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Paparazzi King

Gets Face Bashed In

11/17/2006 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pap hitBlood streamed down the face of "Celebrities Uncensored" paparazzi guru E.L. Woody after a late night argument turned violent outside of Area nightclub in Hollywood.

It all went down as Brody Jenner exited the club, smiling and waving to waiting shutterbugs. While Woody photographed him, a random clubgoer approached and began shouting, "What are you doing? You don't need to shoot him, leave him alone." According to Woody, the man then broke a microphone off of another photog's camera.

Woody says he quickly approached the attacker and told him that he would have to pay for the damaged camera. That's when things got bloody. According to Woody, the man then grabbed another mic and smashed Woody in the face with it, opening a bloody gash above his left eye.

Private security quickly threw the alleged attacker in handcuffs and tossed him in the back of a security vehicle, while a battered Woody screamed at him. "Look what you did to my face? If you can't handle your liquor, you shouldn't be out! I don't care who you are, you're going to jail!"

E.L. Woody is scheduled to undergo a CATscan at a local hospital and will get stiches later today. Woody tells TMZ he will definitely file charges.


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2867 days ago


HAHAHAHAHA, fat no-life sh*t!

2867 days ago

Sammy Davis, Jr.    

Now he will get some money for assault.

2867 days ago


E.L Woody is a moron. He loved the attention no matter how bashed up his face is. He deserves it for being such a F'in stalker. How many times did he say "Did you see what you did to me" umm we don't care and actually I think it's funny as hell. Rot in hell E.L Woody cuz no one cares. It was probably fake blood that E.L Woody had in his pocket anyway so people would feel sorry for him. L.O.S.E.R.= E.L. Woody

2867 days ago


Thats what the Paparazzi get!!HAHA, thats what they get for being stalkers!~~

2867 days ago


he deserves what he got, leave the damn celebrites alone you scum bag.

2867 days ago

coco puff    

OH, BOO HOO HOO! That's a scratch and he needs a CAT scan, what a f***ing p***y. He should of had his head beaten into the curb, that would of been a case for a scan. I like the photo, he doesn't even take his glasses off and poses for the cameras, a fake, phony and a fraud, period.

2867 days ago


No one deserves to be bashed in the head the way EL Woody was. The jerk that did this to him derserves any punishment he will get. Just because one does not like what Woody does, give them no right to touch another.

2867 days ago


Thank you. This made my day.

2867 days ago


That random guy probably thought Brody would want to hang out and be friends after that. He was just looking to be famous. What a dumb f***.

2867 days ago

the wise old owl    

Love them or hate them. THe guy is just doing his job. Everyone of you on here has bought or looked at picture this guy has taken of some celebrity. WHAT A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES !!!

He did not deserved to be attacked like that. Shame on all of you. As a celebrity part of the territory is " getting your picture taken " even when you may not want it. You give up your privacy. It's all part of the package. You don't like it........get into another profession. There is no excuse for behavior like that.

THe drunken fool who attacked this guy needs to be taught a lesson. I hope he gets fined and they throw his ass in jail. What if that had been a female " photographer ". ?? Come one. We're not a pack of savages here.

Just put a towel over your face and walk away if you don't like your picture taken. For heaven sakes. Act civilized. Violence isn't the answer.

2867 days ago



2867 days ago


Too bad more Paps are not assaulted! Maybe then they would stop stalking these people. It is wrong what most of them do to the celebrities. It is disgusting!

2867 days ago

Mad Balls    

I had a drunk take a swing at me at closing time at a club years ago , I knocked his ass out flat , One punch , Luckily the security guards saw the whole thing cause the a**hole wanted to press charges against me ! Sure we hate the paps but they bring the stuff alot of us crave or else they wouldn't do it . If it was a boom mike than it could really F*kin hurt to get hit with it . I can't hate this pap just 'cause he's a pap . Dickheads .

2867 days ago

coco puff    

The wise old owl is obviously some lesbian c**t who defends the a**hole paparazzi. I think you are the one who wants to be besieged by photo-cunts. Sorry, no one wants to take your bitchy-ass pic. Your pathetic life is reduced to writing lame ass comments on this gossip web site. Hey, you set your goals and you've succeeded, be happy.

2867 days ago
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