Who's That With Paris?

11/3/2006 2:26 PM PST

Who's That With Paris?

TMZ's cameras and our ubiquitous Josh Levine hit our two favorite clubs in Hollywood -- Area and Hyde -- on Thursday night for another exciting edition of Star Catcher.

The night started out with quite a bang; we eyeballed our favorite heiress (and who hasn't?) sneaking in the back door of Hyde with a mystery guest. Paris and this mystery woman were seen alighting from Miss Hilton's car, but while Paris enjoyed the usual explosion of flashbulbs, Woman X was covered in a black sheet.

This was not an Iraqi refugee in a burqa, but it could have been party girl and Paris antagonist Lindsay Lohan. We couldn't make a positive ID, since we spotted Lindsay in three other places driving her own car and wearing a white beanie. But wait -- could it have been a supposedly-rehabbing Nicole Richie hiding underneath that black shroud, not wanting her handlers to know she's fled the reservation? Hmm ... you watch and decide.

Also out flaunting the fact that their lives are simply more fabulous than everyone else's; record producer Scott Storch, the Simpson sisters (Jessica and Ashlee), "Entourage" eye candy Emmanuelle Chriqui, Dylan McDermott, Mike Einziger from Incubus, Matt Dallas, Hayley Duff, Brody Jenner, and Donald Trump's beautiful daughter Ivanka.