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Borat at Airport, Out of Character

11/7/2006 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sick of traveling around in a cramped ice cream truck, Borat's alter ego, Sacha Baron Cohen, finally coughed up enough cash to fly the friendly skies this week.

For the first time in months, the actor broke character in public, replacing his famous bumbling walk with a confident stroll through LAX.

After smiling and waving to fans, the most famous reporter in all of Kazakhstan was escorted into a vehicle -- which, for a change, took off without help of several farm animals.


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devin you are an idiot if you think this will affect his "pocket-book". they are suing 20th Century Fox and One America Productions. If anything, he will benefit from these lawsuits. no such thing as negative publicity

P.S.: are you a woman? you seem to be

2890 days ago

linda nathan    

Sacha B Cohen in real life is really a good looking guy. When he was more famous in England he was much funnier than when this film went to America, I think he thought Americans like the shock value, you know like the film Jack Ass.
Borat was much more funnier when he first invented him in the eary 2000's amongst other characters he protrays. I wonder where his acting career will take him to now? I'm sure he is a rich man now.

2881 days ago

linda nathan    

Sasha B Cohen is one sexy dude I would marry him in a second, cute as a button

2881 days ago


who cares? This is like posting about the dude who played Napoleon Dynamite.

No one cares about this dude.

2910 days ago


I care about this guy, he's a comedic genuis!!!

2910 days ago


I care about this dude cuz he's funny and I like to laugh. He's getting a lot of press since his movie was numeral uno at the box office this weekend. I don't know if "Napoleon Dynamite" came anywhere close to being #1 the weekend it was released. But of course if I'm wrong someone with more time to research will correct me. ;->

2910 days ago


LOL...that's what you do when your #1 at the in style~~

2910 days ago


I hate everything about this guy.

2910 days ago


How could anyone hate everything about anyone? Especially someone you do not know. LOL-CUMUAS

2910 days ago


The guy has a nice ride--Having said that, I have VOTED TODAY---Have you?

2910 days ago

Smart,Handsome and well endowed    

#7 kat
Yes, yes I have and everybody else push away from the keyboard and GO VOTE, let your voice be heard!

Just last week before the movie dropped TMZ was speculating that it would bomb: it made MORE money on FEWER screens than any other movie that opened. GOOD FOR YOU COHEN! Laugh all the way to the bank my Hebrew friend! This guy is a genius to take the premises of being a JOURNALIST from a MAKE-BELIEVE country and parley it into BOX OFFICE GOLD, my hats off to you.

2909 days ago


I saw this movie last night. I laughed my ass off. Ok so I still have my ass, but it was very funny.

2909 days ago

Hello Kitty    

Sacha Baron Cohen might want to think twice about breaking character, because unlike the guy from Napoleon Dynamite.. Sacha cleans up rather nice.

I wonder if he is going to try his luck at a romantic comedy ?

With his film doing well he should get use to the rag mags running around after him.

2909 days ago

Denise in Texas    

In response to post #8, Kazakhstan is not a "make believe country." You need an updated atlas, dude.

2909 days ago

Arturo morales    

Sasha is one of the funniest guys i have ever seen, his movie was outrageous and his show DA ALI G show is number one, he has already done other movies though like His ALI G movie and he appeared in ricky bobby talladega nights as the enemy of ferrell.. im sure he will continue to make movies since people continue to pay to see him..

2908 days ago
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