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Anyone For a Sack Race?

11/10/2006 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham was spotted in London on Thursday in burlap bag chic.

Beckham exited Nobu in this potato sack catastrophe, looking quite un-posh.

While typically dressed to the nines, the former Spice Girl should know that a yard of fabric and a shoelace do not an outfit make.


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I adore Vic but when she pulls crap like this out in public I can't defend her!! Horrible dress or whatever that is-but I do like the hair.Its kind of similar to something she had back in the Spice Girl days......which is also the last time food touched her lips. You guys should check her out an,when she was on Ali G-very funny.....even if you don't like her! Sasha Baron Cohen makes fun of her to her face and she laughs at herself as well.Very funny!!

2873 days ago

Pam From C-town    

TMZ can you please teach your writters how to proofread....I sense couldn't make of phrase last that.

2873 days ago


EEEEEEKS....I hope she got that dress gratis!

2873 days ago


...who the f*** is she again? her ridiculous boob-job makes it impossible to take her seriously....

2873 days ago


She is not good looking enough for him. Not even by a little. Damn. That face...

2873 days ago


She's the new poster girl for anorexia.

2872 days ago


Alright already people; we all know she's skinny! Get over it! I think she looks just fine. I'm 5'4" and weigh 98pounds after having 3 kids (2 of which are twins)! Some people are NATURALLY skinny & petite. There is no need to put her down and suggest that she needs a Big Mac. How would you feel if someone told you that you look HUGE and need to get up from the table!! Why must you put others down to make yourself feel better?! It's just immature!!!

2872 days ago


Posh looks so unhealthy! There is a difference in being skinnypetite and being unhealthy.Im 33 and have 2 kids.Im 5'2 and weigh 100 lbs. Im skinny but I dont look unhealthy.Posh and Nicole and mary-kate Ashley all look HORRIBLE!
Someone feed them please.It is not a case of genetics.Im sorry Posh is not "NATURALLY skinny & petite". She is just not eating,or maybe she is eating and puking afterwards.

2872 days ago


Becki, She's been skinny for as long as I can remember, even back in her Spice Girls days. Give her a break!

2872 days ago


Man, what is it with Stars today, She looks like a damn Bobble Head...she is way to skinny & that they really think if the stars wear that stuff they we will too.....NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

2871 days ago


In Asia, her size is acceptable. I think compared to Nicole Richie, Vic is actually OK. She is naturally petite.

Some of these commentators are probably grossly overweight, and commenting on skinny people inflate their ego like a BigMac diet inflating their bodies.

2871 days ago


she's beautiful yes she is but she is beautiful and she is not full of her-self she is very friendly and nice she is beautiful

2871 days ago


I know she has a eating disorder! If she cant eat pototoes, but she going to wear the potato sack and whats up with the bow haircut? I think lack of food has finally got to her.

2871 days ago


She is seriously anorexic. Somebody get her help, or she will die.

2863 days ago
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