Rosie Bashes Techs, Has Fits, Pops Zits

11/6/2006 4:00 PM PST
It's nary a dull moment on "The View" since Rosie O'Donnell jumped onboard, and last week was no exception. Sources connected to the show tell TMZ that O'Donnell exploded on the set after technical problems plagued the live broadcast, including the wrong camera being used and a microphone for the studio audience not in place when it needed to be. The horror.

Meanwhile, today, Rosie was picking zits, not nits, as she welcomed her best friend Jackie Ellard to the show as part of Best-Friend-Guest-Host Week. Ellard revealed that one of Rosie's most troubling habits was her comedone-extracting compulsion (aka picking other people's zits), and Rosie informed us that one of her weapons of mass extraction was a paper clip.

Thank you, Rosie, for that dermatological tutorial. Thankfully, an ABC rep had this to say about last week's incident: "It's a live show and technical glitches sometimes happen ... No big deal."