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Richards -- "I'm Really Busted Up"

11/20/2006 10:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Richards publicly apologized for his racist tirade in an appearance on "The Late Show," but acknowledged that such sentiment had the potential to "come[s] through and fire[s] out of me." He tried to find an awkward parallel between his ugly rant and conflict that has arisen between blacks and whites since Hurricane Katrina.

Looking sallow, drawn, and speaking in halting fragments, Richards explained via satellite from Los Angeles to David Letterman and friend Jerry Seinfeld in New York, that he had lost his temper after some members of the audience interrupted his act and that he "took it badly," unleashing the racist invective that TMZ first aired this morning. He apologized to the people who took "the brunt" of his abuse, saying he was "really busted up," but then went on a strange tangent on race relations, saying he was "concerned about hate and rage" and about a "great deal of disturbance between blacks and whites" after Hurricane Katrina.

Richards did not say whether any other factors contributed to his actions, adding only that he would be doing "personal work" in the aftermath of the incident.

Audience members in the Ed Sullivan Theater, who were watching Richards on a screen, began laughing at Richards at first, thinking that the interview was a comedy skit, until Seinfeld admonished them, saying, "Stop laughing. It's not funny."


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There are some sick mother's out there. The sad thing is that you racist bastards actually think we people of color give a fuck about what you nasty, stinking hair, dingy looking skin whities think about us, oh and by the way most of you are on heroine, and as for one of the comments about us being lazy and steal, well one thing we dont do is murder our own children or molest them and we certainly dont stand on a pulpit in church and fucking every little boy you can find. now put that in your needle and shoot it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2858 days ago


It is no wonder this country is such a disaster. Blacks (AKA Niggers) have been given so much in a false pretense of "We owe them"...I.E. housing, affirmative action jobs, free college scholarships, free hand outs of food and cash, etc. that it HAS become a "duty" of whites to "give" blacks anything they want. Face the facts people, blacks are, have always been and always will be the missing link between ape and human. They cannot, will not and don't want to be civilized. Extermination, cages and chains are the only ways to control them.
Now before some idiot here trys to discredit these facts, think about this,
Who attacked whites only, stole everything they could get their hands on and burnt down their own town?? L.A. niggers, TWICE in 30 years!!!
Who gets on TV and stirs up more trouble than any white with thier lies and propaganda and who have both been caught multiple times commiting crimes against whites, brag about spitting on white peoples food ?? MLK's homo, butt pluggers, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (both who self proclaimed themselves a reverends just to avoid paying taxes...just like the king monkey MLK).
I could go on and on about the misjustice of whites because of blacks...but all you have to do is watch the evening news and see how many of those monkeys have killed, robbed or stole. Every episode of COPS shows you the TRUE black community!

2858 days ago

Rick Wall    

Micael's comments were less racists than Mendez, Golberg, and other black entertainers who rely on hate jokes, usually against white people, for drawing like kind audiences. Michael's outrage resulted from his frustration over lack of personal talent and a low tolerance for a couple very rude people.

2858 days ago


Segragation was the best thing this country ever had, because in all honesty blacks want to be around blacks, and whites want to be around whites. I guess looking back at history, segragation wasn't too bad after all because we didn't have to live in the phony society we live in today where people of different races have to act like they like being around each other.

2858 days ago


I think all people white and black need to see this. This BLACK guy who is spreading this hate message is just as bad as god damn terrorists like OSAMA BIN LADEN.

He is basically telling black people to destroy white people in his tapes, like Osama and his his tapes spreading the message to kill Americans. As far as I'm concerned, our Government needs to hunt this piece of shit down and kill his ass.

I'm sick of you blacks, you're more fucking RACIST then any white people period.
I'm not even racist, hell I have even FUCKED black chicks, and after all this crap about "kramer" and after reading what you blacks had to say about white people in here.....I'm just disgusted with all of you.

Here is the link:

2857 days ago


559, Do you even hear yourself? You're telling black people to be wary of their own friends just because of something one person has said or done. You're adding to the negativity, if anything. Generalizations like that beget racism. And just because someone builds or makes something, it does not entitle them to anything. We live in this world for only a short period of time; the land is not ours. It's only there for us to cultivate and use. You need to love your brothers and sisters, no matter what color they are, not push them away because of Michael Richards.

2857 days ago


I have a couple of things to say about this situation. First of all, Michael's comments were wrong and uncalled for. He was unprofessional because he was on stage. BUT he said sorry. Think about how much pride you have to ignore in order to say sorry! That took guts and I applauded him for his courageousness. ********************** I want everyone to read this though... As being a Hispanic performer (and a woman at that) I am on the bottom of the minority chain, BUT I don't give crap who you are or what you think, it was RUDE and disrespectful to make mean comments about a performer. It takes a lot to get on stage, and people that shout things from the audience, or are mean about a performers actions should be thrown out or walk out of the club! You might have your opinions, but keep them to yourself! That is common manners. How come people do not have manners or respect for a person who goes on stage?! Michael was wrong in what he said, and he said sorry, BUT that group that was shouting the comments, should have kept their mouths to themselves, and had manners. They were rude, disrespectful, mean, and acting like CHILDREN! When we look at stars and performers we see them as gods. They are normal people, who make mistakes, and might get angry now and then. I come to tell you that I do not care if you are white, brown, black, or orange; it is rude for ANYONE to yell, or post something against a performer when they work so hard and so long. You are only saying that about them because you could never get close to performing like them. You might have an opinion about a performer, but keep it to yourself! Otherwise you are acting like a child and not having manners. Those men should be apologizing also!!! And that is the truth!

2857 days ago


2857 days ago


I'm not racist in any sort of way, i have a multi-race family and love it. And all of you's that think its okay for Micheal's behaviour are right disgusting. Things have changed if you haven't realized; it's now 2006, i'm not saying that a certain race is higher than the other; truely i beleive we are all equal. But if you think that white people still have the upper hand; think again. Cause they don't. It's the truth; don't like it. . . than thats just to f***ing bad. HAHAHAHA!

2855 days ago


Firstly, being a performer myself, I must say that heckling a comic is just that and if you choose not to sit and listen and try to become part of the show, so you shall be. As far as being racist, give me a break. Is it any worse than Chris Rock's tyraids? Is it any worse than rappers talking about killing the white man? I am sorry, but if you censor what a comic can say to a heckler, whose free speech is being violated here? Lets not take life too seriously folks. Don't go to a comedy show with a 200 year old chip on your shoulder, harrass the guy on stage and expect to be treated with respect. Not to happen if you did it to me.

2855 days ago


Being an African American person or Afro-American as Mr. Richards would now call us. I didn't have a problem with him using the N word, because unfortunatly thats how others still view us. I also know that the N word is used a lot by my own people. I had a problem with the rest of his comments about African Americans (50 years ago you would have been strung up with a fork up your ass). With that statement alone Mr. Richard has a lot of hate towards African Americans. Also I've gone to Comedy Shows where hecklers or critics what ever you want to call them
are always there. If you can't handle hecklers maybe you shouldn't be a comedian or at least don't do live Stand-Up. As far as Mr. Richards being sorry for his actions. I think he's only sorry that it was caught on video and made Headline News.

2855 days ago



Lets look at some facts taken from the UNITED STATES CENSUS shall we:

Whites = 69.3 % of this country
Blacks = 12.55 %
Hispanic = 12.32%
Other = 6%

Ok now State and Federal inmates by RACE in PRISONS is:
43.91 % = BLACK
34.72% = Hispanic
18.26% = Whites
3.11 % = Other

AND BLACKS ARE ONLY 1/10 th of the US POPULATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU BLACKS ARE FUCKING PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God forbid you blacks actually made up 50% of the US population, because by those statistics it would mean that BLACKS IN PRISON = 99.999999998767 %
whites in prison = .00000000000000001 %

You black people have a whole lot of GROWING UP to do.
STOP IT ALL NOW!!!!! for gods sake!!!!

You ignorant BITCH!!!!!!!!

2854 days ago


just wanna say something to amy who posted on 8|18 u r a dumb uneducated probably fat nasty disgusting white racist bitch why don't u white power your ass bac to school and learn how to spell.P.S i love u

2854 days ago


Man...what the fuck? Can't really comment on cowards behind is what it is...they will remain cowards no matter what. Worthless in any race. I'm 55..been in almost every bastille Cali has to wharehouse it's criminals. Seen my full share of racist hate. Half of you lames would be gettin' stabbed in the face over a bowl of mush for your weakass bravado. And you know who you're the ones with no balls or spines. And the ones that will respond with more brilliant responses.
When and if you ever understand respect, you might finally grasp that all of humanity is based on it. You give get none.
This shit never gets batch of young gunsels being spit out constantly. It's the pure ignorance in which you guys express your hate that proves to me racism will die an ugly death eventually. Nothing that stupid can last for too much longer. You just haven't had your eyes opened up yet to the fact that no matter what the mans skin color is...someone, somewhere, is going to show you first hand what it is to respect another human being.
I'm hoping for that chance.

2854 days ago

Rosemary Wiedman    

I say to Michael Richards , i'm ashamed to say you are white , the hell with those people black or white who are insisting that you apologize. Not me i think its about time people stand by what they said , i would even if it cost me my career. Every time someone says some thing they are real quick to take it back about saying well , thats how i feel thats why i said it. Same with Mel Gibson ...what if that is how he really feels isn't anyone entitled to an opinion any more, so quick to take it all back to save their pocketbook, i think less of them. i say what i feel if it rubs some one the wrong way too bad,they can say what they want about me too. it won't have an effect on my life, its only words , it gives people like racist al sharpton and racist jesse jackson something to do, there i called them racists, thats my opinion. If M. Richards was going to apologize it should only be to the people he spoke to.people should wise up and stop whining

2854 days ago
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