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TomKat Wedding:

Mission Accomplished!

11/19/2006 6:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's official! Katie Holmes is now Mrs. Tom Cruise! The stars tied the knot at a spectacular star-studded wedding ceremony Saturday afternoon at Odescalchi Castle in Rome. The couple, who got engaged in June of 2005 (just two months after publicly announcing their relationship), was dressed from head to toe in Giorgio Armani. Baby Suri was also clad in designer wear.

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Just a few of the 14,000 locals managed to catch a brief glimpse of some of the famous guests on their way into the castle, but the entire town got quite a treat when the sky was light up with red, white and green fireworks at the end of the evening. Even though there has been significant doubt cast upon the authenticity of their relationship from day one, we would like to take a moment to congratulate the happy newlyweds. Cheers!


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Wow, so Tom and Katie finally bothered to make it official, after having a baby and shacking up together. Why even bother? I've never seen such a big deal made over a wedding in my life. Seriously, who cares?

2885 days ago


Leave them alone. Let them be happy. Katies Bangs is new hair growth. When you have children, you loose some hair and her hair is growing back. They look like a truly happy couple.
Say nice things please.

2885 days ago

Lisa Marie    

Kaite looked very beautiful in her wedding dress. Tom looked nice looking in his suit. I wish them happiness.

2885 days ago


hello if you want to see buteful link look on that plise i am suer you love it.

2885 days ago


It's just a big bubble and we all know that bubbles never last. Stay tuned for the big bang!!

2884 days ago

Leah Chauvin    

I want to ask what is the big deal about this marrage so now he's married I'll give it 2 years or less He's a great actor though

2884 days ago


I really wish Katie and her child the best.
She is certainly a very rich woman. Talk about hitting the lottery.

Nowadays divorce is just another everyday inconvenience. No one tries anymore to make it work. Just get out, and go on to the next one. And celebrity marriages have GOT to be the worst. With a prenup that takes care of her and her child for life, why would Katie work on it if it goes sour? Sad, really tragic state of affairs.

And movie stars--for the most part--are not everyday-normal. Their childhoods have been fractured and fragmented from day one and acting is a great escape. for them to make a marriage work would be a heck of a trick. They are constantly escaping into new personalities and the real world and its problems are too much.

I have to admit I would like to know what is really going on between Tom and Katie, and I don't think anyone on this site knows for sure. It might be real love, or a crush or a complete sham.
She is one good actress tho if it's not for real. Give her an Oscar right now.

2884 days ago


I could care less about either one of them I only watched one movie that tom was in and im not even sure what the name of it was..(the one in his underware dancing)... and katie I had never heard of before..she is a very beautiful lady and the baby Suri is gorgeous (despite rumors of her strange looks) remember Suri didnt ask to be born into this lifestyle..its unfortunate that the life span expectancy of this marriage isnt very long.. what a drag it must be to have so many people scrutinize your every movement and word that comes from your mouth...their personal lives is no ones business but theirs.. who are we to judge how they choose to live etc...if ya want to be a critic ..critique their acting abilities ..not their morales..
simplyput: those who cast stones shouldnt live in glass houses..

2884 days ago


Boy, ever since Tom spoke out against giving children all those psychiatric drugs like ritalin, and the massive drugging that's going on by psychiatrists and doctors in this country, it seems like someone has been paying an awful lot of people to add their (entirely scripted) comments to all the blogs after every article about him. I wonder if it's the pharmaceutical companies who are paying all of these idiots to write anti-Tom Cruise comments in blogs all day. They certainly don't want to lose any of their billions of dollars in drug sales. (Ritalin sales declined over 25% after Cruise spoke out against it.) I think that's why the guys making the major bucks over at the pharmaceutical companies have this teeth-gnashing campaign going. Anyone looking at Tom and Katie can tell that they majorly love each other and are very happy. Tom is my all-time favorite actor, not just because he is a major babe, which he certainly is, but also because he's incredibly talented.

2884 days ago


I think they both got their hard "done" by the same person. Notice they have the exact same hair color......not to mention their height is the exact same as well.
Unless I am truly missing something, I honestly dont think either one of them is that good looking.
My wedding pic is much nicer/prettier than theirs!!!!!!!

2882 days ago


Oh, thank God; I was almost starting to think I was the only one who thought the whole TomKat thing ridiculous.

I would suggest putting that $$$ to better use than to a "wedding" that isn't even legal. Must have been some great perks in the contract..........

2881 days ago


Tom Cruise: CLASSIC LITTLE MAN SYNDROME. John Travolta was lucky if he didn't get an invite, and showed class if he did. Kinda got ol Opie's goat, though, didn't he? Opie, stick with your black favoritism and shrug it off. Ya can't have it both ways.

2881 days ago


Iam amazed at the importance we put on such things as famous people and thier lives. There are so many more important things and situations in life that need our attention. We treat these people like they are Gods or something. Speaking of God .............So sorry Katie you walked away from the one true God. Jesus Christ. Some day you and Tom will stand before him, I pray you will come to your sensus before then.

2880 days ago


Sorry, but since Italy doesn't recognize Scientology marriage ceremonies, they were already married in L.A. by civil ceremony. This shindig was nothing more than theatrics.

2880 days ago


I'm sorry. I stopped caring when he jumped on the freaking yellow couch. [Who does that?!]

Someone tell me why I should give a freaking second to care when, if these two people weren't famous, no one would be giving them a second thought.

Woop de freaking do!

Now, the next thing you'll hear .. I'll give it two weeks, tops .. "Katie's filing for divorice! Sound the damn alarm!"

haha. :]

2880 days ago
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