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FOX Cuts and Runs on OJ

11/20/2006 5:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OJ SimpsonCommon sense and good taste seem to have prevailed: FOX has decided to pull the plug on both its planned OJ Simpson book and television interview special, "O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here's How It Happened."


News Corporation Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch said today, "I and senior management agree with the American public that this was an ill-considered project. We are sorry for any pain this has caused the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown-Simpson."


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he's guilty????

2807 days ago

The Truth    

White people, don't be mad at O.J. he's just the product of his environment you folks created for him. When good ole' O.J. was running through the airport in those seventies commercials, Boy all you could say was "Go Juice". Now, he is accused of double homecide of two white people suddenly he is the most hated man on earth. White people, you created this monster. He's not black because a real black man do not conduct himself in such a manner. O.J. lost his identity along time ago and he's struggling to find out who he is. White people you created this disgrace to the black race, now take your medicine and deal with it.

2806 days ago


To the truth: Now a black is blaming the whites for O.J.'s crimes? Just when I thought you could get no dumber you come through again. Can blacks accept ANY responsibility for anything in their lives? That's why so many hate blacks. You never except responsibility for shit. It must suck being you

2806 days ago


he was guilty??? well o j is like christopher reeve,they both ;left blood on the bronco,,,,,,,,,and unlike reeve, o j walked

2806 days ago


Rupert Murdoch said today, "I and senior management agree with the American public that this was an ill-considered project. " I think that it is funny that he did not mention that His senior manager and himself were the ones that agreed to put it on the air. Murdoch finally shows his true self thinking the world was sick enough to want to see such an ill-considered project. He supported it until he found out some pretty big people (bigger than him) would make some really big changes if he continued. He should have though before he did that.

2806 days ago

The Truth    

Raquel just a thought for your narrow little mind, O.J. was found not guilty of any crimes related to the deaths of nicole and ron, but people like you want to keep this non-sense alive saying that he indeed committed those crimes. It is what it is.Like I said before, deal with it. Oh yeah, you say it must suck being me, hey the feeling is mutual.

2806 days ago


72. This is only a racial issue because most White people do not like O.J. because he was accused of killing two white people. If he would have murdered his Black wife and her Black lover, we would not be discussing this now. Lets move on from this, it was over 15 years ago. If Black people start talking about all the murders that White people have gotten away with, this blog would go on forever. Let it go Posted at 5:31PM on Nov 20th 2006 by theodes

THEODES: I happen to be a black man and what you are saying is nothing but BULLSHIT you have in your mind, your being racist with this comment right here. White people DO NOT HATE OJ for killing two white people. It would've been the EXACT same reaction if he had killed two black people. The outrage is because of the KILLING/Murder and how wrong THAT IS. It has nothing at all to do with race but of COURSE you wanna make it out that way because of your own personal issues i'm guessing. The outrage has to do with murder not race. Quit hiding behind that word. The man is guilty, and not a good person and SHOULD BE IN PRISON FOR LIFE! I'm so tired of other people white or black saying it is about race when it isn't. It's about PEOPLE, something that we all have in common, and doing something wrong and horrible.

2806 days ago

Interested Observer    

Race is irrelevant. OJ is BLACK and he is a murderer. Scott Peterson is WHITE and he is a murderer.

2806 days ago


im so sick of hearing...oh oj was found innocent,let it be...bull shit,god has a way of running his world and how everything works in his plan,and because oj is guilty he is being punished in a more suitable way,whites who he once put on pedalstalls,are now his enemy and he did this,he had nothing to do with blacks till he killed nicole brown...and you can see it in him today,he would kill her all over again...he was so jealous of her he couldnt see straight so the the f up about,oh oj was found innocent,not by the right jury he wasent!!! wat goes around comes around,got it!!!

2806 days ago


I know what O.J. did was wrong but I still want to see the interveiw, cause I wanna hear how he committed those....I mean would have committed the crimes please tmz show the interveiw.

2806 days ago

walter Bell    

There has been White mass murderer after White mass murderer. Somewhat recently a white women shot her minister husband from the back at close blank range. Murders occur everyday in this country but for some reason White America cannot let go of this O.J. thing. O.J. is a constant reminder to White America that at least once there one-sided judicial system worked against their wishes and it is killing them.

It would not surprise me that the day O.J. dies the president, (who no doubt will be White) will declare that day to be a national day of celebration. The fact that O.J. is alive and breathing after killing White woman is a taste of bitter medicine for White America. After all of the dirt White America has done to Black people, they still cannot bring themselves to let this go. That arrogance that brought about the world trade center tragedies and has most of the eastern world hating us is that same arrogance that is bound and determined to see O.J. taught a lesson. My God…learn to accept that things will not always go your way and let it go.

2806 days ago

The Truth    

198. we will clap and yell in joy ,when you die,once and for they clapped when you were set free...are you scared to face you know who? i would be!!

Posted at 3:20PM on Nov 21st 2006 by deborah

deborah with a comment like that , I wonder where O.J. get his "KILLER MENTALITY" from. When you people feel that you have been wronged, you cry out in dispare until you get what you feel is white justice. When you people do not get your way you can not accept reality. I do not care if he confess a hunred times he still was found not guilty and can not be retried. I have a solution, maybe you and I should hook-up so that I can help you release some of that pent-up aggression.

2806 days ago


#218 TRUTH BOY (and multiple other submissions) no, I think it is YOU with the pent up aggression. I watched as much of Orenthal's trial as probably most people did, and with all the evidence presented, along with his noted peeping tom habit, his terrible temper and jealousy of Nicole, his prior beatings of Nicole, I came away with the feeling (call it racist cause I know that's how YOU think- but it isn't) that a mostly black jury is incapable of convicting one of its own. I never felt this way before the trial, but sure do today. Oh, and Truth, he WAS found guilty in the civil trial, and hasn't paid one nickel to the families. I think his murdering rump should be thrown in jail for that -- why isn't he? Prison life would be perfect for this narcissistic, MURDERER prick.

2806 days ago


Terri have you been under a rock for 10 years? Another jury found him guilty-the civil one? Remember? The only reasons the criminal jury did not is because one: they were racist blacks and 2: the couldn't spell DNA let alone comprehend it

2806 days ago

The Truth    

Ooooh, Renee, Renee, Renee I hope you do not look as dumb as you sound. Terri made a great point but it seems that your "pea brain" is to small to comprehend what she said. As for Lou, for your info, The Truth is a man , not a Boy and one of the blackest racist you will ever chat with online. More power to O.J. , do what you do man.

2805 days ago
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