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Sheen to Sambora: You Can Have Her!

11/3/2006 7:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen: Click to watchLooks like someone surrendered in the war between Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards.

The two were recently photographed playing with their children, prompting rumors of a truce between the once-feuding couple. "Yeah, we're trying to put all that nonsense aside and do what's right for the children," Sheen tells Ellen DeGeneres Monday on her talker, "At least I knew the guy she wound up with!"

Joking aside, Sheen actually stands by Richards' choice of boyfriend following their split - "To know that there's somebody decent and smart and a good parent that's gonna be around your children, thats a good thing." How modern.

Charlie's entered the dating scene as well, coupling up with sexy brunette Brooke Mueller, though he was tight-lipped about his new flame, saying only, "She's fabulous."


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I wonder if Heather feels the same way? Take my husband Skanky, PLEASE!
Denise, your the poster girl for BAD FRIEND. You will never, ever have a friend trust you as long as you live. If they say they do, they lie. BIG TIME! (all your gal pals are watching your ass to make sure your not alone with their man. Keep that in your little pea brain. Women, never ,ever, forget the wrongs of a best friend. LOL they don't forgive either! Best of luck to Charlie and Heather, and I hope heather finds the Love of her life, and hope Charlie has found his. Charlie your show is the balls, love to laugh hard like that. Thanks!
Heather get your butt back into work, we miss ya. You would be awsome in the show DIRT, kick ass woth Cox LMAO!

2797 days ago


Denise is a skanky*t. So are you Tweedy...the geek.

2877 days ago


I am glad to hear him have a mature attitude hopefully those 2 can co-parent togethere and not put the kids through a war of words in the media

2877 days ago


My goodness, Charlie Sheen really seems all grown up now. Good for him!

2877 days ago


Yea to much of a modern world if you ask me!

Decent? thats what he said about Sambora anybodys decent now a days next thing you know he saids him and his ex wife are decent to! A BIG HA, HA

2877 days ago


Ya this is good news, I am sure his publicist had something to do with this and his image since he is the highest paid actor on TV right now. Anywho, I wish them the best and I am so glad this didnt turn out to be like Alec and Kim dirty laundry.

2877 days ago


I still love ya Charlie, your still one good looking guy.. Sambora looks like a freakin drag queen, can't tell if he is he or she.

Good for you Charlie, stay clean and sober and keep your life together for the sake of your kids, Denise will have a brood with Sambora and before ya know it, she won't want the kids with Charlie and he'll have them... she is a skanky, first class whore and I'll never watch anything she is in or buy any magazine she is on the cover of... whore!!!!!!!

2877 days ago

in the know    

Charlie does not care anymore because he is in love with someone else now. Funny how a new person in your life helps you forget everything you were mad about. His new salary had alot to do with it as well. He must have a great publicist.

2877 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

Sambora can be my daddy anyday....

2877 days ago

Mad Balls    

I pulled my wankers off...............

...put the TVO on pause

..... to a CD of that TV he did on the side

.....he/she is handsome/cute what a c*ck/C*nt

..... does that make me gay/straight ?

2877 days ago


I think it's great that Charlie is getting along better with his ex. I think both Charlie and Richie would be better off without that skanky bitch, tho!

2877 days ago


I agree totally with no 7
Stay sober Charlie dont rush into marriage, please
Richards is a whore, not just doing this to Charlie dont show she has much love for her kids
Charlies is above it all He probably hates Sambora - he looks creepy to me
Heather Lochlear is another victim her, no one seems to remember her, she really loved Sambora and he dumper her for that whore.
The whole situation stinks.

2876 days ago


i have to admit that there is something likeable about charlie but it is sad when he is the most mature in any situation.

2876 days ago


I'm glad to read others love Charlie Sheen because I still do. I can't quite figure out why some celebrities, no matter what they do remain so loveable while others fall completely off the radar when they show a human imperfection.

I think Charlie is so cool, no matter what and I actually love his dad too.

2876 days ago


Of course he is happy, the sooner Denise marries clueless Richie the less time Charlie will have to support her sorry behind.

2873 days ago

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