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Top Model Bigger Than Ever?

11/10/2006 4:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tyra Banks
"America's Next Top Model" is huge -- and so are the contestants! The gals of next season's ANTM are not your usual model-size negative 1. Although the girls would definitely not be labeled as plus-sized, insiders say they're far from the stick figures we're used to seeing on the runway. Our source joked that the hair and makeup peeps have their work cut out for them.

It is unclear whether or not it's a strategic move, or if the producers are slightly off in their choices, but we applaud taking the more natural-looking woman and trying to doll her up. On a 'lighter' note, the girls are said to be some of the most humble and grateful girls the show has ever seen. Say it isn't so! Top Model is nothing without the bitchfights!


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I'm glad to see next season, top model will be putting a little meat on their platter of bones!lol ! Also soon hopefully,I would like to see the show geared towards maybe middle aged women(35-55)? Even if they are slightly plus sizes,beautiful women come in all ages and sizes.It would definately be an uplifting moment in an older womans life.Especially if I got picked to be on a show like this,just a little spark to get that fire inside glowing again!!!!!! Keep up the good work.Not a young chicken,but I still enjoy the show. Vaune

2893 days ago


Hold up! Stop the presses. Now let me tell you all something....
I am 6 foot tall, a size 22, and I'm a plus size model. I've been a size 22 since I was 12 years old and I am 26 now. Plus size models dont look like the average plus size woman either let me tell you. Models in general usually have something unique and special about thier look whether they are a size 2 or a size 22. It is important for all types of beauty to be represented. I have never had any health problems. My blood pressure is impeccable, I eat right, and I am probably more in shape than most girls who are a size 0. If I starved myself, I probably wouldnt be any smaller than a size 12/14 and thats just the way it will be FOR ME. When my mom was my age, she had to eat once every 3 days to maintain a size 12. How healthy can that be? Whether you are naturally thin or naturally fuller figured, you can still be heathy and beautiful. All this talk about size and fat and Blah blah blah is complete nonsense. People need to stop making assumptions about others based on thier size. Just be true to yourself and do what is healthy for YOU!

2870 days ago


# 31, Just because you're a behemoth doesn't mean you need to knock a size 14. I bet you're around a 12 and if you're under that, you need to stop binging and purging.

2818 days ago


Are you talking about THIS season?? Other than the girl that just got kicked off, all the girls are REALLY skinny!!

2905 days ago


They all look pretty skinny to me!

2905 days ago


A welcome move in the right direction. Models SHOULD mirror a realistic size of the average girl/woman of today.

2905 days ago

dolly schmolly    

I hope it's next season they're talking about, because on this season, they've been skinnier than ever before, and it's sick....

2905 days ago


Models should NOT mirror the "average" size woman of today. Cripes that would be in the area of a size 10-12. Way to large for models. Clothes lay and look much better on the smaller framed woman. Not saying boney, just smaller framed.

2905 days ago


?? not skinny ?? are they kidding? If they are talking about this season then I suggest they get some glasses cause they are all skinny.. specially the 'Twin' Girls.. they are stick thin! @@ wow!

2905 days ago


Make a few more jokes about women who aren't "size negative 1" because they are SO FUNNY!

2905 days ago


Your way of thinking is what contributes to anorexia in high school girls today, Erika. Size 10-12 too big for you? CRIPES.

2905 days ago


It says next season and if thats true I think thats a great thing! The girls this season are past thin!

2905 days ago


A good, attractive, healthy looking size for a woman is a 6. That's hardly anorexic, Jennifer. But of course, maybe compared to you?

2905 days ago


If its next season were talking about, this is just the Producers and Tyras way of trying to gain publicity for the show. What it all comes down to is the ratings. High ratings means more money & money is what makes the world go round.

2905 days ago


Actually, the "average-sized woman" in America today is a size FOURTEEN. And these girls (on the show ) are NOT big. They are all just as skinny as those in the previous season. Now, if you have some real news, now would be a good time to post it.

2905 days ago
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