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Firecrotch 2: "Lips of Glory"

11/3/2006 7:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The folks over at the "Kevin & Bean" show on Los Angeles radio station KROQ debuted their second song parody based on the infamous drug-fueled Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis rant against Lindsay Lohan, "Lips of Glory."
Firecrotch audio

Radio personality Psycho Mike reprises his role as the Greasy one. Just a little warning: the language isn't suitable for everyone -- though we're guessing that is just going to make you want to click on it more.


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wow, how low can they be? lindsay doesnt even talk about that bitch and all he does is talk about her. if he really didn't like her, he wouldn't be talking about he at all. and why is he talking about p***y and whatnot when he can't even get cheap whores to f*** him????

2875 days ago


He is a worthless piece of sh*t.

2875 days ago


Just asking, who is this Brandon Davis and why is he famous?

2875 days ago

We, are not amused.    

There is nothing funny about shaved p***y!

2875 days ago


What is gross is his distasteful face. I think that beer gutted dirt bag was hit with the ugly stick if you ask me. But Who the hell takes the time to write a whole some about someone. I think he likes her. Why would he go through all this trouble. Is he just trying to cover it up becuase he got drunk and wigged out one night trying to impression another disgusting lazy eyed hag PARIS.

2875 days ago


#3 I'm with you...who is Brandon Davis and why exactly is he famous? Is this Bette Davis' grandchild or what?

2875 days ago


I once heard that Lindsay Lohan was really a man. I think weve seen enough proof of that in some of the pictures Ive seen of her that she is not a man. Or maybe shes really Brandon Davis in drag!!!!

2875 days ago


Who is this immature jerk? Who cares about him and why is he trying to get attention?
He really has a whole lotta growing up to do.

I agree, i think he likes her, why take the time and energy to write a whole song about someone if you did not.

I bet he got snubbed by her and hurt his frail little ego....

Besides all this - hes butt-ugly !!! LOL

2875 days ago

sick of the men moochers    

Hahahaha!! This song is sooo funny. :-)

Lighten up everyone... Just because Brandon Davis is very rich, it does not mean he isn't cool, and/or that everyone needs to pick on him... I don't know him personally, so why and how could I judge, right? This song is so funny.

Lighten up everybody - life is so short. And whether Brandon Davis, and others, are really rich or not, how does it affect us? It doesn't at all - it doesn't affect me at all, right?

Let the rich kids be... to each his or her own. God bless that they do not have to struggle.

2875 days ago


He's some trust f*** baby that thinks his money can buy him class............NOT

2875 days ago


brandon and lindsey sitting in a tree k i s s i n g!

He is totally obsesed with her. how pathetic

2875 days ago

C-Ann's a joke. And if you took the time to read it is NOT Brandon himself doing the song it's a really smokin hot guy on KROQ pretending to be Nasty BD.

If you think about it I'm fairly sure they are poking fun at the whole scene. It really sucks when you have to spoon feed the comedy.

Lighten up, these 2 ask for this kind of stuff with their stupid ass behavior.

2875 days ago


Brandon Davis looks like a WUSSY in need of a Bath and His mouth washed out with lysol. He has STD's thanks to Porno Hilton.

2875 days ago


who is Brandon Davis? and shouldn't he be singing about his good old friend Paris?? she's the one most likely to have every disease possible.

This guy can't sing! And how aweful and low can one be to actually go and write a stupid song like this and air it????
Ignorant rich white trash!!!

2875 days ago


Brandon Davis is the quintessential jackass... He makes Steve-O and Chris Pontius look professional. He is a worthless piece of shit. If Greasy Bear ever made an album and on top of that a duet with K-Fed, I shudder to think now. *shudders in digust*

2875 days ago
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