( but mostly highly acclaimed) films.

The way I see it, He knew that she had the higher earning power ( for commercial, not artistic reasons) and did her (and the family) a favor by watching the kids so she could go do her big budget crap. And he was happy to take lower paying but more critically received roles.

Somewhere between all this, they as a family chose to function this way, for the sake of their household. I'm sure he could have worked much more and made more money and he will. This is kindof like the Simpson/Lachey thing where the Wife ended up becoming a big "star" but it wasn't always that way. And the husband will have no problem making money after the divorce.

2890 days ago


I believe half is good. There is always one person staying home and taking care of that side of things.....and one person making money. Both jobs are equally important in a relationship.

2890 days ago


When Reese and Ryan married they were practiclly equal. I remember an interview Reese did and she said they take turns doing movies so someone is always there for the kids. This means each time she has made a movie he's followed and put his carrer on hold for the kids. I do believe he desearves 1/2. But, I don't think he'll ask for that much. With that said I respect peoples privacy and you all should too. 82% of married people get divorced these days. That's almost every married couple. But nobody cares unless it's someone famous. Get over it, they are all the same as us, they just have more money!

2889 days ago


This is so Cruel Intentions all over again. ...Another one bites the dust.

2889 days ago
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