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Snoop Dog

Arrested Outside 'The Tonight Show'

11/29/2006 1:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snoop Screen GrabRapper Snoop Dogg was arrested Tuesday night for allegedly possessing drugs and a firearm.

Detectives from the Burbank Police Department served a search warrant on Snoop, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, outside NBC studios in Burbank at approximately 7:30 p.m. this evening. Police say they found the rapper in possession of cocaine, a firearm and a large amount of marijuana. He was also cited for allegedly having a false compartment in his vehicle.

The rapper had just performed on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and was leaving the studio when police pulled his car over on Bob Hope Drive and placed him under arrest. Bail has been set at $60,000, and TMZ is told that the lawyer for the rap star expects him to be released sometime this evening.

During the performance, Snoop clutched a microphone with a large marijuana leaf symbol displayed across his hand.

Law enforcement officials tell TMZ the search warrant was conducted as part of an ongoing investigation into the Dogg's arrest earlier this month at the Burbank Airport, after he allegedly tried carrying a gun in a carry-on bag onto a plane.


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coco puff    

He looks like a black Cindy from the Brady Bunch with corn rows. What can you say, snoopy doggy is one dumb-ass mo fo. This guys brains are brand knew, never been used, period.

2883 days ago


And naturally he'll do no time, and he'll get busted again in a few weeks, and do no time.


Because he made SONGS. ANd people who make SONGS don't go to jail.

What a great member of society.

2883 days ago

coco puff    

DAMN! Snoops rap sheet is gonna be longer than his rap career. Word!

2883 days ago


Can you say "Too much marijuana fries your brain??" He is going to be the next Kramer joke for being "Typical"!!

2883 days ago


I thought he was arrested in Los Angeles for having a collapsible baton in his luggage? I haven't read anywhere that he was arrested on gun charges.

Get your facts straight TMZ. Stop trying to sensationalize the story!

2883 days ago

coco puff    

And I actually thought he was a role model for the youth. What is he teaching children? How to get into juvenile hall fast.

2883 days ago

Get Rid of Hollywoods Crack Whores NOW    


Snoop getting busted for weed and guns is like Paris without panties and being a huge whore....

Its just expected

2883 days ago

coco puff    

I think he misses jail and is finding it harder to get back in now that he is rich and famous.

2883 days ago

coco puff    

Leave my man Snoop alone. He just be smoking a little weed and ain't hurten nobody. The white racist cops are just jealous of his success and they want to bring him down, c'mom!

2883 days ago


you are defending a person who is a symbol to kids and if he is what you think is COOL , then you need your head examined.

he is becoming a MENACE and a joke...Kramer is mild compared to him.. May be he thinks it is a great way to get publicity but he is only bringing shame on his race.

He has a public image but he has thrown it to HELL with his
I I DON"T CARE ATTITUDE..i think people ought to stop buying his records and writing him off as a LOSER.

2883 days ago


It's just maryjane people...mellow need to get all racial dummies.


2883 days ago


Flojo...I think you maybe need to take a couple hits and chill.

2883 days ago

coco puff    

You know, smoking weed makes you paranoid. That's why I quit, 15 years ago, it just ruins the high. I think the dog has the same problem and that's why he's carrying these weapons. He probably thinks somebody wants to kill his ass. Snoop, listen to me dogg, stop smoking that sh*t and you'll be alright, for real. Peace out, my brother.

2883 days ago


Rappers are not role models....get your facts straight!

2883 days ago

the wise old owl    

Hmmm..... Do you think the ' TIMING " of the arrest was PERFECT or what ? They are going to " make an example of " Snoop " Everything about this arrest smells like " publicty " BIG TIME !! IS SOMEONE UP FOR ELECTION ??? Don't get me wrong. HE needs to be prosecuted for concealing a weapon in his luggage AND BEING IN POSSESSION of narcatics...... He should have know better.

The cops arrested him right after his appearance on " The Jay Leno Show " How Hollywood can you get ? The last statistics I looked at regarding police arrests came around 6:00 a.m. in the morning.

This time the POlice made sure the " camera's would there so they could Capitalize on their " PRIZE "

.The last person to try and get away with this a nortorious GANSTA. Dahhhhh........... He better get ready to do some HEAVY DUTY "COMMUNITY SERVICE ".... Don't be surprised to see Snoop on a chain gang in a Orange Jump Suit picking up Trash on The FRWY >>>> Remeber BOY GEORGE ?? HA HA ....LOL.

2883 days ago
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