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Borat's Release -- Anything But Sexy Time

11/14/2006 7:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of the release agreement signed by the ordinary people who appeared in the "Borat" movie, but even more significant than the release is the standard cover letter.

Two frat boys who appeared in the movie have sued the film's producers, claiming they were defrauded. They allege producers promised them that they were appearing in a Kazakhstani TV documentary that would never be shown in the U.S.

The release agreement that TMZ obtained is difficult to read, and the participant who supplied TMZ with the copy says his original is equally hard to read. Nevertheless, it is a comprehensive, standard release which basically signs away your first born.

The cover letter is interesting. It almost seems like it's written by Borat himself. It begins, "Dear Film Participant." The letter continues, "Thanks very much for your interest in appearing in our Film. We're glad that you want to appear in the film to share your views or insights with the public."

And it goes on: "Attached is our standard legal consent agreement. You'll see it explains that in addition to the chance to appear in the Film, you will get an appearance fee of $___., in return for your letting us have unrestricted rights to use your image and voice in our Film. As the agreement makes clear, you will be waiving all claims in relation to the Film."


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Miss Quote    

I wouldn't want the entire world see the stupid things I've said and done when I was drunk. woah. What is different is a line was crossed when these guys shared the desire to have slaves in America once more. My suggestion? Put them in a Saw film type chamber device and make them repeatedly watch "The Color Purple" so they can the suffering of women and minorities. Has anyone seen the said mentioned clip? I did. Just typical frat guys exposing themselves for the idiots they are. Granted, they are all idiots, one is also a fat moron.
Oh, foget to mention; Paris and Nicky Hilton are cucking funts. :)


2896 days ago

coco puff    

He's funny as all hell. I really don't give a sh*t how he did it. People need to lighten up a little and not take life so seriously. He makes fun of everyone in the movie and I'm tired of sensitive, liberal, a**holes, who have nothing better to do but rain on our parade of laughter. Take the c**k out of your asses and suck on it!!!

2896 days ago


If it was so hard to read and understand, why did you sign it in the first place. Retards. Why not just say, "No thanks, I would rather not be in your movie and I'm not signing anything."? I hope the people that appeared in the film get just what they deserve, a kick in the ass for being morons.

2896 days ago

Miss Quote    

Um, Johnny, nobody is saying Borat isn't funny. This article is about STUPID FRAT BOYS. Work with me here, okay? C A T = Cat. Good, now you can read, something I suggest you do before responding to an article. Oh, I would take the c**k out of my ass, however it's currently jammed up your mom.
Hey, at least you learned basic phonics with me today.

2896 days ago


Hello America!

I've been a sorority girl and a bartender. I have plenty experience with drunken young men. When I saw the Borat movie, I think I was the only one in the theatre simply nodding during the frat boy scene. Everyone else was shocked, but I had seen so many similar scenes in real life.

Alcohol does not change opinions or personalities. It only lets the social-psycological barriers down so that people don't edit themselves. (Mel Gibson) If those frat boys said those things while drunk, they probably thought those things while they were sober. They were fine with saying those things when they thought the film would only be shown in Kazhkstan (which they kept calling Russia). But when it was released in America, where their mothers, sisters and girlfriends could see them, they regretted it?

His methods were questionable, but its a hilarious film. And as a result of all of the flack he's gotten about making fun of Kazhkstan, I looked thr country up on the internet. (Time Magazine has a nice pictorial.) The people there run oil businesses and they are doing OK without the USSR. I also noticed that most of them don't even look like Borat, they are more Siberian-Turkish, very exotic to me and very beautiful. I wouldn't have learned a thing about the country if it weren't for Borat.

2896 days ago

coco puff    

Why did you attack me Willma, did I strike a nerve? I guess I did. Thanks for at least admitting that you are a colon commando. Don't be sad, be happy.

2896 days ago


Ok, this TMZ piece states that the contract read "unrestricted rights to use your image and voice in our film...." Who cares what they verbally told you, idiot, if it's not in writing don't trust what ANYONE promises. Some people tell outrageous lies to get what they want.

2896 days ago


Johnny maybe you should go and do your homework now. Your potty mouth needs a rest. We adults can get our point across without resorting to immature dialogue as is your mainstay.

2896 days ago

coco puff    

That just goes to show how dumb/ignorant these peoples are. In the contract, you're supposed to put in a dollar amount in before you sign or you get O. PT Barnum put it best, " There's a sucker born every minute and two to take him ". Borat is the one eyed king in the land of the blind!

2896 days ago

coco puff    

What's da matter jennifer ? did little johnny boy upset you? Boo Hoo Hoo! My words of infinite wisdom must of struck of raw nerve or else you would not be attacking me. Thank you for acknowledging it!

2896 days ago

Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV    

Obviously the producers know what they are doing and wouldn't air anything that they didn't have complete rights to air. Those frat guys are morons.

2896 days ago


Who will be People's Sexiest Man 2006?

Sasha should be in Top Ten. Others: Nick Lachey, Matthew Fox, Brad Pitt, Emmitt Smith, Mario Lopez.

2896 days ago


As a Paralegal who has drafted many Releases I can say that it's pretty standard legal jargon used in the cover letter and the Release, and they have legitimately forfeited any right to a claim. It's also quite obvious that the dollar amount that each Film Participant received has been "blanked" out manually - in other words it appears that they did receive a monetary amount, but the public is not privy to what amount that is. I don't think these guys really should have been signing legal documents when drinking but they made that judgement on their own and should have waited until they'd sobered up if they had any misgivings about what they were doing. I haven't seen the film to know what they did on camera, but all I can say is that it's their own stupidity that has them in the situation they are now in. I have zero sympathy for these guys and would chuck their claim out of court if I was a judge.

2896 days ago

Johnny is a Forum Nazi    

LOL Johnny. Do you realize that it's not the "libs" that are the one's up in arms? The ones suing are those frat boys who most likely are ultra-conservative republicans. They are the ones that said something about wanting their own slaves and slavery should never have ended.

Get over yourself. I love America NOT the Republicans or Dems, just in case your little mind decides to try your insults on me.

2896 days ago


I'd also like to add that in this day and age of the internet, youtube, etc. you are stupid if you believe anyone who is guaranteeing you that "this film will never be seen in America". I don't think the producers were particularly fair in leading them to believe it wouldn't be seen in America (especially since it's not in the Release) but hey - if you are embarassed about what you have said on film, perhaps you should have thought twice BEFORE YOU OPENED YOUR MOUTH! If you're not willing to stand behind your beliefs then don't go on camera with them.

2896 days ago
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