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Files Divorce Petition

11/8/2006 9:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reese Witherspoon has officially filed for divorce from estranged husband Ryan


TMZ obtained Witherspoon's divorce petition, in which the actress is asking the court for joint legal custody of the couple's two children. Reese is asking for primary physical custody.

Witherspoon is asking the judge to block any attempt on Phillippe's part to get spousal support.

Reese is asking the judge to allow her "exclusive use of the family residence."

As TMZ reported, the couple does not have a prenup, which means earnings during the marriage will be divided 50/50.

The couple was married for seven years. They met at Reese's 21st birthday party.

Witherspoon lists the date of separation as October 30, citing "irreconcilable differences."

TMZ broke the story on October 30 that Witherspoon separated from Phillippe.


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TO MISCHA, you said celebrity or any couple for that matter is weak and foolish.. cheating is a big deal, when this is done you disrespect the entire relationship, and the children for that matter, its not something that is easily forgiven.

as far as your parents having problems... did your dad cheat? did he disrespect your family...and the fact that they stayed together doesnt mean they are happy.

some people stay together for the wrong reasons...

leave the judging up to a greater power, and hope you are never in that kind of a situation

2822 days ago


This is kinda sad, yet if that a** cheated then he deserves to lose a great woman.

2908 days ago


Something seems off here. Reese Witherspoon, if I'm not mistaken, has never legally changed her name to Reese Witherspoon, it is Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon so I find it surprising it's not under that, actually come to think about it, Ryan's first name is Matthew.

Seems odd, that's all.

2908 days ago


I am so disappointed in him. I feel so sorry for Reese and her kids. He dosn't deserve her. I hope she finds happiness. I think her and Joanquin would make a great pair. She needs someone who dosn't flirt with anything that moves. I hope she and the kids are ok. I have to say I don't know that Abby Cornish but I think this just may kill her career before it even starts. She dosn't look good in this whole thing. Abby and Ryan smell really really bad.

2908 days ago


borrrriiiingggg....rather read the latest scoop on our girl Britney. I bet Ryan is really happy some of the publicity is off him, with the new high profile divorce...

2908 days ago


its sad that an picture perfect marriage like theres would end. especially w/ accusations of him cheating. it seems no that britney spears is divorcing nobody can ever have a relationship anymore. good luck to the rest of us.

2908 days ago


lil grace im with you on this one
this is boring all the smut from the britney kevin divorce is WAY more interesting and i wonder why she chose this time when britney is the focus of the media it takes some of the pressure of their mess

2908 days ago


kinda sad.. was hoping that maybe they would work things out eventually.. but that doesn't seem like it's going to happen now.. Reese and ryan are adults.. so i'm sure they will be ok.. but I don't know how well their kids will handle it...divorce is hard to understand when you're a kid.. If the rumours are true.. ryan is a very , very stupid man.

2908 days ago


So sad to hear about that. I hope that they will continue to be gracious and civil during the divorce for their kids sake and each other. It is a painful time for them. Will think and pray for them to get through this.

2908 days ago

HaydenPanettiere sucks!!!    

"N-E-S-T-L-E, Nestle makes the very best choc-late." Oh, wait. That's not the song. Here it is: "Ryan's a F-A-G, faggot." lol Or, at least bi.

2908 days ago

HaydenPanettiere sucks!!!    

That's a good point, Tiffany. Did Ryan cheat with a girl (heterosexual sex) or a boy (homosexual sex)? I'm not trying to be mean or anything. I was just wondering. Even though he seemed to be emasculated, they seemed to have a good marriage going on.

2908 days ago


Haven't there been rumors of their marriage falling apart for some time now?? I seem to recall over the last couple of years that magazines would report that their marriage was in trouble. So when I heard of the divorce I wasn't completely shocked. It is sad though, mainly for the kids. They are being taken out of their lifestyle that they are accustomed to. That is just not fair. If Ryan did cheat then that is wrong. I hope that the children don't suffer.

2907 days ago

samatha miller    

For God's sake, he's getting half of all the money she's made, I really don't think spousal support is necessary. Must be nice, he's going to end up even more wealthy and he didn't do anything to earn it. Gee if he would have hung on for a couple more years, think what he would get.

2907 days ago


No. 10 agree
Reese' is showing her intelligence.
I hope she gets every request from that divorce papers. He should get nothing from her, no spouscel support, no house, nothing, he has been cheating on her for years. And the last statement from him was so call, lets get this over with. He didnt even have the dignity to refer to it as a marriage let alone the children. He looks bisexual anyway and a big time looser.

2907 days ago

Paula Neal Mooney    

Jake Burbage, here's pics of Abbie Cornish, whom Ryan reportedly cheated on Reese with

2907 days ago
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