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K-Fed -- Burned Out?

11/16/2006 2:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

K-Fed and Chris JonesNewly "po" crappy rapper Kevin Federline was photographed with his pal Chris Jones at the Miami Beach nightclub Mansion last night, each looking like they can barely keep their eyes open. Chris manages to keep at least one eye ajar. Kevin is wearing one of his new Wal*Mart t-shirts.

More bringdown for the FedEx; House of Blues in Anaheim just cancelled K-Fed's November 20 gig due to, what else, lack of sales.


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Why can't this jerk just evaporate?

2866 days ago


LOSER.................And he thinks a judge will give him custody of those precious baby boys. Anyone who sees this picture can tell he has been smoking it up.........
POT HEAD LOSER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2866 days ago


you know this idiot will be on the next season of "Surreal Life". After that, we probably won't hear from him again until someone notices a smell coming from the apartment upstairs.

2866 days ago


I don't understand why he had to go to Walmart for shirts and underware. Did Britney have that packed up and sent away also? If not, she should have!

2866 days ago


These guys are SOOOO LOADED! Fame with no money must suck big time. By the way....those guys are SOOO obviously on cocaine. Boycott his ass like O.J.!

2866 days ago


Post #3.......that was a good one.........too f'n funnie :)

2866 days ago


K-Fed wants to get his career going then maybe he should work at Walmart. It goes to show, Brit is doing the right thing of getting rid of the worthless loser!!!

2866 days ago

U Know Who    

Unfortunately this guy isn't going to go away.

As you ALL should KNOW Damn well. Once you've been in the public eye for 2 solid years for nothing more than being a douche married to a pop starlet. You can milk that "fame" for the next 5-10 possibly even a lifetime.

I mean if an overweight goofball doofus looking "blogger", a completely used up Hotel "heiress", a washed up singers adopted daughter can all manage to maintain some sort of "celebrity" status. I am sure this guy can too.

He still has his modeling gig..(for now). And still has his wrestling, and unfortunately he will still get red carpet invites, so we'll still get to/have to see him.

How is it that you can tell definitively someone is on Blow from a crappy photo? You cannot, smoked out you cannot. You can assume, due to eyes/jaw whatever but you cannot possibly KNOW for sure.

2866 days ago

in the know    

This is the reason Britney is in Vegas instead of Miami. As soon as he found out she was going to be there, he wanted to upstage her. She changed her plans. he hasn't seen any of his children in ages. Does he look like he can handle sole custody to you??

2866 days ago


C'mon peeps.. Kev Fed is the man and he's still trying to slip up in chains. He will rise to da top and y'all haters will be sorry. Peace and love to the man!

2866 days ago


Hee-Hee-Hee. I normally don't take joy in others' pain, but in *this* case, I think K-FED made his own bed. I also think the only "pain" he's feeling is not in losing his family, but rather in losing that free ride. Funny, though, his behavior hasn't changed one iota since the separation...he was regularly photographed at nightclubs & in Vegas since he hooked up with Brit--even BEFORE his album came out.

I can't believe he *REALLY* expected her to put up with his low-life ass! I don't like the girl, but hell, she's BRITNEY-F**KING-SPEARS!!! He was LUCKY she even got to know his name! Dumbass! He was going to tear her self-esteem down just like Bobby did Whitney.

2866 days ago


K-Fed likes the hydro...He's not on cocaine, he's just flat-out faded!

2866 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Dear Mr. Fed-Ex,

After reviewing you job application, we are sorry to say that the position for Slurpee Jockey has been filled/or other more qualified applicants are being interviewed for the position. We will keep your application on file for six months. If any position opening that meet you qualifications arise we will once again review your application. Again we thank you for your interest in 7-11, good luck on you job search.

7-11 Store Manager

2866 days ago

U Know Who    

Okay just for the record these photos wont factor into a custody decision. Nor will anything written in a trash blog/magazine etc etc.

Brit will have to prove with witnesses, and actual testimony from people that ACTUALLY KNOW them Both. Beyond a reasonable doubt that he is TRULY unfit. I am sure if a judge went by stalkarazzi or crappy blog site photos. They would BOTH lose custody. I am betting a reasonable judge grants "Joint Legal AND Physical Custody". Unless Brit can prove he is some super scumbag that doesn't deserve to see his kids except once a month or whatever. The court of public opinion will not and should not matter to an ACTUAL un-biased judge.

This is also why I predict "IF" there is in fact a "Sex Tape" it is showing more than just "sex" . I'm sure any tape he has also shows Brit engaged in less than legal activities. And that could be completely career ruining to a pop starlet, who makes her money off of selling albums to young pre-teen and teen girls. So i would imagine she will pay him ANY amount of money to keep that stuff under wraps.

2866 days ago


#9 You the only ticket sales at the K-Fed concerts huh? You should get out more. Even Vanilla Ice was better then this fool.

2866 days ago
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