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Britney Hangs With Paris, Drops Pants in Public

11/20/2006 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It only took Britney Spears one night of hanging out with Paris Hilton to start running around without her pants.

The newly-liberated pop star enjoyed a wild 'girls night out' in Sin City with Miss Hilton this weekend; dancing, laughing and chain-smoking throughout the night.

The unlikely pair landed at club Tryst in the Wynn hotel, where Britney was spotted getting down and dirty on the dance floor to several Paris Hilton songs. In fact, things got so heated, Britney ditched her pants -- and danced around the club in a pair of fishnet stockings!

Welcome back, Brit.


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old school    

Is her hair long or short? I have seen pics with it both recently.

2894 days ago


I wish people would give Britney a break! Sometime single mothers need time off from changing diapers, cleaning, cooking, etc.

2894 days ago


To the people asking "where are her kids" - what does that have to do with anything? All moms are entitled to a night out w/out there children, whether they are a celebrity or not. It amazes me how people just need to complain about something - always finding fault. It's no big deal if Britney left her kids w/her mom, sister, friend, nanny etc to enjoy a night out. Get over it!

2894 days ago


OK - before I saw her chain smoking and hanging out with Paris, I really thought she was the more responsible parent. Now I'm not so sure. Maybe the kids should all go to Shar. I've never heard anything derogatory about her. She's probably the best of all three, and this way the siblings can all grow up together.
Brit and K-Fed should both pay her child support and have limited, smoke free visits.

2894 days ago


brit you are free, and of legal age,anyone else in your position could do exactly what they want to and feel no heat or scorn.i think the public at large is simply jealous because you are rich attractive. but you worked that pretty little tail off to get where you are and that is why america is such a great place to live free enterprise freedom of religion free speech and "the pursuit of happiness". all i would ask of you is that while you are more fortunate than many americans if you could try to squeeze in a little time to somehow thank our fighting men and women who protect your right to do as you please. marilyn monroe went to entertain the troops with uso. lets face it girl wether or not you agree with the war or not, our soldiers are risking their lives everyday for our freedom , please take a moment and write a couple cards or do a sattelite concert. so much negativity is directed towards the war effort and they follow orders not give them so live your life and have fun however you choose. but please let the soldiers know in whatever way you can that you and they share one thing in common, we are all americans.i am a big fan of yours and your words have power, while the press use their pen to print negativity you use your voice and your dance to promote happiness. you go girl

2894 days ago


brit, you are free and of legal age dont let the press bring you down live and be happy youve earned it, and if you can take a moment to somehow thank our fighting men and women for protecting your freedom please try, they only get negative press, and they risk their very lives to defend the freedom we all anjoy

2894 days ago


Does anybody know British Spears has a sculpture?

2894 days ago


Bianca u r too young leave at once

2894 days ago


over and out

2894 days ago


totally disgusting..... i don't like britney anymore

2894 days ago


I totally agree with every one's comments. Did we except any more out of her. This is just another "Hollywood Stunt" to draw attention. You can give white trash money but, it doesn't make the trash smell any sweeter. Paris Hilton? guilty by association.
As far as her parenting skills, I'm sure that she deserves a night out but not by the company she is keeping. Why not choose a better subject in Hollywood to hang out with? Please Brit your a disappointment. Good luck to your sweet innocent children.

2894 days ago


when my son was 3 months old he was waking up every 2-3 hours for feedings. this poor baby wakes up to nannys or if he's lucky a grandparent. britney had her youth to party and have a good time. going out once is fine but show some repect to yourself and you kids. how much fun could she have possilby had with paris? when you have kids you realize how fast kids grow up. my advice is to hold and bond with your child before they come to an age where they think kissing mom is yucky. shame on brit. she's been away from the newborn way too long. it is a fact that newborns the age of brits still think they are part of their mothers body. they still think they are part of their mother.

2894 days ago


I so want Britney badly to make a come back. But she is a mother now and when you are 24 going on 25 with two babies in tow then you need to straighten your act up. She should be acting like a role model for young mothers every where and not acting her husbands age.
She is definetly not setting a good image by hanging out with Paris Hilton. It seems since she got her bod back and then dumped K-Fed that she has been trying to do whatever it takes to make a scene & trying to say something to be noticed and to show off her body. She should worry more about getting her stylist to come along whereever she goes cuz she looks horrid in these pics. I couldn't get worse looking hair extentions than if I did them myself.
Instead of hanging with Paris and club hopping every night then she should be a mother first-cuz that comes first and being in a court battle and being the one that asked for divorce-therefor splitting up her childrens secure family home then this definetly does NOT look good.
Look at Madonna-grant ya she is the mother of all gyrating. But when she had kids then she straightened up alot too so I only hope Britney does the same. I really truly think she is just rebounding from being pregnate having children and married for the last couuple yrs.
I only hope this is just rebound and not a example she plans on continuing. I'm surprised Paris as snobby as she is is even paying attention to Brit. But I think they need each other for the attention.

2894 days ago


you can see paris hilton's bad hair extensions, too. note the knots at the top of her head...blech

2894 days ago

Big Daddy    

Everybody needs to quit hate'n on Brit. Im in no way a fan of hers, but she can do what she wants! Cut her some slack, she has on shorts, all of your friens or ppl you hung out with arent the best ppl. She looks great (compared to a cpl of months ago) so let her be!

2894 days ago
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