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"The View" Gals Throw Anti-K-Fed Bash

11/8/2006 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Forget the Democrats taking control of the House, or Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld stepping down, the "biggest news in the country" -- at least according to Rosie O'Donnell and the gals at "The View" -- is Britney dumping K-Hole.

Rosie kicked off the episode talking about "the day after" and how she was "over the moon excited" -- a veiled reference to the election results from yesterday. But no, Rosie had other things on her mind -- Britney kicking K-Fed to the curb! Rosie shouted out the news and screamed out "Confetti!" as tons of streamers fell from the ceiling. You want election coverage, turn to CNN. You want Britney love, check out "The View."

Fed-bashing wasn't limited to The View. "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno took a shot at the former couple during his election night monologue as well.


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Haha. Wow.

2876 days ago


It was a joke.

2876 days ago

wtf over    

Rosie be wantin her some brit-brit now.

2876 days ago

Diane T    

she finally wised up. he was a user and abuser

2876 days ago

Sunner right. I think the confetti by Rosie expresses the general sentiment that "things are getting better in the world". I can only imagine how her family must have felt when they finally realized she was finally beginning to see the light. Something tells me that there are....more shocking and explosive details to come out on the events that led to Britney finally divorcing K-Fed. She finally got the proof she needed.
By the way..."Hey K-fed..who is the stupid one now?"

2876 days ago

Diane T    

go Brit forget about the asshole!

2876 days ago


Hilarious. Wish I would have seen that.

2876 days ago


how freakin childish rosie is....i cannot stand britney, k-fug or rosie for that matter, but there is something wrong with these people,especially when we are celebrating divorce, and two little boys who will have to grow up in a broken home, let alone the fact that they have brit and kevin as parents... ughhhhhhh!!!!!!

2876 days ago


What proof does she have? I heard it had something to do with Shar.

2876 days ago


Rosie is a bitter nasty witch. The world agrees that Britney is better off. But to be so frickin' ugly in celebrating other people's misery can only indicate that Rosie herself is horridly unhappy, insecure and full of self loathing, that this is they only way she can feel good about herself.

2876 days ago

my opinion    

#7, you shouldn't be surprised. What do you expect coming from the mouth of a lesbo? Do you think it's any better for a child to be told he/she has "2 mommy's"????????????????????? SICK!!!!!

2876 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

You've got to be kidding me. They actually decided to obsess about Britney Spears' divorce instead of making our nation's Election Day results the main focus of their show? I hope this is some sort of joke or ironic commentary on how Americans need to get their priorities straight.

Thanks, "View" gals, for consistently setting the women's movement back about 300 years. (Like I needed another reason to not watch this show, other than daytime employment obligations.)

2876 days ago


When Rosie was going through her trial for that magazine mess she seemed rather upset that the media was making such a big deal over it when americans are fighting in a war but the day after election day she celebrates a divorce when their are 2 very young children involved??? Id much rather listen to Elisabeth think she is more famous than she is

2876 days ago

blah blah blah    

Would loved to have seen that episode!
I only hope that Brittney watched it for herself so she can realize that you CAN NOT live on love alone!
It takes a lot of work, effort and COMMITMENT on both parties to make it work for any marriage and family.
Federline is so indulged in his own absorbed self that it's obvious those two are not on the same page when it comes to family values.
So she made a mistake. We all have, god knows I have. But you have to learn from your mistakes and stumbles in life in order to get yourself focused and proceed with them.

2876 days ago


Ever since Rosie's Big mouth came on 'The View' I stopped watching the show. Honestly, this is exactly why.
How pathetic that the day after elections, she can talk not about what's important, or the direction in which our nation is going, instead she want's to throw a party because one woman has been so unhappy in her personal life that she's decided that the best route for her and her two very young children is to get divorced and raise the children alone. It's not a party Rosie, but then again, w/out any class, what should I expect from you anyhow?
Just another reason to remind me why I stopped watcing your show.

2876 days ago
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