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Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

11/20/2006 8:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry SeinfeldWith pal Jerry Seinfeld already Letterman's scheduled guest on Monday's "The Late Show," Michael Richards appeared via satellite to apologize for the shocking incident at the Laugh Factory on Friday night. TMZ obtained the horrifying video of Richards in a bigoted tirade against a heckler.

According to a source, Richards was close to tears during the apology.

Our cameras caught Seinfeld leaving the Ed Sullivan Theatre after taping his Letterman appearance. He told us, "It's all on the show tonight."

Seinfeld's reps confirmed to TMZ that "Michael appeared via satellite and apologized."


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It doesn't matter if the heckelers called him a cracker. If he responded each time by calling them the "N" word that would have been one thing, but he lost it. Watching the video it was clear it was an outburst he couldn't control, and appears to reflect who he really is.

As far as the Southern comment above, try learning a little history. No, nobody in the North was prejudiced against black people, which is why Illinois had a law prohibiting free blacks from moving into the state. A law which, when he was asked about it directly, Lincoln stated was the people's decision and their right.

Also, regarding the "white people cannot see the difference in Black commedians playfully criticizing white culture " post above, that is about as ignorant as the posts excusing Richards comments. If you don't understand that calling a white person cracker, redneck, etc. etc. is as racist as using the "N" word you are truely a lost cause.

2862 days ago


Tell it like it is redneck mike.

None of the TV news channels are showing how those loud apes were ruining the show for everyone. Someone needs to teach t-raon and desonatta how to act in public. Why securty didn't take them ouside and beat their black asses before it ever got to this is the real question. So the next time a black comedian picks on the one white guy at his show are you all going to be offned then to? I guessit's OK to be racist as long as your not white.

2862 days ago

Get Over It    

I don't care that he used the word and I'm not offended. For one, the "N" word does not offend me because the word means a bundle of sticks and people only get offended because they let the word have more power then it should. Second, who is he anyway? I never watched Seinfeld a f'ing day in my life, for that reason exactly. There are no black people on the show so it in no way applies to me. Thirdly, all these racist remarks make me laugh. Black people really shouldn't get offended because we already know how the majority of white people are. They will always be racist. BFD. Black people are racist too. You need to just get over it.

I would have had more respect for whoever the guy was if he wouldn't have taken apologized. If you have hate in your heart let it out. Don't apologize if that's how you really feel. Respect your own gangsta and don't apologize for things you really mean.

2862 days ago


Every one has a bit of racist in them. whether they believe it or not. Some people stereotype, some ignore other races, some call names, and some act violently. It is just a part of the world we live in. I choose not to exert my energy on trying to figure out why he said what he said. The racist in him just came out, that's all.

Also heckling is just apart of the comedy business, it happens. Comedians should expect it. He just didn't handle it well and ended up going off the deep end.

2862 days ago

Heather Dawn    

I was raised to not be racist. I was raised where "you don't call a colored person a nigga". They are no different than you and I. So, what's the deal with them calling themselves that now? Why is it raciest when white people say it...but not when they call themselves that? It was said already here, that it's okay for black people to call white people "crackers" and no one throws the racist card...and that's very true.

I don't think his tyrade was cool, and perhaps he has issues, but I'm about fed up with the "racist card".

Use it to your advantage when needed. Borderline pathetic!

2862 days ago


I think the racial tension in this country is terrible. I am a white male. I know that all blacks are racist as well. Not in the same way we use the term racist. I know all whites are racist. The problem is not the skin color as we all know was the reason in the past. The problem is the culture. The blacks are on a constant definsive mode waiting for any white person to slip and make a racial slur or anything that might even resemble that. I have friends that are black, and I truly do not care about skin color. The things that get to me are not anything dealing with race. To me it is all about how you treat others. I try to treat everyone with respect. I used to be in the military and worked for a gospel service. There was around 500 on average. They treated me the same as the catholic and protestant services. I guess what Im trying to say is I dont like rude people. I know what he did was wrong and he should appologize for it because it is so hurtfull. But nobody should take it personal. The reason I say this is because it has been a long time since blacks were slaves and they were enslaved by there own people as well and many other races have been slaves including whites. I know that there is to much hatred out there in this world. I know I am rambling but there is a point. I feel that SOME blacks not all are very rude. Let me tell you a few stories. One time I went to a movie. This nice looking family comes in Mom, Dad and their three kids. Well the three kids moved towards the center of the row the parents stayed on the end. The movie was King Kong. Anyways, the parents pulled off their shoes and put their feet up on the seats in front of them. Well during the movie they would talk to each other and make remarks of the movie very loudly as if they were in their own house with no consideration for others. It was about three quarters of the way through the movie when the dad gets a phone call. He is just setting back chillin and talking on the phone, I was steamed. The funny part of this is I don't think they knew how it ended because when King kong fell off the building they grabed their kids and were saying this is so stupid were leaving. This family was black. I know that it was not necessarily a black thing but a rude person. It just seems that there is more of them. I dont know how else to put it except that way. I have been to Iraq and served with the finest most of our higher enlisted were black and they treat everyone the same. And the higher white enlisted did as well. The reason why nobody becomes buddy buddy with other races is because our cultures are so different. The reason it works in the military is because we are forced into the same culture. The army culture and it truly is a different society. I seen all the races dead before me and they all had red blood.

2862 days ago

Get Over It    

Sorry, got my words mixed up (The "N" word and faggot). But my point still stands. People let words have more power than they should. Just keep it moving.

2862 days ago


It amazes me that in 2006 so many of you out there are so uneducated and ignorant. What he did was wrong. Plain and simple. They are in a comedy club, and there isn't anything funny about his behavior. How many of you ignorant people noticed in the clip that most of the audience got up and left??? They knew it was awful behavior coming from him, and they showed it by leaving. I will say that its nice to know that the parents of the kids on here making all these racist remarks are proud...they have sucessfully passed on their ignorance and intolerance to an already messed up generation!

2862 days ago


i wanted to see the video before i jumped to conclusions, but now that i have seen it, boy this is horrible....rather than try to crack on the hecklers like most professional comics do....he just flat out says the n thats it ....
he said it to hurt too....thats whats even more ive always said

2862 days ago


*********************"....Black people really shouldn't get offended because we already know how the majority of white people are. They will always be racist. BFD. Black people are racist too. You need to just get over it..."

Posted at 7:38PM on Nov 20th 2006 by I'm Black""****************************

You see that's what I have the problem with....I don't agree with this comedian's actions...I think it was deplorable, but according to your ignorant comment, I seem to be lumped in with your ignorant assumption of ALL white people.

You need to hold "individuals" accountable for their actions...not an entire race or population.

2862 days ago


Go Kramer, u-r my hero! You hear the N word in rapper's song's all day long and it is ok, so I think this is ok too!

2862 days ago


Most blacks do not like whites and visa versa.

Get over it people.

It's in your blood.

So what.

2862 days ago


O. Lopez

your people's food is's my most favorite food in the while wide world.

2862 days ago

Realistic, not racist    

"Individuals" are exactly what I'm talking about. But there are some "individuals" who continue to perpetuate opinions that we try to fight within ourselves, but are in our faces every day of our lives. If you don't want the derogitory comments or opinions, don't call play up to the very stereotypes that are prevelant.

2862 days ago


"Most blacks do not like whites and visa versa..."


Do you have any scientific data or polls to prove your conclusion?

You need to hold "individuals" accountable for their actions...not an entire race or population.

2862 days ago
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