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My High Speed Chase with OJ

11/15/2006 3:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OJ Simpson composited with a bloody handOJ Simpson will appear on a FOX special, hypothetically describing how he could have murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. First of all, strike the word hypothetically -- he's a killer. Second, I have a theory on how he killed them, and that theory led to a bizarre chase that was anything but low speed.

Rewind to 1994. I was the investigative/legal reporter for KCBS, the CBS affiliate in Los Angeles. The case consumed my life for nearly two years. Between wall-to-wall live coverage, live shots for other affiliates and everyone in my life wanting the latest dish, I was a one-note guy -- with a theory.

I think what happened on June 12, 1994 is that Simpson was in a rage after Nicole rebuffed and embarrassed him at a restaurant earlier in the evening. I believe Simpson sought revenge with a knife, a cap and gloves, but he didn't intend to slaughter anyone when he left his Rockingham residence sometime around 9:30 that night. I think Simpson planned to slash the tires of Nicole's Ferrari. Nicole would drive around town in her sports car looking hot and it drove Simpson crazy. The tires had been slashed a few weeks before the murder, and Simpson all but admitted to Nicole that he did it.

Simpson was insanely jealous of Nicole, and slashing her tires would temporarily clip her night wings. I think Simpson went to the condo, saw the lights on inside and started peering through the windows. When he realized Nicole was taking a bath and saw candlelight, that's all she wrote. Either he rang the bell or she heard something and confronted him at the front door, and then he nearly cut her head off.

That was my theory. So one Saturday night after dinner, maybe two months after the acquittal, I drove a friend who wanted to see the murder scene. I drove to the alley behind the condo, where the garage was, to explain my theory. As I rolled up, an older black limo was stopped in the alley. I wouldn't have thought much of it -- lots of curious people were always there -- but I noticed the limo driver make eye contact with me through his sideview mirror and then gun the engine.

I was stunned. Just like in the movies, OJ Simpson returned to the scene of the crime. I began following the limo and things got crazy. The driver was weaving through the neighborhood, making turns that made no sense. Simpson hated me, so I can only imagine how pissed off he must have been at his bad luck. The limo got to busy Sunset Blvd. first and crossed to the other side. I was stuck for around 15 seconds. When I crossed, I took a shortcut to Simpson's Rockingham estate. When I arrived, the limo was stopped, the gate was open and I saw the shadow of a man running up the driveway. No doubt in my mind, it was the killer himself.

By the way, in case you take issue with my calling him a killer, he may have been acquitted of murder, but a civil jury sure felt he slaughtered Nicole and Ron, awarding their families more than $30 million. They definitely didn't die running with scissors. He's the guiltiest man I've ever seen. And I saw him that night, in all his guilt.

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I remember when that verdict was read. I was standing in the cafeteria at my community college and when they handed it down everyone started cheering. I was truly stunned, now I'm not, my attitude about race changed that day. I learned a lot of people don't practice what they preach. People preach about being colorblind when they're just as screwed up as they say we are. Take from this what you want but I say each race should be treated equally. Not held above others because they are in a minority, but treated equally.

2897 days ago


OJ Simpson is one sorry-assed excuse for a man! He apparently doesn't care a thing about his children. As if they haven't suffered enough all these years, knowing that their father murdered their mother. But now he has the nerve to go on TV and write (who knew he could write?) a book about how he would have hypothetically committed a crime he actually committed.

And, Terrell, you need to accept that the fact that although Mark Fuhrman may be a racist, OJ still needed to go to jail for that sh*t. His not guilty verdict was just a backlash against the injustice of the cops in the Rodney King trial getting off scott-free. But just because 12 jurors blew it in that case doesn't mean that OJ should have gotten off. He damned near cut that woman's head off. That ain't right.

2897 days ago

U Know Who    

People on this site, REALLY do not deal well with ANYONE having a differing opinion do they?

Grow up, everyone has an opinion not everyone agrees. THAT is what makes this country so awesome, we don't HAVE TO all agree on ANYTHING.

But is all the hate necessary when someone disagrees with you?

Wowie Zowie

2897 days ago

U Know Who    

I have read that OJ is mobbed by blonde women wherever he goes.

They all want to sit on his lap for a photo. Go figure?

People whether famous or not get away with murder all the time. In this case LAPD ruined it Mark Fuhrman himself ruined it. Case should have been tossed once it came to light , that he jumped the fence "found" the glove etc etc. Even police have procedires that MUST be followed to get a airtight case/conviction. They blew it bad.

OJ is just as guilty as old Teddy K, who "walked away"...maybe he should run as a Democrat for Senate?

2897 days ago


Don't get your panties in a bunch! It doesn't matter, he can't be tried for murder again. Double jeapordy.

Why give this guy THIS much attention?

2897 days ago

coco puff    

The verdict was making a statement for all innocent black man who have been wrongly accused and found guilty. It's called jury nullification and white man have been getting away with murder for years thanks to the racist all white jury's. If OJ is guilty he will punished by God eventually. Black men have sentenced to death on less evidence than that and white men have gotten off on more.

2897 days ago


Kudos to Barbara Walters for declining to do the interview. I hope the money that he's getting is taken away and given to the families of the victims.

This truly is the sickest thing to ever be done.

2897 days ago


i cannot believe his has the nerve to do this. Its makes my stomach turn at the thought of him rehashing exactly what happened that night. Does he ever think about his 2 kids with her? Not only have they had to endure the loss of a mother but to have them have to hear their dad explain in detail how he would slice up their mother, he's such a sh*tbag!!!!!!!!!!!!

2897 days ago


OJ stands for "Obnoxious-Jerkoff" doesn't it? Would somebody please exterminate this scumbag?

2897 days ago


I love # 15!!!

And Terel, you wouldnt be saying "Mark Furman is a racist cop" if he was black and OJ was white!! you dont know what you are talking about...ur obviously an uneducated nobody, that favors OJ. 12 people found him not guilty cause he was famous... just like they found Micheal Jackson not guilty. HELLO.. they were both guilty as hell!!!

2897 days ago


Yes, I think that O. J. is a Killer BUT the Law Acquitted him of the murder regardless of the civil suite. He was not Convicted of MURDER that is IT.

If you think a Civil suit is a Conviction then when every someone who is murdered the family should just sue that person for money and call it a day. That seams is all that anyone wants out of it anyway. This whole thing was not about O.J. Going to jail for his crime it was about getting top dollar for it.

2897 days ago


F*** OJ.

2897 days ago


Personally i like OJ myself.


nobody knows what happened that night. If he did then he got away with it. if he didn't then ya'll all are a bunch of haters. Either way ya'll don't pay this man's bills. If you don't like it then don't buy the book and read it. Now all ya'll who talking about he's a horrible person ask yourself this. wil you read the book. will you even glance at it on the supermarket shelf ? That tells the story right there. If ya'll would stop showing so mych intrest in it then maybe he wouldn't make no money off the book.

OJ FYI.>>>>I like you. I would buy your book. AND i DON'T think you did it.
I think it's more to it than any of us know.

2897 days ago


If we were gonna kill OJ Simpleton, how would we do it?

2897 days ago


That man is a pig, and for FOX NETWORK to allow that sh**t to air, show's the lack of proffesionalism that networks has and not only that but how desperate they must be for ratings that they not taking a second to think twice about what they doing, allowing O.J. to air anything. I just find it very distasteful. One thing is for him to say, yeah after all these years i feel the need to speak and claim my innocence. To me its sounds real weird that he is coming out with a book and interview explaining IF he did this is how i would of did it? You know how those murderers that kill someone and if they got away with it, they just cant believe it and the years passed and finally the killer just cant keep it in. I think this is OJ way of saying I did to the public(not a cry for help, just a cry of yeah i did it i sit here years later and can tell you guys how i did it and still walk away scott free...

You are pig OJ and i hope no one watches or listens or reads anyhthing that involves you. Happy holidays all and ty for taking time to read my opinion.

2897 days ago
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