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Britney: Paris Is My Role Model

11/27/2006 3:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton & Britney Spears: Click to watchIt's both delicious and diabolical, and it's now official: Paris Hilton's new pet project is none other than ... Britney Spears.

Paris and Brit have been painting L.A. and Las Vegas all shades of red over the past couple of weeks, but according to Paris' rep, Elliott Mintz, it's more than just a passing fancy. He tells TMZ that the two are "really forming a bond" and that they're "becoming like sisters." Mintz says that the 24-year-old Spears "looks up to" the 25-year-old Paris and that she's "extremely grateful" that Paris has taken her under her wing. Britney's new post-K-Fed look -- the barely-there skirts, the cleavage-baring tops -- has been "inspired" by Paris, says Mintz. We'd be thrilled if Paris could just get Britney to spit out her gum once in a while.

Brit and Paris are now comfortably ensconced at Britney's house in Malibu, so they can have more quality time while Britney looks after her two boys. Paris acted like a seasoned pro as she maneuvered Brit through the paparazzi at a Hollywood Hills party last night.

If you thought that a Hilton-Spears alliance was going to rule the world, just wait for this triple threat: Britney, Paris ... and Lindsay? Downplaying reports of a bitchfight between Lindsay Lohan and Paris on Saturday night, Mintz tells us that the three women have, in fact, created an alliance. "What I've observed is that we have three extraordinarily powerful women who generate a tremendous amount of attention, money, and adulation," says Mintz, "and they're tired of other people trying to ride on their coattails and creating false dramas."


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2886 days ago


Well, those 2 brain surgeons together should raise the IQ of Malibu by what, -2 points?

2886 days ago

So Sick Of...    

Go home to your kids Britney!!!

2886 days ago

So Sick Of...    

Did anyone go to the PerezHilton site and see the pictures of Britney falling down drunk with her ass hanging out of her dress? And Parisite trying (not very well I might add) to help her up!!!

And she calls herself a good Mother?

Way to go Britney! Kevin is going to have a stack of photos for court in just one weeks time!!!

2886 days ago


Next Hollywood project...
I see Paris, Britney and Lindsey stripping down for a bra and panties pillow fight, with the loser being "forced" to lick "em and stick "em.
Afterwards they all make Elliot Mintz dress up and walk the "stroll" on Santa Monica Blvd., giving BJ's for a dollar, with eighty-five cents change!

2886 days ago


If Paris is who Britt looks up to she is in big trouble! All thoses cigs. Britt is smoking most be laced with something! What is Paris gonna teach her? How to be the biggest hoe L.A has ever seen!

2886 days ago


It's like the before & after party photos.... Paris is the before, Brit is the after (after about 12 shots and sleeping on a doorstep...)

2886 days ago


I almost cheered when I found out she finally dumped that worthless trailer trash she is married to. But now, she's gone from worse to worse. Why does she pick sleeze??? She could really have a 'come back'. Well, she COULD HAVE.

2886 days ago


From the jelly to a jam!

2886 days ago


I left a comment on perezhilton saying she needed to go home to her kids... Why is she running around with Paris, dressed like her broke and drunk tag along. Brit was famous before her... Elliot Mintz needs to rethink this.. If he wants to change the publics opinion of her should get her photographed with her kids.. and other famous mothers... But I understand what he is doing.. Trying to make her appeal again to her younger audience that is now in their 20's. All this PR makes me ill. She is a mother and never could sing... So bitch needs to go home and tend to her two kids!

2886 days ago

Puh der Baer    

Three clean shots. That's all I need.

2886 days ago


Read the story #3, Britney is home. The problem is, she has that skank-whore Paris Hilton with her. Those poor kids. Can you imagine how they're going to turn out growing up surrounded by the likes of Britney, K-Fed and Paris? Talk about your stellar role models!

2886 days ago


OMG! The 3 stoogies ARE alive!!!!!

2886 days ago


#7 - Absolutely hilarious!!

2886 days ago


LET THE BRITNEY BACKLASH BEGIN! Can't wait until she is knocked up again so I don't have to see her everywhere. She really is making an ass of herself (along with showing it any chance she can). Pathetic excuse for a MOTHER.

2886 days ago
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