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Borat Paddles Mel Gibson Down Under

11/15/2006 2:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sacha Baron Cohen showed his ping pong and disco skills to a horde of screaming fans last night at the Melbourne premiere of his runaway hit comedy, and hit Mel Gibson with a wild shot.

Saying that he wanted his Borat film to win an Oscar "for best anti-Jewish film," he added, "there is of course very fierce competition from your Melvin Gibson."

And as not to offend his Aussie hosts, said, "I am a huge fanny of your country."


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coco puff    

I saw it last night and laughed my ass off. I wish it lasted longer though, time sure does fly when your having fun. I recommend it to all.

2863 days ago


When is this Borat crap gonna be over? I'm sick of it already!

2863 days ago


Based on the lack of comments that each SASHA BARON COHEN article gets, I am starting to get the feeling that no one cares about this crazy guy from an ACTIVE ZIONIST FAMILY. (do the research)

2863 days ago


Sacha is how he spells his name, just an FYI.

The movie is great, very funny. A must see for all with sense of humor. The humorless need not attend.

2863 days ago


Girly, #2

It looks like you need to learn how to appreciate a good comedy / comic!!

2863 days ago


The BEST movie I've seen !!!! With dumbass in the whitehouse and all the depressing sh*t going on I laughed for 2 hours!!! Thanks for the escape. P.S Babel starring Brad Pitt sucked I had to go to bed for a day just seeing that f***ed up movie

2863 days ago


Jennifer??? I heart (♥) you!

2863 days ago

Sidney Rosenberg    

This useless piece of grabage is about as funny as a turd in the punch bowl. Why is anti-semitism Ok when Jews are the source.

And why do we even need a seperate word for prejudice and bigotry against Jews ? Is there any other nationality or religion that only cares about bigotry when it is directed at them ?

It's time for Jews to stop throwing an endless number of pity parties for ourselves and start worrying more about bigotry in general and less about anti-semitism.

No wonder the whole world hates us. We are our own worst enemy.

Sidney Rosenberg

2862 days ago

Jack Smith    

Borat is just trying to help us keep our sense humor in a very serious time of war for this country. More power to em!

2862 days ago


Who the hell is Borat anyway and where did him come from? Does this mean we are stuck with another Paris Hilton who crawled out from under some rock and is now a media darling?

2862 days ago


I haven't seen the movie yet. I know that this guy is Jewish in real life, so is anyone taking his anti-Jewish stuff seriously? I hope not.

2861 days ago

Eric McCarthy    

Why can Jews make fun of Jews? For the same reason that any ethnic groups can make fun of itself while others can't. And humor helps relieve the pain and discomfort of prejudice. Just ask any black person who feels comfortable calling his friends "n****" or any gay person who feel comfortable calling his friend a "big queen."

And if you don't see the irony behind Sacha Cohen's "antisemitism" you're blind.

And as for Jews caring about bigotry in general, take a look at the history of the civil rights movement in this country and the countless [so-called ]"liberal" Jews in this country who care a hell of a lot about "bigotry in general." What a dimwit you are!

Why is there a separate word for bigotry against Jews? Maybe because there's been a few hundred years of it and it has been ferocious. You ought to read "Constantine's Sword" and maybe it will help you get over your own self-loathing antisemitism.

2861 days ago


My sense of humor gets 5 stars while "Borat" gets the big goose egg. (That's ZERO for those of you who haven't any more brain cells to rub together than Sacha Cohen seems to.) While there were a couple funny schticks in it, I found the movie sickeningly valueless from beginning to end. More deplorable than Borat's antics was the fact that clueless, tasteless people were laughing themselves silly in the theatre. From now on, I'll opt out of "popular culture," thank you very much.

2861 days ago


Love this movie. Funniest movie I've seen this year. It's making tons of money and thay's why everyone is up in arms. Chill out see the movie and have fun.

2860 days ago

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