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Jacko: (A)Live & Uncut

11/13/2006 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Boney Michael Jackson arrived at London's Hempel Hotel yesterday wearing a Pluto t-shirt, black suit, and what looks like Teri Hatcher's hair.

Jacko, 48, who is scheduled to perform for the first time in years at the World Music Awards on Wednesday, is looking profoundly gaunt.

The King of Pop, who has been living in Bahrain, is allegedly going to recreate the Thriller video (which debuted 25 years ago) for the show. Doesn't look like he'll need special effects makeup this time.


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john powers    

Who's the hunk on that white ladies arm?

2858 days ago


He looks more like a woman than I do, and I'm a natural born female!

2867 days ago


Does anyone know if this awards show is beig shown nationally? I'd like to see it but haven't heard if it will be on TV???

2867 days ago


I thought that was Katie Holmes. He has the fake smile and everything.

2867 days ago



2867 days ago


oh wow, it's nancy pelosi dressed up as michael jackson!
no political pun meant either. both have waaaay too much plastic in their stretched faces...

2867 days ago



wearing a cartoon shirt and carrying the latest edition of "BOYS LIFE", Michael Jackson sets out to prove he is still perversely relevant.

2867 days ago


He looks like a mess it's so sad, he was such a talent! By the way they do air that show here it's usualy on abc.

2867 days ago


He looks like a woman with that wig on. Why didn't someone tell him he looks like a damn fool before he left the house?

2867 days ago

jewish smewish,,    

WOW that HAIR! omg its to die for !

2867 days ago


I think the title "King of Pop" is irrelevant now. He hasn't done anything worthwhile in years and he's just so scary to look at anymore. He doesn't even look like himself at all. How do we even know that is really Michael Jackson? Creeeeepy.

2867 days ago

the wise old owl    

That wig Michael Jackson is wearing looks ridiculous. The one I wore on Halloween looked much more realistic. I am sure he could have picked out a hair piece that looked " more masculine " It's evident he enjoys looking like " a white woman " He reminds me of a blackish vertion of that pedophile who was all over the news claiming to be Jon Bonet's killer. ( his name escapes me ) Only he isn't really black. But we all know he is. It's so confusing. He could use a little sun to help give him that " healthy glow " The frail look has gone too far. It appears like he could use a walker. He looks like a puppet that is being held up by the guy next to him. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT ????

2867 days ago

Smart,Handsome and well endowed    

"He reminds me of a blackish vertion of that pedophile who was all over the news claiming to be Jon Bonet's killer. ( his name escapes me )..."
wise old owl?

2867 days ago


To #11-Wise Old Owl,
If Michael went out into the sun he'd probably melt or burn away as he looks too much like a sickly vampire or a glorified witch! His skin is very pale, lips are too red, and that hair!! What the hell is trying to look like? A woman? Maybe the reason he looks so puppet-ish is he's suffering from the ricketts or scurvy. He looks very malnurished.

BTY--The name of alleged killer you're thinking of is John Mark Karr. At least Karr, although a MAJOR freak himself, still looks a little more masculine then Wacko-Jacko!

2867 days ago


He looks like something from "The Corpse Bride", this dude is getting weirder and weider, needs to just go away......Hes had his day,, the PEDOPHILE

2867 days ago
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