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Britney Hangs With Paris, Drops Pants in Public

11/20/2006 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It only took Britney Spears one night of hanging out with Paris Hilton to start running around without her pants.

The newly-liberated pop star enjoyed a wild 'girls night out' in Sin City with Miss Hilton this weekend; dancing, laughing and chain-smoking throughout the night.

The unlikely pair landed at club Tryst in the Wynn hotel, where Britney was spotted getting down and dirty on the dance floor to several Paris Hilton songs. In fact, things got so heated, Britney ditched her pants -- and danced around the club in a pair of fishnet stockings!

Welcome back, Brit.


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Please, like non-celeb parents don't go out and party and get babysitters! Rich people have nannies raise their kids all the time. Otherwise, you see chicks with like 3 kids out at the bars everynight- who's watching their kids?

I don't think that Britney partying will risk her losing custody because clearly from the way K-Fed abandoned his first two kids to be with a rich chick, he's only wanting them for the money. A judge would see right through him and Britney can afford to give her kids lots of help- nannies, tutors, doctors, everything. And I"m sure her mom babysits a lot.

2898 days ago


ok seriously.. people not to take britney's side or anything.. why are we making such a bitch fit over britney.. look at all the other poor ass mothers out in this world.. britney's just learning to be a mother.. and she is going about it the wrong way.. but to get rid of feds ass thats a improvement.. dont you think.. now she just needs to take a break get back to reality, and help out her kids and be a good mother to them... i dont agree with what she did... but i guess thats her choice.. who are we to say who's good and bad mothers.. did your moms ever do this to you???? and if they did why are u judgin britney...

2898 days ago


Whoops she did it again, she fell on her face and took her pants off...
It must have been from above...ahhh, parasi-tw*t heaven..she's not that innocent.
Shame shame on her and her song.

2898 days ago


Just when you think Britney has a chance to redeem herself, she hangs out with someone who's just as trashy as K-Fed. Doesn't Britney have ANYONE that gives her GOOD advice? I never thought I'd say it, that K would have a chance at custody, but if Britney keeps hanging with Paris, he just might. Paris isn't quite the influence that a jury would smile upon.

2898 days ago

Adrianna Geary    

This comment is for Deb #379: If you read my comment I did say that I was not making excuses. As far as your question, I'm sure some have done alot worst. Let me give you some examples: A one night stand, making out with strangers at a club, flashing breasts, bringing strange men around your children, doing drugs, ect. You and I both know that there are people out there who do allot worst. I will tell you this, one human being does not have the right to judge another. I'm sure you know where I'm going with this. That is the point I was trying to get across, not excusing anyone's behaivor. People really need to be a little more compassionate towards one another. All of these negative comments remind me of Elementary School. Who's bad and who you should be friends with. All of these harsh comments hurt people. It's juvenile. On that note, I'm out of here.

2898 days ago


What a hoe. She is a mother for goodnes sakes. She needs to clean up her act,it's not a good role model for her kids. Kids it's ok to go party and drink and be half naked so the whole wolrd can see you. I feel sorry for her kids for when they grow up.

2898 days ago

I love Britney    

I love Britney and she loves her kids and takes good care of them so why dont you guys stop talking so much trash to her, the next guy who gets her is the luckiest man in the world.

2898 days ago


You people that are parents or those that just have parents act like parents are to never go out and unwind or just relax. You all sound so full of shit it's pathetic! Don't get me wrong, I realize that Federline is a run of the mill mullet that has some serious dillusions regarding his own ethniticity, and I'm not a fan of Spears' music, but damn, people.... quit bitching about others if you aren't honest enough to point the finger at yourself.

2898 days ago


i'm glad to hear so many people speaking out against Paris because she's still one of my longtime favorites and if enough people dislike her it'll just leave me. I don't know how anyone can dislike a hot, rich, tall blonde. Here's to ya Paris.

2898 days ago

lisa roberson    

Brittanny needs to watch her step, but she deserves a little fun also, it doesnt make her a bad mother, how do we not know the kids are with grandma?

2898 days ago

Erik J    

Again, clearly proving even if you have money your can still be white trash!

BTW, Don't worry about her kids, she had the house keeper make them a plate full of PB&J's and give them each a carton of Marlboro Reds, they should be all set for the night, while mommys off parting like a teenager in the woods.

2898 days ago


In don't think eithier of them deserve children,money isn;t everything!

2898 days ago


Gee, I guess I'm qualified to cast that stone! I remember being her age and if anyone even suggested spending my evening that way, I would be highly insulted. I've never been rich nor the focus of media attention, but if I were, I certainly wouldn't be openly living this type of life. My young life was spent at the movies, bowling and hanging out at the mall. I never took my clothes off, never drank to excess and wouldn't have given Federline a second look, with the type of background he has, much less have married and had children by him. Spears is a loser with a bank account. She has no idea what life is about, has no idea what motherhood is about and no idea what a real woman is. It is truly sad. She needs a respectable older woman to take her aside and explain to her how a lady conducts herself and how a good mother treats honors her status as a mother.

BTW According to that video, Spears seems to be wearing black shorts. As for the end of the video, is that Spears topless or Hilton? Unfortunately, girls aren't taught to be women anymore, just sad sluts with no direction or shame.

2898 days ago


The kids have no chance.

2897 days ago


I agree with #27. Britney can be a good mother and go out and enjoy herself too. I do not think we are to judge her. Are we perfect? No! Her life is just plastered all over the media. Unless she is harming someone, It is clearly not our business.

2897 days ago
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