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K-Fed Battles Britney for Custody

11/8/2006 9:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin FederlineKevin Federline has responded to his estranged wife's divorce petition.

Federline is asking for legal and physical custody of the couple's children. Sources tell TMZ that Federline will fight Spears on the custody issue. In the response, obtained by TMZ, Federline is asking the judge to award Spears visitation.

Federline is also asking the court to award him spousal support.

KFed court doc

Federline's lawyer, Mark Kaplan, filed the response Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

In her petition, Spears asked for sole physical and legal custody of the kids.


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I can't BELIEVE this a**hole. Actually, I can. We all knew that he was a gold digging man-whore, and this only proves it. K-F***, if you were a real man, you would put your greasy tail between your legs and crawl back into the hole you came from. GO BRIT!!

2852 days ago


I doubt that any of you would do any differently if your wife suddenly filed for divorce without warning. Would you just give up your kids and walk away? Anyone who gave a damn about their children would be sure their lawyer tried to get them custody of their own kids. He may not have been the perfect father but Britney was a careless and negligent mother. The childcare protection investigators had to go to our home twice because of neglectful mothering. Just because y'all hate Kevin you cannot be naiive enough to think he is just going to say: well it was nice knowing you...cya. No one in his right mind would give up the matter what his intentions.

2852 days ago


typo: authorities had to go to HER home.....

2852 days ago


This scumbag is just doing this for the money. If he wants his kids so bad why didn't he fight Shar Jackson for those kids - it is because she dosn't have the money Britney has. He is the biggest scumbag on the planet. You can be a scumbag with money and that is exactly what he is. Trailer park trash. If I were his kids with Shar Jackson, I would be outraged. He is soooo ugly and disgusting it is beyond my comprehension (and I am very very smart) what anyone would see in this person. He should never be allowed to reproduce. EVER!!!!

2852 days ago


of course that LOSER wants custody of those kids...that way he can also get MEGA support $$ from a newly wised up (THANK GOD!) Britney. I am so glad that she had the sense to get an ironclad prenup from that wanna be black idiot. Instead of an "F" tatooed on his forearm..he should have had a big "L" for LOSER!!! Rapper indeed...WTH

2852 days ago


The loser's lawyer says that the loser will do "...whatever is necessary to protect and safeguard the children."

Does this mean he'll lock himself up and throw away the key?


2852 days ago


The pre-nup will be re-visited if she has changed it within in the marraige and d because of the kids. He is getting support to the tune of 300k; he probably wants that extra 30K, but there should be a 30 grace period for the 1 yr of payment to reconcile the 2-yr marriage. This is mainly anger. Fool and his attorney know that he is not going to get sheot he WANTS. He is about to get nasty, release a sex-tape, and say she is a drug-head who drops the kids all over the house and street. He really should be graceful, but he wasn't with Shar Jackson, so, why expect anything different now. He is thinking of how he is being trashed now, and how he will not get in to anymore fly parties. I felt sorry for Chis Judd (J-Lo) for I don't think he was not after her money, this dude was and he will be a joke from now on... He also gets half of the 7 million dollar house. He should be happy. I could live off of 3-4 million the rest of my life. Get a job MaF***a.

2852 days ago


Fact is I believe it is just a ploy asking for spousal support if Brit has an airtight prenup. I think he is hoping mainly for custody so he will get an astronomical amount of $$ for the kids.
Also Daisy where do you get the info re: K's signature??? Do you have personal knowledge on signature analysis?? And Miss Kathy, I understand there are two sides to every story....however all the info in the tabloids and Brit being investigated etc due to being in the public eye are perhaps things any of us could be looked at for if someone was following our every movement 24/7. I'm not judging I just believe none of us are perfect and as I stated earlier in my post her getting with him when he was involved with Shar who was pregnant is not somethng to be very proud of either...but at least she is moving on and away from this attention/spotlight seeker.

2852 days ago


Kathy, anyone with any semblance of integrity would do the right thing by their children. Obviously, you were thinking of someone else when writing that post, because Fed-Ex is the antithesis of just that.

Someone in their right mind would do the right thing, not instigate a custodial battle in order to get more money. He's using his children as pawns. No one in their right mind would do something like that because, since it has obviously slipped your mind, they ARE in their right mind, and not in some alcohol induced stupor that is Fed-ex.

2852 days ago


Now, why isn't FED-ex making such a custody fuss with his other two kids with Shar? Hmm, let's see...

Shar's only claim to fame is that she was on some TV show.
Know one knows what Shar's income is or if she's getting any lucrative royalties.
Shar may not be (and probably isn't) considered a "cash cow" (no offence here).
Britney, on the other hand, is worth millions.
At the time FED-ex and Brit tied the knot Brit was worth an estimated $32 mil.
Brit's pop-princess-ism has continued to grow and make her more $$$$$$$.

So... we can see what FED-ex's motives are here: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
He's a greedy, sleeze-ball f*ck who wants to use his two younger kids as pawns for all the money he can squeeze out of Brit. Go figure!

Good luck with that, K-LOSER! heh heh heh

2852 days ago


#37 SHE DIDNT JUST UP ONE DAY AND SAY OH I AM GETTING A DIVORCE, y ou along with anyone else that thinks that way is just plain ignorant..They have been thru these troubles OVER and OVER and he always acts like a stupid moronic tard and screws it up..She finally got sick of it and done what seems to be best, and dumped the trash off where it belongs. Trust me this wasn't something that 'just happened' its been months hell years (they were together 2yrs) in the making..I HATE HIM, and I dont hate anyone. he is just scum of the scum and will soon find out NO ONE LIKES YOU MAN, your pathetic and ignorant and a no good son of a b!tch...HIM AND HIS FAMILY will be hurting after this is over, considering they are the ones that sold countless stories to the tabloids to get that extra buck...his whole family was just using Britney and its gross...FVCK YOU K-FAG

2852 days ago

Mad Balls    

Kevin Federline ?!?!?

put the tV0 on pause .....

....that looks like a really high Johnny depp

...and he's smoking !!

....Johnny Depp Hepped up on Crack and smoking a cigarrete

.......not a good influence on the kids ....poor Johnny !

2852 days ago


He is such a loser! Why didn't K-Fed file for sole custody of his first two children?? BECAUSE Shar Jackson isn't in the financial position that Britney Spears is in, that's why! He figured they would be a hassle to him and he wouldn't gain anything financially, so why bother. This has nothing to do with those babies as far as he is concerned. It is JUST another meal ticket. And what a man? Filing for spousal support. Get a real job and quit trying to live off of others, INCLUDING your own children. A man filing for spousal support. ugh!! Get a life, Kevin.

2852 days ago


2852 days ago

Chris Jacobson    

How can he take care of two kids by living on hourly Burger King wages?


2852 days ago
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