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Jacko Tells 40 Kids -- "Start Givin'"

11/16/2006 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Call him the King of Flop.

Michael Jackson made his much-hyped return to the stage last night, and it turned out to be anything but thrilling. The singer appeared at the World Music Awards in London to accept the Diamond Award for selling more than 100 million albums worldwide -- but based on this evidence, he might be lucky to sell even one more from this point. The world's most squirm-inducing human being was rumored to be performing "Thriller" with British pop star Chris Brown, but ended up coming out for just a few perfunctory (and not terribly in-tune) bars of "We Are The World." With his ghostly complexion and voice even reedier and shriller than usual, Jacko strolled down the stage with a swarm of children, and then just stopped singing completely, so he could hug the young ones.

Jacko's one moment of total abandon came when he threw his jacket into the crowd. No word on whether members of the crowd successfully avoided it.


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Does this Idiot ever learn...Whats he doing? Staking out his next victim!!!!!!!!!! Run kids run.......Do not trust this Pedophile.....He is a sick bastard. Children are not to be trusted around this Molester...He is a serial Child Molester, Freak, and just plain unsafe around children.

2907 days ago

U Know Who    

The man has actually sold 750 Million records. More than anyone ever has or most likely ever will. Since people no longer "buy" records.

He should be an Iconic Musical Superhero.

Too bad he is one huge super weirdo, with a detachable face.

2907 days ago


#10,so what's Elton John's excuse?

2907 days ago


II am so disgusted with american racism. Can you imagine what the cultural picture would be there if there were no black Americans, and what about the Olympics ?

Leave Michael Jackson and O.J. Simpson in peace.


2907 days ago


Elton John is just the gay male/british version of Madonna. Hot headed, egotistical, promiscuous, with a lengthy music career to boot.

His Wardrobe is a bit odd, but his lifestyle does not resemble anything I would compare with MJ. Not even close!

2907 days ago

jane doe    

What happened to his voice? How come he can't sing anymore?

2907 days ago


Ok TMZ....WHERE IN THE WORLD did you get the piece of information that Chris Brown is a BRITISH pop star?????? It appears as though someone half-assed this one....

2907 days ago

El Barto    

Ouch, that performance was painful. I feel so bad for MJ. He's a talented soul who had a harsh upbringing and has been in the public eye all his life. How could that kind of pressure not screw someone up and affect their decision-making? I agree with the poster upthread that the right thing for him to do would be to sell the Beatles catalogue back to Paul McCartney. Would earn him goodwill as well as money.

2907 days ago


To #14, Monica - Um, i don't think this is a black or white thing. You're the one who sounds racist by making that ignorant statement. Whether black or white, noone is going to "leave OJ or Michael alone" because they're black. You act like special rights should go to these men just because they're black. No way, Monica, ain't buying it. A freak is a freak. Us "white people" would say the same things if OJ and Michael were white. Get over your lame excuses for them.

2907 days ago


4. Excuse me Sam, but he is the greatest entertainer ever. Not too many so called great entertainers can sell 100 million albuns. It hasn't been done since and I doubt it will ever be done again!

Posted at 10:41AM on Nov 16th 2006 by I know pop culture

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha F*** this child molester, america did not do this to was his sick f***ing mind....the dude loves little boys and i dont give a f*** how many records he sold...its about how many more children have to be a victim for tbis wacko pedohile...the english can have him...just as long as he stays away from our children. All you child molester lovers deserve the exact same thing that happened to this A**hole...go with him to bahrain and take the rest of those Jaqcksons with you.

2907 days ago


Monica this has nothing to do with him or OJ being black. People see them for who they are a pedophile and a murderer. No matter what color people like that are, they are hated.

2906 days ago


Hey Andi, as per your comment "He is a serial Child Molester, Freak, and just plain unsafe around children" if you know anything about criminology you know that pedophiles don't molest two kids, nonetheless one every fifteen years. Michael Jackson would have to be the most selective pedophile in the world AND have the worse luck out of any of them to select the two boys who happen to come from families with a parent who has previously engaged in suing for false claims. There is nothing to suggest that this man, as eccentric as he is, is unsafe around children or a negative force for them (minus that baby dangling thing which was a gross exaggeration by the media who slowed down the footage when it was actually a one second thing if you watch it at normal speed. A mistake yes, and no different than any parent throwing their child up in the air or having an absent-minded moment). Guiness Book of World Records has branded him the title of most charitable pop star, his contributions have saved the lives of thousands of children over the years, possibly more. Too bad the press doesn't devote more energy to exposing the realities of a situation. Just because someone is eccentric doesn't mean they are a pervert. I'm proud to be one of those Americans that actually questions the information I read and doesn't blindly trust a media driven by ratings and profit.

2906 days ago


#23, #24 Zoe and Shannon - Amen. Shannon, you are right about the black/white thing, though I don't think Michael is a pedophile. I know I'm in the minority on this, but so be it.

2906 days ago

Mad Balls    

I don't know what he did or did not do but he is frikin weird . He needs to get a sex change operation 'cause thats' all that left to do in the plastic sugery dept. He just creeps me out to no end . And hes' acting like P.diddy or Madonna -- I'm too dam good to perform for nothing even though you did pay up the ass ( He liked this reference as did elton) to see him . Very lame and sad to see a great artist reduced to believeing his own press clippings ....sad . I'm ready for my close-up now ! Dickhead .

2906 days ago


Since when is Chris Brown a British pop star ? Last time I checked he was from Virginia

2906 days ago
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