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She Did What? With Who!? -- Fave Celeb Hook Ups

11/9/2006 5:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hottest Hookups of 2006
It's safe to say that this year's romances have been nothing less than entertaining. Since we at TMZ know what's really important to you, we're giving you a little recap on who went home with whom!

Nick Lachey turned a music video romance into the real thing with sexy MTV VJ Vanessa Minnillo, while heiress Paris played the field with QB Matt Leinart. Of course, we have quite a few more, so click here and take a nice long look at these starcrossed lovers!


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I think Jessica wants to find her way back to Nick because she'll never have the same love that her and Nick had before. Jessica also wants someone to help pay her bills. She just wants Nick as a thing to cuddle up with a night.Nick and Vanessa are better off!

2860 days ago


Disease Tra(m)ps!

2875 days ago

paris hiltons and nicole richies biggest fan*hayley*    


2875 days ago

Get Rid of Hollywoods Crack Whores NOW    

I like LC and Brody Jenner.

Jessican Simpson in a no talent whore..... leaving Nick was the worst mistake!!!
Everyone can see she is going to be a lonley ass chick... like Jennifer Aniston......

2875 days ago


The best couple is without a shadow of a doubt. . .Lance Armstrong and Matthew Maconahey how ever U spell this f***in' last name.

2875 days ago


has anyone see vanessa minnillo on entertainment tonight pretending to be ugly...she is a total idiot! she's trying to show that if you're a size 12 your ugly; however women that are size 12 or larger do not go around dressed mismatched and with what looks like a big mop on their head for hair...people aren't judging her and laughing at her because she's big...she's dressed like an idiot...she and her pals would make fun of someone that looked like "ugly vanessa" too...another hollywood MORON!

2875 days ago



I totally agree with you about "UGLY VANESSA." I was
watching that segment thinking the same thing. First of
all, I size 12 is only about 25lbs over weight and who goes
around looking like that. C'mon...I would look at her too!!
She looks like a total mess and I don't think women who are a size 12 look bad at all. Most women are a size 12 and you
wouldn't even no it. She's a size 0-2 so anything larger than
that is huge on her. And that wig...Pleeaazzee...and her makeup. I'm not a big fan of her to begin with...I don't think
she's a good match for Nick at all. Anyhow, I thought the
segment was ridiculous!!

2875 days ago


I think Jessica Simpson is a decent girl trying to find her way in this world. She needed to be alone for a while...she was a daddy's girl and then Nick's girl. She needed time to grow up and be her own person. Now Anna Nicole is another story..she
is a total mental disaster. I feel so sorry for her loss, but that
woman has a 4 yr old education...what is wrong with her. Her mind is so fried and beyond repair!!

2875 days ago


I think that these girls are all missunderstood. I would be happly to listen to their problems, issues and do whatever they want.
As long as they keep milking the snake.

2874 days ago


I think Paris Hilton and Tom Cruise should Hook up,get Married and GET LOST!!!I'm so Sick of hearing about These 2,Paris is Old news We all know She Bangs anything that Walks and Tom has just Lost his Mind!PLEASE GO AWAY People can't stand you!

2871 days ago


I would have never guess Paris was such a whore... wait a min yes i would have. She has just way to much time on her hands trying to be notice i said TRYING to be a singer and then dating all these guys. Waste of life if you ask me.

2869 days ago


Nichole Richie has AIDS!

2868 days ago

Estelle Pacheco    

Talking About Envy! I Always Like Paris Hilton She is Q. Her Motto Should Be:
"I'm Not A Golden Coin To Be Liked But Anyone" Let Her Try Everything! Is Her Life!
This is America, Rt? If You Don't Like Her To Bad.

2868 days ago


i think that celebrities suck i mean they almost don't work and they get all this money and free things!

2868 days ago

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