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They Came, They Saw,

They Booked

11/6/2006 3:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

110606-nicole-richie-paris-hiltonIf there's one thing the "Simple Life" duo knows how to do, it's work a room.

The newly reunited terrible twosome were spotted in Brentwood Friday night, at party-planner Lara Shriftman's book party for "Party Confidential" (Bulfinch Press), where they made the rounds for an hour before jetting off. The two mingled with the large crowd, going person to person, hand-in-hand most of the time.

Nicole's freshly-darkened locks all but confirm that she was the mystery friend with Paris, seen hiding under a jacket as they ran into the Hollywood hotspot Hyde last Thursday.


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what's with the handholding crap? nicole looks ready for a toga party.

2916 days ago


I think it's nice that the two are friends again. Both are very attractive girls in their own way.
And PLEASE give them a little credit for maturing. Neither Paris nor Nicole are "terrible".
They each had very bad luck by trusting the wrong people when they were younger and I'm happy to see they survived the difficult times.

2916 days ago


Dea - Put down the crack pipe honey. No, Nicole isn't "terrible" but that tramp Paris Hilton is a disgrace to the human race. Period.

2916 days ago


2916 days ago

the wise old owl    

What happened to Rehab? She just said " TO hell with it " huh ? Nice of Paris ( her good friend ) to enable her bad habits and encourage to go to places like " Hyde " where drug use is so available. Whatever.

If it was my good friend. I would be watching her back. Not sticking a knife in it. I wonder if all her other " friends " were there. You know .........the ones that slipped Nicole out the back door at Hyde when she " passed out " She is playing a very dangerous game of russian roulette. She needs to stay away from temptation. Some people just can't do things in moderation,. I have a feeling she is one of them.

2916 days ago


There maded for each other. 2 dope heads and 2 drunks. Both of them could stand to gain a little wight. But I guess if you drink as much as they do it won't help. The same with the drug use.

2916 days ago


Dea. What difficult times are you talking about? These two wouldn't know a difficult time if it crawled up their ass. Puuhlees! I wish I had those kind of "difficult" times. Too much money to spend, too many parties to go to, too many jobs I never will have, etc. give me a break.

2916 days ago


She makes me laugh

2916 days ago


Ag geez, the envious and the haters are out in full force again. Get used to it - Paris is Hot and you're Not.

2916 days ago


I really like that dress Paris is wearing, looks like a Missoni.
The girls are cute together, give them a break. Everyone's life has a certain amount of ups and downs, it's just a better cushion when you have money. I wish them well.

2916 days ago

Smart,Handsome and well endowed    

I wonder...
if these two fine young girls have explored the depths of their sexuality...with on another?
Remember Girls-on-girls=HOT; guys-with-guys...not so much.

2916 days ago

jane doe    

The way they are holding hands it looks like a mother and her young daughter.

2916 days ago


Dea, you are a dork.

2916 days ago

no pervs allowed    

It is a rule at Dumb Blonde Middle School that when you get off the short yellow bus without your protective helmet on and cross the street, to hold hands, so nobody is lost or left behind. Just a follow-up to Friday's TMZ Milk Carton Alert, Niclone is still MIA from the Niki Hilton Clone Rehabilitation and Substance Abuse Center. Parasite was the last visitor signed in to see her and since then Niclone has not been reporting for her daily Mickey D's Methodone Happy Meal and puke bucket. Following reports of her absence, an elite, digitally armed group of death squad papparazzi were dispatched to shoot her on the spot. According to Dr. Feelgood, head of the Center, evidence of her fantasy world abuse needs to be documented for later studies in the treatment of clonitis. This recent picture shows that Niclone has again fallen off the reality wagon and is being influenced by a substance classified as Parasitis Cloniseum Snailis Trailicus or BFF Syndrome, where the clone feels a need to go out and run down their 15-minute clock of shame and then reset it by going out, only to be written about in the gossip clonumns for being seen with all the D-listers du jour. If anyone spots Niclone, please be advised that approaching her without a camera can be dangerous. It will lead her to suffer withdrawl symptoms, that could cause her to pass out on the spot from the lack of media attention. Pease be armed with at least an autograph book or latest Simple Life DVD when in viewing range.

2916 days ago


Matt, you are an asshole. Not everyone here is a memeber of the hypocritical, phony Christian Right.

2916 days ago
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