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Rosie Bashes Techs, Has Fits, Pops Zits

11/6/2006 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's nary a dull moment on "The View" since Rosie O'Donnell jumped onboard, and last week was no exception. Sources connected to the show tell TMZ that O'Donnell exploded on the set after technical problems plagued the live broadcast, including the wrong camera being used and a microphone for the studio audience not in place when it needed to be. The horror.

Meanwhile, today, Rosie was picking zits, not nits, as she welcomed her best friend Jackie Ellard to the show as part of Best-Friend-Guest-Host Week. Ellard revealed that one of Rosie's most troubling habits was her comedone-extracting compulsion (aka picking other people's zits), and Rosie informed us that one of her weapons of mass extraction was a paper clip.

Thank you, Rosie, for that dermatological tutorial. Thankfully, an ABC rep had this to say about last week's incident: "It's a live show and technical glitches sometimes happen ... No big deal."


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Rosie is Talented?? At WHAT? If open mouth 24/7 is talented, then so is an Earthworm.. I can't stand the sight of her, much less the sound of her voice! Between her and Barbara W, the Show isn't worth the wear on my TV Speaker.

If they want a mans opinion, they should hire a man, not a Butch! I no longer watch "The View" because of Rosie. I wish Kelly Rippa would take her place.. At least shes Funny!

2841 days ago


Rosie, we no you are gay. Stop talking about it every time the camera is in your face. You are accountable for what you know (read the BIBLE).
Gay people SUCKS!

2878 days ago


I love Rosie on The View! To the above poster, you are certainly not an angel. First of all, you should learn how to spell. You obviously are not very intelligent.

You also need to know that there are many Christians who are not against gay people. I am a Christian and I support gay marriage and equal rights for all. Jesus said nothing in the Bible regarding gay people, however, he said a lot about loving one another and not judging other people.

The Golden Rule is "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This is what Jesus taught us to do. It is better to love than to hate.

2878 days ago


give me an intelligent gay over a moronic idiot such as yourself anyday. It's "know", not no, dumb-ass. i think the westboro baptist church is'll fit right in

2878 days ago


#3 you should be ashamed of yourself. Even if you are just trying to be funny, it's NOT FUNNY. You are an idiot. I can say this with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY. Get a life.

2878 days ago



number 4 post was referring to the #1 poster

my apologizes Teri

2878 days ago


#4, "get a life"? did you think of that piece of brillance ALL BY YOURSELF?? I have never seen that posted before. I'll have to remember that little nugget

2878 days ago


geez #5, no I have to apologize to you!! sorry

2878 days ago


#9 i'm sorry

2878 days ago

Allred Tree    

REPULSIVE ROSIE GETS MORE REVOLTING BY THE DAY! The View should be cancelled STAT! Aside from the PIG, it is obvious they are out of ideas and interesting guests and are just copying Oprah and her so-called "friend" Gayle King (with their stupid "best friends week"). Who cares ??? Paris and Nicole Richie??? And those PIGS OKRA and FATSO GAYLE (who eat with their ugly mouths full, by the way) only copied Paris and Nicole with their stupid road trip! Paris and Nicole should sue all of them!

2878 days ago

Allred Tree    

Correction - meant to say Oprah and Gayle talk with their ugly mouths full when they are eating. Their uncouth selves are really showing through despite all the "airs" they try to put on!

2878 days ago


saw Chevy Chase do a funny bit imitating a zit extraction(taken in context it was very funny) on the "Today" show last week...maybe Rosie saw it too?

2878 days ago


To #3 and everyone else who says there are no passages against gay unions in the bible. Please actually READ the bible. Beginning even in Genesis there quite a few verses against homosexuality (Gen. 19:5-8; Lev. 20:13). NOW, with that being said, God has commanded us to love one another and to "hate the sin, not the sinner". There is no where in the bible that says anything about "the golden rule". Please, if you're going to defend Christianity, get all the facts straight. It hurts my heart to hear people on a soapbox when they haven't done the research. And just in case you were wondering, I love my gay friends. I just don't believe their lifestyle is ordained by God. But that does not mean it's my place to pass judgment on them. It IS my place, however, to show them a reflection of God and His love. And the only way I can do that is through kindness and understanding -- not a rigid finger (as in finger pointing).

2878 days ago


I turned on The View for the first time in a month to see what they said about Ted Haggard --- only to be grossed out be Rosie popping zits. She has lost all sense of what is appropriate. And she stopped being funny along time ago. Now, she's just angry and she fits into one of the worst stereotypes of lesbian women. If she thinks she's helping the gay cause, she's wrong.

Although I'm a liberal, at the beginning of the season I found myself pulling for Elisabeth. But I got over that quickly. So, I just quit watching.

Poor Barbara Walters is deteriorating before our eyes. She's a great journalist but she's lost touch with her audience. (She's 78, right?) How could she possibly think Rosie would work on this show?

At first, my hope was that ABC would jerk Rosie of The View. Now, I think the show is just doomed.....

Hey, that Greg Berherndt show is pretty good. Check it out.

2878 days ago


Bibles (the Christian ones anyway) were written by old priest and/or monks not God and/or Jesus so please don't go quoting some old monk that never could deal with the fact that he was himself gay. Beside God was around long before your Bibles and he's not a supporter of fascism as you'd like us to believe. I can't believe idiot Christian believe God had anything to do with writing one of the many many version of the Bibles out there that claim to be God's words. God is smarter than them and apparently you as well.

I'm gay and God loves me, just ask him.

2878 days ago
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