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K-Fed's Money Ploy

11/9/2006 3:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Kevin Federline was speaking to his lawyer about divorcing Britney Spears more than a month before she filed legal papers to end the marriage.

Sources say Federline was communicating with attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, talking about divorcing Spears and angling to cash in on her fortune. Federline's right to money is extremely limited because of the prenup. TMZ knows the terms of the prenup, and they are not good news for K-Fed. We're told the only thing he'll get is less than 20% of the value of the couple's Malibu estate, valued at approximately $10 million, and spousal support for one year. We're told the support he'll get is less than $250,000.

As for reports that Britney e-mailed her hubby to inform him that she was about to file divorce papers, it simply is not true. Sources tell us that the couple has not been speaking for weeks, but e-mailing each other. She did not, however, talk about divorce in those e-mails. K-Fed learned of the divorce at the time TMZ broke the story that Spears had filed.

Sources say that at least for now, Spears will not comment on K-Fed's plan to fight her for custody of their two children. We know, however, that Spears sees K-Fed's move as nothing more than an attempt to score some money. He's banking on Spears forking over dough to avoid a fight; an unlikely outcome -- given the fact that she's represented by legal pit bull Laura Wasser. Also, if K-Fed got custody, he'd be entitled to a significant amount in child support.


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I think both Britney and Kevin are getting what's coming to them. Britney went with a man that LEFT HIS 7-MONTH PREGNANT GIRLFRIEND (Shar Jackson) for her. What was she expecting? A paragon of integrity. She got herself a scrub and is now paying for it.

He is an opportunist who was using her for her money and a shot at fame.

2894 days ago

gary gierloff    

i hate tucker carlson.

2894 days ago


just when public opinion of him couldn't get any lower, he becomes a nationwide punchline with a large portion of the nation's entertainers laughing at this tool....hahahahahaha

2894 days ago




2893 days ago


I could'nt be happier she left the bum. Everybody knew what he was from the get go. Maybe brit will think twice before she goes slumming. I hope he doen't even get a dime from her, he already got enough. Let him go back to the nothing he came from and has to think back to were did I go wrong ?

2893 days ago

michelle langston    

Didn't she almost NOT do the prenup? He's is not good looking at all, but maybe there is a reason he has babies all over the place.

2891 days ago

crystal hossley    

thank god britney finally saw the light with this bum, loser,user, shar says he doesnt even pay her child support whatever!! But he has money to party in vegas. Good riddance to bad rubbish Good luck britney move on forget you ever knew that clown. You are doing the best thing we have all waited for this day!!!! You and your babies are so much better off. God Bless!

2890 days ago

ya dig!    

amen#44 !! i been saying that britney is a selfish bitch i defently dont feel sorry for that stinky ass whore she brought this on wonder she bonding with paris they can both get togther and sleep with everybody's men .women in hollywood need to watch thier backs cause slutbutts paris and britney are on the loose lol!!!

2890 days ago


Pronunciation: 'jäb
(1) : something that has to be done : TASK (2) : an undertaking requiring unusual exertion b : a specific duty, role, or function c : a regular remunerative position synonym see TASK


2889 days ago

chocolate freak    

Is the dork suing his other lady for custody of her two children as well? Or is she not rich enough?

2889 days ago

M. De Four    

The sad part is the world was laughing at Britney for so long. I am just thankful she wised up finally. After all, the man left his pregnant girlfriend for you; you should have known that a leopard doesn't change its spots. Way to go girl, I hope you don't let him screw you over for money. But with your money it would be easy to be a single mother.

2888 days ago

Marueen Lemeke    

I'm glad Britney dumped him. all he has to do now is to go to the nearest dam and jump and not get any cent from her. What has he done that he thinks he deserves any cent. I really wish Cena kick his butt.

2886 days ago


I'm ashamed to say she's from Louisiana. All of us Louisiana gals are NOT like this. We love and respect our children and don't flaunt our stuff for the kids to eventually see. Grow up, be a mom, be a Louisianaian.

2886 days ago


Why are people talking about K-Fed being on Dancing with the Stars? Dont you need to be a star or a former star to be on the show? He is neither a star or a former. K-Fed is nothing but a money hungey piece of trash who need to be taken to the dump.

2886 days ago


The problem with this idiot is he has made it very obvious that he is a goldigger, He even made sure to do so on the papers he filled out in response to Britneys divorce such as marking he will not pay spousal support for Britney btu wants spousal support and that he wants custody of the kids umm yea you know hat a judge is going to say, well why are you fighting for these kids but you made no attempt to get custody of your other two, oh yea that's right because Shar Jackson was broke.

Another thing a judge is going to say is how do you expect to take care of two kids when you party all the time. Ever since Britney married him Kevin has done two things, party and spend Britneys money. He has not spent 10 minutes with neither of Britneys son nor does he spend anytime with Shars kids, he has no right to call himself a dad and sadly for him Britney has proof he never spends time with any of his 4 kids, she even has proof she spends more time with Shars kids then Kevin does.

Another thing a judge is going to look at is income, Kevin is 100% poor. He has no money, any money he makes from his concerts is going straight to the people he is in debt to so how the heck is he supporting 2 kids?

Britney has done some bad stuff in the past such as driving with her son on her lap and the recent partying but she has been a mother to her kids and been their for them. After Sean was born she could have went right back to work like every other Hollywood mom but she did not , she decided to stay with her son and take care of him without a nanny for the most of the time and look at how all these other Hollywood moms are constantly out without their kids while everywhere Britney went she had Sean in her hands. Kevin on the other hand has never been a dad, what is their 2 photos of him with Sean? Just one week after Sean was born he went partying and did the same thing after Jayden was born, all he cares about is being able to say yeah I got kids but he does not want to take responsibility for them.

I know exactly how it is going to go if he gets those kids, he is going to play daddy for a few weeks then it is going to be back to partying 24/7 and the kids being raised by a nanny.

Their is a rumor going around that he had an affair with some stripper or model, not sure which but if that is true Kevin can kiss everything goodbye, including that prenup.Unlike Kevin Britney wants nothing, no spousal support or child support. She just wants her children and wants to get on with her life without Kevin being around.

2886 days ago
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