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Court Orders Anna Nicole To Scram

11/29/2006 6:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A court in the Bahamas has ordered Anna Nicole Smith to vacate the house she's living in -- STAT.
Smith docs

TMZ has obtained a default judgment issued yesterday against Smith (aka Vickie Lynn Marshall). G. Ben Thompson, the owner of the home in which Smith has been living, recently filed papers to evict her. Smith was required to respond to Thompson's filing by Monday, November 27, but failed to do so.

Yesterday, the court entered a default judgment, which means Thompson can now force Smith out of the house.

TMZ obtained a letter that Thompson's lawyer sent to Smith after the default judgment was entered, demanding that she vacate within 48 hours.

Thompson was once romantically involved with Smith and claims she told him he was the father of her baby. Thompson says he put a quick end to Smith's claim when he informed her that he had a vasectomy several years ago.


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Allred Tree    

Thanks Patty. Yes, and I am honored to be so dubbed! I certainly agree with you and I am sure you are to be eternally rewarded for your heroic efforts in this matter. Maybe you could send the petition to Opri. Larry has a website but there is no way to e-mail him on it. I did make a mistake when trying to review the baby pictures and entered but that is a porno website.
Did you see where Larry (supposedly) made a post here or on the Fraud board thanking everyone right before Christmas? If he is reading these posts, maybe he will read yours about the petition and e-mail you. Please post your e-mail address again, just in case.
I have sent three e-mails to amgibson but have received no reply. BUT very glad to see that they're being noticed according to

2794 days ago

Allred Tree    

Oh, and Patty, I love your comment about Anna and Howie never thinking they would have to deal with the likes of us!!! I'll bet they have never met anyone like us in their lives! TOO BAD FOR THEM! They wouldn't be in the predicaments they are now, that is for sure! By the way, I happen to be a Capricorn and can be as stubborn as a goat. Stubborn meaning persistent.....what's your sign?

2794 days ago


You know I agree with the two comments that this woman has just lost a son - the most painful loss of all. Why do people feel the need to judge others if they have not ever stepped foot in that person's shoes. As a recovering addict, I can tell those of you who judge - life as an active addict is anything but fun. It's a life of misery and pain. When you judge another - no matter who it is - you are seeing a mirror in which you see something about yourself that you do not like. I would guarantee that none of you would admit to that, but it is the truth. Is she a threat to your life? Is she harming you? Or do you have nothing better to do than sit around and make judgements of others?

2793 days ago


Ok, first I'm ignoring Kitty who's whole blog bashes others about bashing others. Make some sense Kitty. Don't bitch and then do the deed yourself.

Walter, the email is Drop a line if you'd like. I have been looking for Larry's email address because I wanted his opinion on something on the petition and where it would be best sent to. Personally, I think it would be best going to HIM because he would know the specifics of what would better suit his needs.

Yes, I am a Capricorn as well - very interesting. Let's make stubborn into "persistently aggressive", it sounds so much more.........well, you know.....MORE. LOL

My bday is tomorrow, and I am probably the most stubborn person on this earth. If someone tells me I can't do something (Tru, Jwls, LOL, etc - are you listening?) it's the first thing I'm going to do.

Walter, and all the other Mobstahs, keep up the great work, now we have absolute proof that the "higher ups" are watching, reading, and taking us seriously. Anna, Howie, and all your fans.....take note - you haven't chased us away, dampened our cause, or defeated our purpose.

2793 days ago


Walter, I know you weren't terribly comfortable about emailing back when this started, but I could tell you more - I just don't want it on this board. We are being noticed by far more than B2B, email me when you are comfy. You can trust me, I don't give out anyone's phone or email.

2793 days ago


Please check your email.

2793 days ago


Patty, how old are you ? I bet you are old, becasue you truly need a life.

We ALL know by now that you are a true Anna-hater. The funny thing is all you spew is venom. Anna, doesnt even know you are alive. Get a grip old-woman.

I cant wait to laugh my ass off at all you fools! Her life will always be better then yours. Thats why you hate her so.

Will check back later haters.

2793 days ago


Jwls, considering you are probably a kid, I may be old to you. I'm not an Anna hater, but I am all for justice for Daniel and the safety of that baby. I tend not to side with methadone addicts who are nursing their baby, steal someone's home, and in general, spit in the face of everyone who's tried to be good to her.

Do you think Anna's life is better than any of ours? Honestly? Please get a reality check. She's stoned all the time, has a lawyer/faux husband, a newborn baby that she made go through the entire court system for a DNA decision instead of just doing the right thing and having the baby's father have a chance in her life, her "beloved" son (whom she treated like crap) died in her hospital room. There were 3 people in that room Jwls/Tru/Whoever you are - now 1 is dead. You do the math. It would have been literally impossible for Daniel to commit suicide with that many drugs, they would not have stayed in his system long enough before he had to vomit.

We ALL know who YOU are Jwls, you are transparent. Are you going to come "back in a few days" just to diss me. You STILL have not posted anything about the safety of that baby. Or the fact that Anna chose to stay in a home without electricity, but left it like a bat out of hell when she thought she'd get her hands on another dime from the Marshall family. I hope the Marshall's keep this in litigation for YEARS. Howard's stuck by Anna, keeping her meth-happy, and coincidentally confused about everything. Now Daniel's out of the way - and the baby is next.

Someone needs to pull that woman out of the house, commit her to rehab and parenting classes, and teach her some self-esteem and self-respect so she can get rid of the followers like Howard and Kimmie.

Why is it that you single me out when there are several dozen people blogging the same as I? Why me? If you think you are getting under my skin, you are way off. You are really pretty fun to mess with. I do notice however, that when I get pretty close with "what might have happened" that it's your turn to crawl out of the swamp and negate everything I say.

Go right ahead. I would love it if Daniel wasn't murdered, he didn't deserve that. But then again he didn't deserve a meth addict for a mother, and an in-the-closet gay stepfather who hated him. Daniel took care of his mother the way she should have taken care of HIM. Someone took care of him alright.

You can continue to target me, because I need the laugh. You are a joke. Your insults are always the same, and you can barely spell.

I have a fulfilling life if that if what you are implying I'm jealous of Anna for. I haven't stolen homes, relied on meth to get me through the day, had to fake a relationship with an idiot like Stern, and haven't lost a son (Thank you God).

2793 days ago

Allred Tree    

Patty #1176 Happy Birthday! You won't believe this but guess what? My birthday is also tomorrow! I knew "great minds think alike."

2793 days ago


Keep your waist high wading boots on tonight when you watch ANS's attorney Ron Rale, on ET/The Insider!!! And listen with a COMMON SENSE FILTER to what he says, and more importantly to what he does NOT say. What does he leave out????

It looks like it is gonna be damage control and total SPIN!!!!!!
They realize that they cannot avoid the DNA test forever .... so, they are throwing out anything negative at all that they can conjure up to say about LB.

The important thing, which R.R. will most likely skirt around, is getting the DNA test DONE! This is what the public cares about (not the other technicalities and legal games being played in the court system).

I'm sure a judge will address the other secondary issues of "custody" and "drug testing" AFTER the DNA test is DONE and LB is proven to be the true daddy. R.R. is saying these portions of LB's case were "thrown out" ..... but he does not say that they will be addressed at a later date.

Ron Rale cannot keep saying, with a straight face, that ANS has not refused to take the DNA test, when she clearly HAS REFUSED! The public can see that she has continued to refuse. There is no logical reason for her to delay and refuse unless she has something to hide, or to try to make LB run out of money in the legal battle. The DNA test is the whole basis of LB's lawsuit! She HAS refused to take it. Period.

It is common practice in all lawsuits for the party bringing the lawsuit to ask the judge to make the other side pay for their legal fees. This is reasonable. If the party being sued had not done the wrongful things they did, which caused the lawsuit in the first place, no money on legal fees would have been spent.

ANS has known all along that LB is the baby's true daddy, and she cooked up a scam to try to prevent the public from learning this truth because it did not suit her agenda. ANS should have to pay for what she has done to LB. It's only right.

ET's slanted, biased "reporting" of the ANS news is totally DISGUSTING and transparent. Why don't they have LB on there? Or Debra Opri? Why do they let ANS' camp make statements of half truths and lies without pressing them further with hard hitting questions?

Why doesn't ET broadcast a video of Anna and Dannielynn having their mouths swabbed for the DNA test? That's what we want to see!

Ron Rale said that Anna "WILL COMPLY WITH THE ORDER".
Let's hold him to that.

2793 days ago


This woman lost her beloved son and is also going thru hormonal changes from her pregnancy. She is no angel but let those without sin cast the first stone.She is doing the best she can or at least thinks she is doing right. The media follows her every move and makes money from their pictures. I beleive some of the stories are to sell magazines. I enjoy watchinb her speak her mind,her opinion is her right of free speech. I hope she gets the money from her late husbands estate. he married her........that was his free will. I side with Anna from day one.

2793 days ago

Allred Tree    

Patty, I've tried e-mailing you but it won't go through. I get message that it is a wrong address. Mine is

2793 days ago


Well, the ET "interview" with ANS's attorney, Ron Rale, was a slanted biased pile of doo doo, just as I suspected it would be!

The only thing that matters and that the public wants to hear about, is Anna getting the DNA testing DONE.

We are not impressed with slick Ron playing word games and trying everything in the shady, slick, slimey attorney handbook to DELAY and avoid the DNA testing for as long as possible.

Instead of answering in an open, upfront manner that ANS WILL comply with the order to have the DNA testing done by Jan. 23rd, R.R. has to talk about side issues of custody and LB's legal bills, which are matters to be dealt with AFTER the DNA test is completed.

It was obvious that ET structured their "questions" to R.R. in a way to allow him to broadcast only the rehearsed, scripted statements that he wanted to air.

Instead of Mark Steines asking R.R. if the California judge can FORCE the DNA test, and if the local authorities in the Bahamas can MAKE her take the test .... why didn't ET ask WHY isn't Anna voluntarily taking the test to comply with the court order without being FORCED to do it?

ET and R.R. intentionally clouded the issues and made it sound like it has to be taken before a Bahamian judge. The issue of the DNA test has already been decided and ruled on by the California judge. He said he DOES have jurisdiction, and he said the DNA test WILL BE DONE.

ANS and HKS thought LB would never file a paternity lawsuit .... and if he did ... that he would never get an ORDER from a judge to have the DNA test done.
They were wrong, and they underestimated LB.

ANS will submit to the DNA testing because she cannot risk having a CONTEMPT of court warrant issued on her, so she can come back to the states to grab some Marshall money. The courts in the Marshall money case would frown on ANS having a contempt of court ruling against her.

She will finally take the DNA testing only because it suits her agenda on other matters. She will play the "oops mistake thot Howie was the daddy" card, and the "feel sorry for me cuz I lost my son" card, and hope she gets some JURORS on her cases that buy her act.

2793 days ago


Anyone who wants to be part of the me at I will post this on the other ones as well.

2792 days ago


US Petition Demands Inquest Into Death of Daniel Smith
Prime Minister Perry Christie is to receive a 1,000 name petition from Americans demanding an inquest into Daniel Smith's death.

The petition has been raised by a weblog group called "The Mob", who claim the Bahamas government is trying to conceal the truth.

Copies of the petition will go to Attorney General Allyson Maynard-Gibson and the Californian lawyer Debra Opri in a bid to get answers about Daniel's mysterious demise at Doctors Hospital last September.

One of the group's leaders, Patty from South Carolina, told The Tribune yesterday: "It is obvious something is going on under the rug here. This is becoming a cause among concerned Americans because something is just not right."

The Attorney General has repeatedly failed to set an inquest date, claiming at one point that she was still awaiting information from the police.

However, the police told The Tribune several weeks ago that they had concluded their inquiries and all papers had
been handed over.

Members of The Mob have now concluded that the government's reluctance to speak up is the result of a desire to keep the issue under wraps, possibly to protect certain people.

They also firmly believe that Daniel had been murdered when he was found dead by his mother, reality show star Anna Nicole Smith, on September 10 last year.

The Mob, with members all over the States, is now analysing every aspect of the Daniel Smith affair in the hope that the Bahamas government can be embarrassed into action.

Patty said travel agents in South Carolina had reported a 65 per cent drop in bookings to the Bahamas because people were concerned about legal arrangements here.

"They feel it is another Aruba," she said, "where people cannot get answers from the legal authorities."

The Mob have also expressed concern over Anna Nicole's three-month-old baby daughter Dannie Lynn Hope, who was born three days before Daniel died from a lethal cocktail of drugs, including the heroin substitute methadone.

Patty said: "Our petition is being certified by a notary before we send it out. We believe there is no way physically that Daniel could have committed suicide.

"Daniel was a very sweet kid. He nurtured his mother. We have tried to call the Bahamas attorney general and have also e-mailed but have received no reply.

"It seems the government don't want people to know and are hoping it will go away."

Ms Smith is now at the centre of litigation over ownership of the Eastern Road house where she lives and the paternity of her child.

A Californian judge this week ordered that she subject the child to a DNA test by January 23 in response to a paternity claim by photographer Larry Birkhead.

Ms Smith's lawyer-companion Howard K Stern has claimed to be the father. He and Ms Smith are being sued through the Bahamas Supreme Court by Mr Birkhead for alleged slander and fraud.

Source: The Tribune

2791 days ago
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