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Court Orders Anna Nicole To Scram

11/29/2006 6:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A court in the Bahamas has ordered Anna Nicole Smith to vacate the house she's living in -- STAT.
Smith docs

TMZ has obtained a default judgment issued yesterday against Smith (aka Vickie Lynn Marshall). G. Ben Thompson, the owner of the home in which Smith has been living, recently filed papers to evict her. Smith was required to respond to Thompson's filing by Monday, November 27, but failed to do so.

Yesterday, the court entered a default judgment, which means Thompson can now force Smith out of the house.

TMZ obtained a letter that Thompson's lawyer sent to Smith after the default judgment was entered, demanding that she vacate within 48 hours.

Thompson was once romantically involved with Smith and claims she told him he was the father of her baby. Thompson says he put a quick end to Smith's claim when he informed her that he had a vasectomy several years ago.


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OMG........get ready all, Tru is actually HOCKING her complete wash of a reality show, and looking to further embarass and belittle Anna's reputation by the horror of her drug-addled actions on the show, on the Anna/Fraud blog.

Now, even I am speechless. Tru, please put out all of your Hanukkah candles by shoving them straight up your *ss. You are a disgusting, transparent pig, and I'm sickened that you can put aside this tragedy like a bad K-TEL commercial advertising her DVDs like it's some cheery little stocking stuffer. Did you remember to put on the end them before they were edited to show Anna looking halfway normal - RIP Daniel 1986 - 2006. What's the matter? Are the lights about to go out again at Ben's mansion? You are a scum sucking money whore.

2826 days ago


Inquiring Mind,
What a great synopsis! How long ago did you read this book? Your total recall is astonishing! You touched every facet of book. Before reading this book, did you know or hear anything about ANS bonking the Donald? I never really had any high reguard for Mr. Trump, but was a little suprised to read he'd lower himself to such trash... Also, how about all the pregnancies (and abortions)in just a year and a half and the allegation of her being pregnant with the body guard, Pierre DeJean baby on her wedding day, and they were going to raise the baby as J Howard's, until his death, then the real daddy would step in?
Also, What did you think about the mention all through the book about the hope chest full of baby girl clothes she kept. She would tell everyone she met, she always wanted a baby girl. (Poor Daniel)
At the end of the book, when they were questioning family members, who by the way, all have tatoo's of Anna on their bodies at her insistance, The aunt said Daniel was still sleeping with his mother, cause he was a "mamma's boy".
If this crap was going on, why in the name of God, didn't Child Services step in?
I never really got on the fence thinking Daniel may have taken his life, But after reading this book..... I honestly have to say, it's defiently food for thought.
I bought this book, hoping to find out where the hell HKS came into play. As of 1996, he was not mentioned..... Seems her best buddy and confidant was Ray Martino as of July '96. HKS must have walked into door shortly there after.
This book, "Great Big Beautiful Doll" is being revised, and will go on sale in January with the continued saga, from 1996 to the present.

2826 days ago


I could not believe my eyes when I read Jwls post on the Fraud Board. No longer is Jwls annoying, Jwls is here for your Holiday pleasure viewing/reading. "When you are down, Jwls is around!"

Talk about a blind attempt at throwing facts, Owl you are so right. Seems like a person whom definitely doesn't have touch with reality. (Well, in JWLS defense, you never CAN tell what they put in your holiday eggnog these days, rum, butter schapps, methadone - it's a tossup.

I sort of needed that. Same Fraud board, Tru setting up a lame venue to sell videos for that next utility bill coming on, as if 98% of the world did not cringe in horror and disbelief just watching it the first time. Then Jwls trying out absurd and/or impossible insanity defenses on a knowledgable public. Spreading a little Christmas disbelief!

Goodness! As soon as I think NOTHING will shock me..........

Whoever has Tru's suggestion in their stocking or under the tree - may Santa fall out of his sled......shame on him for even thinking anyone would subject themselves to that twice in one lifetime. I think by now we are all aware of ANS and HKS's character.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone!

2826 days ago

Allred Tree    

Santa will find Anna and HKS tonight and give them a BIG DOSE OF TRUTH SERUM for Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all and Melikalikimaka to Kikoke!

2826 days ago


Hi there everyone...just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all and Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas in Hawaiian) to you as well Walter B. And a Ha'ole Makahikiho, which is Happy New Year. Lets all pray for peace and truth for Daniel and his sister.

2825 days ago


Merry Christmas to all Mobstas , Im, I wonder if someone should start sending that book about ANS to the bahamas let social services and the rest of their government read it and see what they are really dealing with, cause we all know the real ANS and Hks. After reading the posts about the book poor Daniel it really makes me sick to think what a hellish life he had, poor thing he was exposed to so much at such a young age, it just makes me sick to think no one did anything about it including myself and the public, it makes it so important to fight for danilyn, to get her away from ANs, that baby will never have a chance at a good life with a mother like ANS she is scum of the earth along with Himmie and HKS.

2825 days ago


1130. Sarah That was the best thing I have read about the way you looked at it from the point of a child view..And it pretty well somes it up ...

Posted at 7:27PM on Nov 30th 2006 by Brenda Kiefer

I'm beginning to think this is really Tru, and it's the method he used to drive ANS insane. It won't work with us Tru, trust me. We are blind to the "water torture" literal form. You've never met a group like you have on these boards Tru.

PS.........KIDDING BRENDA, and only kidding you!!!! Tru, I was completely serious. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

2825 days ago


Shhhhhhh patty i have a fan lol. At least it makes me feel good lol.

2824 days ago

Allred Tree    

Question for JWLS. What do your initials stand for? Jewels, or Jowels?......

2824 days ago


An INQUEST into Daniel's death needs to be done soon!

Possible motive for homicide ...... If Ben Thompson is the "family friend" who visited at the hospital who HKS mentioned on Larry King ..... that means that DANIEL was present during their discussions and DANIEL KNEW that his mother tried to get Ben to fraudulently sign his sister's birth cert. HKS said that he went to get something for Anna, himself, and Daniel to eat, AFTER this family friend left the hospital. Daniel DIED AFTER Ben left the hospital. Daniel would have testified truthfully .... therefore, he had to be "silenced". I still do not believe however, that Daniel's mother was in on a plot to silence Daniel.

The Bahamian police have completed their investigations and turned their reports over to the District Attorney. Now we all wait for the Dist. Atty to make the decision to hold an INQUEST. The public must continue to WRITE to Dist Atty Allyson Maynard-Gibson and ask her to order an INQUEST.

Hon. Allyson Maynard-Gibson, M.P.
Ministry of Legal Affairs & Office of the Attorney General
East Bay Street
Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas
EXCERPTS from Bahamas news articles:

"Smith inquest likely, says police officer"
Nassau Guardian
Months of investigations into how and why Daniel Smith died has led authorities to believe that a Coroner's Inquest will most "likely" occur, a senior police official said last night.
However, authorities in the Attorney General's Office refused to comment on whether an inquest will be needed.
......Assistant Commissioner of Police Reginald Ferguson said he believed that further investigation, in the form of a Coroner's Inquest, would be needed to determine how 20-year-old Daniel Smith died at Doctors Hospital on September 10......

Mr Ferguson noted that the police investigation had been concluded and the findings passed on to the Attorney General's office but added that the police had not "heard anything else from them."
"An Absolute Disgrace"
Indeed, it would be extraordinary if police had not recommnded an inquest, for it's hard to imagine any set of circumstances more suspicious than those surrounding the untimely departure of this quiet and kindly young man.

An inquest is required, without further delay, to investigate this and every other aspect of the case to clear the air before the Bahamas is damaged in the eyes of the world.
The Tribune
"Bahamas Under Fire For Lack Of Daniel Smith Inquest"

Media commentators in the United States are now expressing disquiet over the Bahamas' failure to conduct an inquest into the death of Anna Nicole Smith's son, Daniel.

They are also questioning the Bahamian authorities' apparent reluctance to disclose results of the official toxicology reports.

CNN's Nancy Grace - focusing once again on the paternity war over Anna Nicole's baby daughter Dannie Lynn Hope - told an audience of millions this week that the Bahamas' failure to reveal such information was disturbing.

"Do they not have a Freedom of Information Act?" she asked as legal experts expressed puzzlement over an apparent wall of silence.

Ms Grace's disquiet echoes that of The Tribune and other press outlets, who now feel the government's delay in disclosing such vital information is unacceptable and highly suspicious.

The Tribune's INSIGHT section has repeatedly called for a Freedom of Information Act to make disclosure of such material obligatory

"Two Important Issues That Will Not Go Away"
And, from the public's viewpoint, the need for an inquest is already established beyond doubt. You don't need a law degree to know that Daniel's death was highly suspicious and possibly the result of unlawful behaviour.

In the interests of transparency, an inquest is needed now.

Ms Smith's privately-hired pathologist, Dr Cyril Wecht, and her own mother. Mrs Virgie Arthur, have already revealed enough - via American cable television - for us to conclude that, at the very least, this matter deserves intense scrutiny in the public domain.
"Anna Nicole Smith Stirs Up Bahamas"
It also wants to know when legal authorities are going to order an inquest into Daniel Smith's death. So far, Bahamian officials have been strangely quiet on autopsy tests and an inquest date, in spite of U.S. pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht's disclosure that the youth's body contained methadone and at least two antidepressants.

2823 days ago


Nancy Grace show Thursday night, Dec. 28th - Nancy will cover the "suspicious" circumstances of ANS's son's death and the bizarre behavior she's found acceptable since living in the Bahamas.

Thanks Patty, for the heads up!

2823 days ago


I will be watching....can't wait!!!! Thx, IM and Patty for letting us know.

2822 days ago


(Raising my hand frantically at Walter) Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! ME ME ME!

Walter, what is JOWELS? (in my best Jeopardy voice)

(audience applauds like crazy)

Go me! Go me! Go me!


2822 days ago


I see nothing has changed. Same lame sh*t! I may not like Anna or agree with how she raised her sone, but that is none of any ones business. He worshiped her and that is all that matters.

As far as this inquest. It was Anna and Howard who initially wanted one and hired their own world renowned pathologist. Murderers would not do this. The reason it will not go any further in th Bahammas, is there is nothing to go any furhter with. Both pathologist concluded he died of natural causes, with drugs found in his system. These two drugs alone did not cause his heart attack. Its the vivid imaginations of some people who are trying to create a murder-crime.

As far as Nancy Grace, saying their is a freedom of infromation act, thats not true. Not when it comes to medicine or ANY infromation about his health and cause of death. This is governed by H.I.P.P.A law. This is why they will not realease any information, nor should they.

They have had one of the top pathologist in the world examine Daniel. If by his findings he would have listed homicide as cause of death, then the police would have something to work with. He did not!!! This was an American expert, so you cant even blame the people of the Bahammas.

I know you losers are bored and want to create something to occupy your pathetic lives, but let this one go.

I cant wait to laugh at all you dumb-ass people on this sight, when Anna gets her millions and gets her Trim-spa job back. She will probably have to share custody with Birkheads money grubbing ass, but he might make a good father. The baby will continue to be happy and healthy. Anna will continue to be Anna. If she wasnt you lame women wouldnt have anything to talk about.

2821 days ago

the wise old owl    

Happy New Year to you to JWLS : Nothing has changed LEGALLY...but we believe Daniel didn't overdose himself. The fact that Danel worshipped Anna isn't all that matters. The way SHE treated him during his short life also matters. It's people like you who look the other way that enables people like HKS and ANS actions to SLIP through the cracks. They would not be getting away with this occured in the U.S. They certainly picked the RIGHT place to commit this awful act.

As far as MURDERERS hiring their own pathologist to find the cause of death. I am sure that ANS insisted. Most likely HKS wanted nothing to do with that. He had to go along. I never heard a heart attack was the " casue of death ". Where did you hear that ? After hearing on Nancy Grace that anyone can buy their way into the Bahamas....I am more convinced than ever that it is a vile and corupt place where you can get away with " just about anything " if you have the $$. There has never been a formal annoucement that " The inquest " was complete. For all you know they could still be compiling evidence. Sometimes it takes months and months to complete an inquest.

Just because you can't list the cause of death as "homicide " doesn't mean it isn't . The only thing I agree with is that " HKS may have gotten away with it " It's very difficult to prove WHO is at fault when a drug overdose is involved. Often times the only thing you have to go on is intuition and gut feelings. And this alone cannot be used as proof in a murder case. Too bad. Because I know Daniel didn't do this to himself.

It's far from over JWLS. The investigation isn't CLOSED. Since this was never investigated from the begining as a possible " murder scene ". Valuable evidence has been lost or compromised. HKS had plenty of time to clean out that hospital room before the death became " suspisious " Those 2 deserve each other. They have the values and same morals..........NONE !!!

We are not bored and we are not giving up. We wil continue to " look for the truth " while you " Look the other way ". There are many people who get away with murder. HKS may be one of those ..........but it doesn't mean he isn't guilty. His inconsistencies and changing story lines are indicators that the man is not being forth right. He may walk. But he knows what he's done.

If Daniel would have stayed in LA and not gone to visit his Mom in that hospital room . He would be alive. I am not giving up hope that Authorities will DEMAND answers. This is the worst case of a " travesty of justice " I have ever seen .

2821 days ago
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