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The English Get Off on Jacko

11/14/2006 2:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Forget allegations that's he's a pedophile. Londoners can't get them enough Michael Jackson.

M.J. was swarmed by paparazzi and fans as he made his way to the swanky Nobu restaurant. Nevermind that he paid a cool $20 million to make a young boy go away -- Jackson is still the darling across the pond. People were screaming how much they loved the emaciated, literally fading star.

Imagine Jacko's shock when he got gang-banged in the extreme by a man pretending to be Jesus Christ. Actually, the imposter was British comedian Aaron Barschak, who dressed up as Jesus and pressed a magazine titled "Gang Bang Extreme" against the window of Jackson's limo.

Barschak, best known for a 2003 incident in which he gate-crashed Prince William's 21st birthday party at Windsor Castle, was arrested.


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Ireland loves Michael too. Not just London. I am so glad he is living in my country now, it is awful how the people in his own country treat him (all of you guys in america need to accept the fact that michael aint no child molestor).Michael is in London for the World Music Awards, which are being held tomorrow night (wednesday). And I am flying over to london tomorrow from Dublin to attend them. And I can't wait. Fans from the USA, and all over Europe are attending the awards. MICHAEL IS STILL THE KING OF POP.

2899 days ago

Take him, he's yours. And MICHAEL IS THE KING OF FLOP.

2899 days ago


Wow a whacko and a whacko jacko, all in the same place. If we're really luck he'll never step foot in the US again. Let's hope!

2899 days ago

Rasta Avatar    

I expect more from TMZ then simply repeating mainstream media misinformation. If the media was honest about what happened at the MJ trial then you would know that it came out in court that MJ didn't pay $20 million to anyone, in fact he paid zero dollars. It was revealed in the trial that MJ and his lawyers were against settling that case and wanted to fight it out in court. But Michaels insurance company had legal control over the decision of whether or not to settle. They over rode Michaels decision and they arranged and *paid* the settlement..

The fact was that the boy's father had been trying to extort Michael and was caught on tape doing that. The boy also would not testify against michael in the criminal case that was pursued at the time. There was no arrangement that prohibited the boy from testifying, and in fact it is illegal to do so. So why didn't that boy and his family help the police pursue a criminal case against MJ? Because they knew that MJ's team had a a lot of incriminating evidence to show extortion. Then came the recent trial. Why didn't that boy testify for the prosecution? Because then his case would have been fair game to be brought out in court. In fact Mesereau had friends of that boy who were going to testify that the boy told them he was forced into making the story up by his parents. Did you know that right after that settlement the boy filed for legal emancipation from his parents and got it? That the boys father then tried to sue MJ for $30 million because his plan had been thwarted by his son taking the money and splitting from his parents? The dad lost his suit. And then the boy hasn't spoken to his parents since that time. There is a mountain of evidence that has come out exposing the extortion scheme, even a book by the legal secretary of their lead counsel has exposed what the lawyers were up to from first hand experience.

Also that picture from his mugshot is well known to be digitally manipulated.

2899 days ago


Come on choices are Micheal Jackson and OJ??? How am I expected to choose?

As for MJ's popularity overseas, remember, David Hasslehoff is also popular over there. Thank God my ancestors had the good sense to hop a boat over here.

2899 days ago


Any GROWN man that has little boys in his bed is a sicko...And any man that dangles a helpless baby from a balcony is beyond crazy! If the people of London and Ireland except that then by all means keep that crazy f***!

2899 days ago



2899 days ago


#5 Amy my sentiments exactly. To #1 Angela I hope Michael takes a shine to your brothers/sons and decides to move right next door to you.

2899 days ago


Mike's still got it, the video speaks for itself :) Look at that crowd! Wherever he goes, no matter what is said in the tabloids and gossip mongrels, there will ALWAYS be tons of fans like this crowded up and cheering for him, same happened when he went to Japan and Germany earlier this year. For those who think he is a has-been and has no fans left in America, just remember that his last USA concert in 2001 sold out in under FIVE HOURS even though tickets were sold for as much as $2500!

It must suck hating on someone and thinking that the world agrees with you, only to discover that the person still draws in bigger crowds than any other celebrity living or dead!

2899 days ago


MJ is ugly and weird. Hope he isn't bedding anymore tykes overseas!

2899 days ago

Mad Balls    

I believe the title " English Get off on Jacko " is incorrect should be " English Jack off on Ghetto " ...that sounds right !

2899 days ago


The English most certainly do not love Jackson.

2899 days ago


LOL, yeah. Michael Jackson is a "literally fading star". That's why Guiness Book of World Records named him the most successful entertainer of all time and why he's sold and broken more records than any other artist. Funny how quick people are to try to discredit someone just because they think they are wierd or look bizarre. And about the child molestation allegations, the day a kid takes that stand who doesn't change his story fifty different times in the process and comes from a credible family (i.e. doesn't have a parent with a criminal history for suing for false claims) I'll believe it. The media and public are such a hypocrites. If Michael Jackson was really irrelevant, he wouldn't be on magazine covers and you all wouldn't still be talking about him. I'd like to see what he's done that was considered "a flop". Even his last album, Invincible, sold 7 million worldwide. Other artists can't sell that.

2899 days ago


Thank you so much ZOE,I couldn't put it better myself.!!..The artists of today would love to have those kinda numbers of Michaels so called "FLOPS"...He's simply the BEST!! Take that you HATERS!! lol

2899 days ago


wow - aaron is getting around loads! He just showed up in his diapers trying to get Madonna to adopt him.

If only he put as much effort into stand up. If you've ever seen him its sort of like watching mental illness on stage.

2898 days ago
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