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The Lights AREN'T On and Anna Is Home

11/13/2006 2:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith had her power turned off on Friday, and it wasn't pretty.

The drama played out in the Bahamas, where Smith has been living with her newborn baby and attorney Howard K. Stern. Smith's former "friend," G. Ben Thompson, claims to own the property and wants her out.

Last Friday, Thompson contacted the power company rep to pull the plug.

Without warning, Anna had no juice for her hairdryer, no power to watch herself on "E.T." -- nothing. Four hours later, after lots of threats from her lawyer, the power company agreed to a temporary reprieve until today.

But wait, there's more! Thompson and his son-in-law flew to the Bahamas on Friday and the son-in-law got on the property and served Smith with an eviction lawsuit. We're told Smith ran back inside the house and then appeared on the balcony and, in classic antebellum style, began screaming: "You get off this property. This is a gift and I ain't ever leaving. And I'll show you, Ben, you ain't never gonna see the baby again! You did a declaration for that f***head Larry Birkhead!"

For the record, we're informed that Smith told Thompson back in May that he was the father, only to learn that it was impossible because he had a vasectomy several years ago. Birkhead, Smith's former boyfriend, is currently suing to establish paternity.

We should know by the end of the day if Anna will be burning candles tonight.


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It should be easy enough to prove who actually does own this house. G. BenThompson I hope you've learned something from this fiasco as well. She accused him of being the father when he's already been fixed? How many more men are in the running for being this poor little girl's daddy? Anna is her own worst enemy.

2846 days ago


Ok, a couple things come to mind here. One, why would anyone in the Bahamian gov't be challenging Thompson, as Anna does NOT own the house and in order for G. Thompson to buy it, he would have had to pass the residency requirements, of which Anna does not.

Second (showing my age here) did it occur to anyone else when they described Anna going to the balcony antebellum style and yelling she was never leaving - doesn't that scene remind you of the Carol Burnett scene where she is Scarlett O"Hara and puts on drapes? I was dying laughing just thinking about that. Obviously Howie is a p*ssy, or he'd have stuck up for his "family". And how can a Bahamian lawyer keep Thompson off the property (I would have laughed my ass off that they changed the locks and he whips out a remote control, lmao!) if they can't produce evidence that Anna owns the property. Unless she's banging the "high ranking official" I can't see how ANYONE is left standing up for her. And doesn't her behavior at this point contradict the high moral value and high personal integrity that the Bahamian gov't says they are looking for. I hope this isn't another Aruba. There's more coming though - Anna better get her clown clothes on for some juggling. I really do think she's got a mental defect - thinking a guy she tried to screw over and it didn't work would give her a million dollar house as a gift. God, I watched a guys dog for 7 months last year and only got a $150 gift certificate to Outback LOL.

2846 days ago


and .... why is Anna's camp back on the "gift" kick?
They already said that it was NOT a "gift" .... her attorney says he has seen the conveyance document that shows Anna owns the home.

Munroe has filed a lawsuit against Ben in Bahamian courts saying that Anna owns the house, (not a gift), and that he has the conveyance document in her name. Munroe does NOT say that this document was never "COMPLETED" ... it was never filed at the courthouse and never stamped, because Anna double crossed Ben and refused to take out a mortgage and repay him the $$$$$.

Ben Thompson had the conveyance document changed to his name as the owner, and had it officially stamped and filed at the courthouse. Ben Thompson CAN show proof that HE paid the $$$$$ for the house.

Anna is a TRESPASSER on Ben's property.

I wonder how Anna's California attorney and Bahamian attorney are getting paid??
She stiffs everybody else!

2846 days ago


Its really beginning to look like this poor kid was brought into the world only to serve as an interim mealticket for moomy and her pathetic (can't gat a real lawyering job) lawyer. While they waity for their original victim... er.. i mean husband's money to come thru. I mean she's trying to pin the kid on any rich guy she can get in her crosshairs. And i thought my opinion of this hose bag chick couldn't get any lower?!?

2846 days ago


If she's a whore what does that make the men who have slept with her? Are you telling me that men with money dont buy women they've slept with lavish gifts? What a double standard. Everyone who says she deserves what she get obviously never have had problems in their life or burned a bridge with someone.

2846 days ago


dee, what color is the sky in the delusional world you live in? LOL!!

2846 days ago


I don't think its a good idea for Anna to keep what's not hers, like that house for example. I guess she is loosing her mind for sure
after the attacks coming in from every corner of the world.

Think about it! Shes had enough and maybe really is going crazy from all of the attacks. You think she is going to move just because you all tell her to move a mere two months after her son's passing??
anna would of moved out of that house back when Ben T. first asked but she hasnt been able to come up for air yet - you know??!!!!
Bring on the sarcastic commments because that is what you all are best at doing. And I would just love to have a little cam hooked up to see what you all are doing while you bash poor Anna. You are probaby makin one to many runs to the kitchen
for twinkies breaks and probably have overfilled ashtrays full of
your stinkin ciggarettes. Let's not forget the bottles of booze
you prolly have cooling in the fridge, and probably counting the
seconds till you can crack em open and start pouring. And
a peek in your med chests or drawers would be a real revalation too I bet!!!

Do you
guys have kids btw?

Then there is probably the ones who are on the witch hunt to find "Daniels killer" = the ones who GAVE him methadone! Get real... Anna is right. Youall need
to worry about your own lives before you go ringing the bell
on everything that Annas done wrong in her life. Maybe it
makes you feel good to be so rightous at the cost of another
woman's pain. It must make you all feel real good to take
your eyes off of your own sins each day while you throw rocks
at Anna and pick apart everything she has done wrong in your eyes. Give the lady a f'n break and let her come up for a breath before she kills herself and the baby girl winds up with two
daddies and no mama.

2846 days ago


Gina..........did ANS or HKS tell you what to write? Only someone in "Camp Anna" could have such moronic opinions about her. Or, are you ANS herself? Explain your logic please............You said that she would have moved out when Thompson first asked her too but, she hasn't had a chance to breathe. I guess having her faux wedding ceremony to HKS was alot more inportant than A) moving out of a house that she is trying to STEAL B) burying her son. When you can make better sense come on back here and elaborate!!!!!!!

2846 days ago


gina baby,

maybe if anna nicole didn't sell every pic and video of her life (including her sons last pics and her c-section) 5 minutes after it happened, then everyone wouldn't f'ing know or comment about it? Sound like a plan! She's a media whore who lives off the public attention she begs for and certain rich guys she f***s. You can't have it both ways. Wake up sweetie....

2846 days ago


Geez whiz she looks like she's going to give someone a b.j in this picture!

2846 days ago

Allred Tree    

Good for Ben! Seems to me she is acting out the last episodes of her reality show (that I only watched for about 5 min. on two different occasions when it was on) but read about after doing a Google search last night. For those who haven't read the synopsis, I would highly recommend you do so STAT! The movie "Pacific Heights" has a similar plot line. Wonder if she ever saw it and it gave her some ideas. Also, reminds me of the notorious true-to-life crimes of a grifter and her sons who bilked wealthy people out of their property and were thought to have murdered some of them. Think she was convicted and is now is prison and about 70 yrs. old at least at this time. There was a very good movie about it made for t.v. several years ago. Mary Tyler Moore starred as this grifter whose true life name escapes me at the moment but think the surname is Kimes or something like it. I hope Ben T. continues this courageous action and that Anna comes to her senses. Where was the other grifter HKS during all this? Why didn't she sign the house in Studio City over to Ben as a partial down payment unless she was renting/leasing. What happened to that house and are the utilities still on there? DOES NOT THE BAHAMAS HAVE ANY CHILD WELFARE AGENCIES? If so I hope for the baby's sake they intervene and make the proper assessments of her circumstances ASAP . It is obvious Anna isn't playing with a full deck for whatever reasons and with the tragic events that have transpired and continue to unfold who knows what she and her "lawyer" might do next!

2846 days ago


Well Gina we aren't public figures like Anna is. If you are so worried about what folks are typing about her don't waste your time. That's life in the public eye for you. She is no different then any other celeb people talk about. Don't hate the player.................

2846 days ago


If Anna is not in a stable enough frame of mind to handle her financial and business affairs (no pun intended) ..... WHAT is her commitment partner Howard doing for her?

Why didn't Howard handle getting the mortgage on the home, like Anna promised, and pay back Ben Thompson. None of this would have boiled up to this point of eviction if Howard had HELPED Anna. Instead of planning and participating in a stupid fake commitment ceremony, Howard should have been handling serious matters for Anna. Howard should have helped Anna plan and DO Daniel's funeral instead of the ceremony on the yacht.

Ben Thompson asking for a signed mortgage, like was agreed to, is not an "attack". Ben asking her to move out of his house so he can stop losing money on it, is not an "attack". Ben informing the court that he could not be the father due to his vasectomy, and informing that Anna told him that Birkhead is the father, is not an "attack" on Anna. Is is doing the right thing.

People coming forward and saying what they know to be true, and filing documents with a court of law, is not an "attack".

Anna has put herself out there in the spotlight for everyone to scrutinize, and criticize.

Police investigations and financial legal matters cannot be put on "hold" indefinitely while Anna grieves. It doesn't work that way in the real world.

2846 days ago


That HKS is not going to get any clients after everyone hears about this story. He is a freeloader just like Anna. Not to mention the bizzare circumstances surrounding her son's death and him in the room and all!

2846 days ago


Just thought this was an interesting bit of info from the Bahamas:

Secondly, the Anna Nicole Smith debacle. Once again, Mr Christie allowed an out-of-control minister - Shane Gibson - to drive the government into a swamp from which it cannot extricate itself.

Mr Gibson fast-tracked Ms Smith's residency application for no reason other than the fact that he was apparently her friend. The howls of protest from legitimate residency applicants who have been waiting for months and sometimes years for due process were to be expected.

Even worse, though, is that the Anna Nicole saga has raised two major issues for all Bahamians, one centred on ministerial probity, the other on the rule of law.

Mr Gibson is now strongly suspected of publicly misrepresenting the truth about his personal receipt of the $10,000 cheque on behalf of the treasury in payment for Ms Smith's' permit. He has vehemently denied it, but faces major hurdles in getting anyone to believe him.

Callenders' attorney Ms Tracy Ferguson is standing firmly by her story that Mr Gibson received the cheque at Ms Smith's home, and most thinking Bahamians appear to be on her side.

Once again, a minister is found to be guilty of gross misjudgment - there is no way Ms Smith, given her much publicised background, could be regarded as a "fit and proper" candidate for residency - and once again Mr Christie has failed to act.

By all reasonable standards, Mr Gibson should have been tossed out of the Cabinet without further ado for a colossal and insulting blunder. The prime minister, stolidly silent as usual, appears to think otherwise.

Even more disturbing for the Bahamas is that Daniel Smith's tragic death on September 10 has not yet been officially addressed.

A police investigation has been carried out, an autopsy has been performed, yet we - the public - have not yet been told the results. Inevitably, suspicious minds feel Ms Smith is getting the kind of treatment the rest of us would be denied. But the matter will not rest until all has been revealed.

Sounds like the uproar is not just coming from the states, eh?

BTW, I just looked up Social Services in the Bahamian phone directory and asked if there was anyone looking after Dannielynn and her welfare. The woman asked me if I was media, and I told her "no" but not willing to hang up or quit calling until someone checks out that baby's welfare. She said that there have been many calls and they are fully aware and on top of the situation and that someone has been out there regularly to check on the child - and that was all she could tell me.

2846 days ago
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