Elisabeth Calls Sen. Kerry 'Mel Without The Booze'

11/1/2006 3:54 PM PST

Elisabeth Calls Sen. Kerry 'Mel Without The Booze'

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, in a fit of right-wing pique, called Sen. John Kerry "Mel Gibson without the booze" over his remarks on troops in Iraq on "The View" this morning -- and Joy Behar didn't like it one bit.

Elisabeth and Joy began their sparring when Joy criticized President Bush and his lieutentants for "making hay" out of Sen. Kerry's remarks on Monday when he suggested to group of students that a poor education would lead to their being "stuck in Iraq," offending troops and politicians everywhere (Kerry said yesterday that he mishandled a joke, and meant to criticize the Bush administration.)

That persistently doctrinaire right-wing political thinker Elisabeth jumped all over Kerry (and Joy), equating the Senator to "Mel Gibson without the booze," slamming his flip-flops, and then defended President Bush for his "higher IQ" and "better grades" than Kerry while the two were at Yale. Joy was having none of it, and the two exchanged a flurry of invectives.

But -- surprise! -- it was Rosie defusing the situation with a few bars of her favorite Barbra. And it all made that other Barbara -- Walters -- put her head down in (perhaps not-so-mock) exasperation.