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Nothing Says Couples Drama Like Thanksgiving

11/12/2006 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and along with the plentiful servings of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, celeb-watchers know that there's another dish best served right around this holiday -- couples drama.

Last year, of course, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey announced that they were splitting up -- on Thanksgiving Day no less, causing glossy-magazine editors and showbiz news show producers no end of grief. Then, after spending a much-buzzed-about weekend at a spa in Arizona, Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston were pulled over on suspicion that Vaughn was driving under the influence (though no charges were filed). Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, still in the first blossom of romance, made a high-profile do-gooding trip to Pakistan to visit earthquake victims over the holiday, making their archrivals Vaughniston look positively sybaritic by comparison.

This year, the couples are getting started a little early. First, Reese and Ryan and now Britney and K-Fed have already made big headlines with their respective breakups, and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may well tie the knot in Italy right before Turkey Day. Add to that the Paul McCartney and Heather Mills nuclear war as well as whispers about Scarlett Johansson and Josh Hartnett on the rocks, and Thanksgiving 2006 could prove to be yet another couples-drama-laden holiday to remember.


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No number 3 is correct, big deal she had a famous name due to some gay ass reality tv show, her time is OVER its time for the smart and sophisticated women not just the idiot bimbos to be in the news

2904 days ago

im just sayin    

#13 whatever you wrote made no sense!! I think you should go to bed!!!!! That little yellow bus will be there early tomorrow morning. When you get to the school for "Special people" ask your teacher to help you with your writing and spelling!!! Good night corky thatcher!!!! Its not your fault love that your mom smoked crack and drank hard liquor when she was pregnant with you!!!!

2904 days ago


WEll I am taking up for Stacy B...Jessica is completely overrated and the ONLY reason she is well known today are for a couple stupid comments her father made her say probably, you know the one taht talks about how big his daughters boobs are and wallows over her (disgusting). Anyhow her album FLOPPED, already been off the BB200 and only stayed on for 5 weeks not to mention debuted at #5 with only 100,000 copies (hell even William hung done better than taht)...she is supposed to be a recording artist but obviously shes not sucessful in that dept. only selling 7million albums worldwide (with 3/4 studio albums)...WOW and her movies are beyond tanking and almost everything else...I mean the girl is pretty much over with already and people see past her fake bullsh!t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell ASHLEE is even more sucessful than her an shes only been out 3 years!

2904 days ago


saw Jessica in a store in Beverly hills last year she has the weirdest jaw and she has this very small nose that has a bump on it and every mirror she came to she couldn't stop looking at her-self and making these different smiles trying to tilt her head side way's she so full of her-self and she has these weird eye's.
people need to see her for real as for her getting the divorce that's the best thing that ever happen to Nick he's with a real beauty now.

2904 days ago


Please just go ger a life. All of u saying those stupid stuff look at yourself and shut you big ass mouths.

2904 days ago

Mr. Disgruntled    

celebrities should not allowed to get married in the first place.

2904 days ago


#2 Margareth and #4 Amanda

You don't understand, do you? They wanted the cameras with them in Pakistan because this is how the world found out about what's happenning there. Would you have ever read or tried to find out more if there weren't there. Regardless of whether it was a PR or not (even though I can't think why they would need more attention - these people are already followed by papz everywhere they go) - in the big scheme of things IT DOESN'T MATTER.

All the poorest than dirt and now homeless earthquake survivors didn't know who AJ and BT were - they could care less. The fact of the matter is that they go extra help and a few hospitals got free orthopedic beds that they would never had got otherwise. So who cares who gets publicity or not - only this fact justifies their being there!

Try and expand your little jelaous and cynical mind and see things from the perspective or ordinary people who benefit from such efforts!

2904 days ago

Lite it    

Brad & Ange are going to get publicity whereever they go. Whats wrong with using their popularity for a good cause??

2904 days ago


Jessica is the perfect example of "marrying" into celebrity. If she and Nick never married, she would still be singing in Thanksgiving Day parades. She has NO talents what so EVER.

2904 days ago


wow, first time on this type of site. This is too funny though so I might come back just to get a good laugh. The funny part is how into all this celeb stuff people are really into. What is not funny is how mean people's comments are to eachother and especially toward the celebs. Really why do you all care? It's not like you know the people anyway. Truth be known anyone of you guys or gals would love a day in the life of ANY of these famous folks.

Just a comment

2904 days ago

Lisa Steadman    

This just proves my theory that breaking up during the holidays is bad breakup etiquette. Look at all the stars calling it quits just weeks before Thanksgiving. They know that if they don't do it now, they'll have to wait until after Valentine's Day to call it quits. Smart stars!

2902 days ago
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