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TomKat Wedding:

Mission Accomplished!

11/19/2006 6:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's official! Katie Holmes is now Mrs. Tom Cruise! The stars tied the knot at a spectacular star-studded wedding ceremony Saturday afternoon at Odescalchi Castle in Rome. The couple, who got engaged in June of 2005 (just two months after publicly announcing their relationship), was dressed from head to toe in Giorgio Armani. Baby Suri was also clad in designer wear.

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Just a few of the 14,000 locals managed to catch a brief glimpse of some of the famous guests on their way into the castle, but the entire town got quite a treat when the sky was light up with red, white and green fireworks at the end of the evening. Even though there has been significant doubt cast upon the authenticity of their relationship from day one, we would like to take a moment to congratulate the happy newlyweds. Cheers!


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How amny times is he going to marry this girl. OK OK Tom we get it your an over blown a hole who has no one around you to say NO, like most of Hollywood I wish you would just go away.

2855 days ago


The older he gets, the more hideous he becomes. Ever seen his MOM? That's him in a year or two. I agree with Tanya ("Could someone please tell me why he's famous?") Eye candy???--YYUCKKK--I don't think so--maybe 15 or 20 years ago; now? Not so much........

2854 days ago


shut up you are all just jealous who the hell cares only you dumb ass people get a damn life

2854 days ago

charlotte white    

I hope they live happy ever after , and that means [for good] granny2

2854 days ago

carol jones    

I Have one question? How was Suri conceived? I am sure their was help. I feel sorry for the kids. Why does Tom have his and NIcole kids all the time? What ,I get Tom for a 3 wedding present a giantic mirror..........He love it. What did Tom get Nicole as a wedding present?

2854 days ago

Daniel Favre-Felix    


2854 days ago


Whoever believes in this bullsh*t "wedding" and "celebration" is either a scientologist, a zealous proTOMer, or just grosely IGNORANT. Tom and his PR team have you wrapped around his little finger. It's nice to swallow bullsh*t, isn't it?!

2853 days ago


Hey, carlene #198, i'm going to take this opportunity and mimic what you said but with a bit more realism:

shut up YOU are just a fool and a pawn who the hell cares about Tom Cruise only you DUMBS*** get a damn life

2853 days ago

carol jones    

these were my comments thanks carol

2853 days ago


Miapocca #176, thank you for the link to the

It's the truth. Hands down.

I just laugh at all of the Sycophants (aka, Scientologists and Tom Fan Extremists) who think they're earning brownie points with the org for posting their comments of allegiance to Tom. That's okay, we know your computers are bugged so you HAVE TO make your defenses for him.

Scientology and Tom are both one and the same - wolves in sheep's clothing always trying to get into to take control of people's lives, and their MONEY. Tom uses his celebrity glaze as a veil to charm and attract other people and celebrities into his cult. It's a pyramid/multi-level-marketing scheme. Illegal and unethical.

2853 days ago

white girl    

Are you permited to be gay if your a scientologist? is that why he's working so hard to "prove" he straight? I dont know, Im just asking... most of the first few pages here everyone seems to think he's gay... personally, i could careless.

Now, for the count down ticker... gay or not... how long will this one last? Any takers on 2 years or less?

2852 days ago


Despite everyone's varied beliefs about this couple, I think they look beautiful and happy in their wedding picture. I say congrats to them and hope they have a good, long-lasting marriage. Who cares what their beliefs are? That's what makes us unique. It would be a boring world if we were all the same.

2852 days ago


II'm happy for them both. They make a great couple. Congrats Katie and Tom.

2852 days ago


Being that I am a mother of 3 daughters, I feel for this situation a bit. Every mother wants that fairy tale wedding (what ever that may be to some) for their daughter and thier wedding was a beautiful showcase. You want your daughter to be truly loved by someone that is willing to give her the "world". but what you don't want is them to be micromanaged. Unfortunately, I think this is the case with these two. I truly believe Katie is in love with Tom. I think it is all new and 'dreamy' but to have one partner control everything is going to grow old. Katie WAS a strong indepedent woman at one time in control of her career. I think she will have strong regrets in a couple years. You hope for the best with any love but I simply feel this relationship will not have longevity. As nice as a fairy tale wedding is, I would much rather have one of daughters be embraced for their independence and loved for being who they truly are....Simply my opinion..

2852 days ago

Melissa Skeen    

This wedding or anything about these two are way too publicized. Who gives a f*** about these two. I am so sick of seeing these two on tv, internet, etc. I would have loved to seen more of Keith and Nicole's wedding, but they have so much more class than these two and don't care to be in the spotlight all the time!

2852 days ago
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