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Kimberly Stewart: Read My Boots

11/29/2006 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kimberly Stewart isn't famous for her sense of style -- we really can't figure out why she's famous at all -- but the celebutante does know how to make a statement.

Rod's daughter let everyone at London's Heathrow Airport know exactly how she felt yesterday -- by sporting around a pair of boots with the words "F**k You" screaming from the back of them. Rod must be so proud.

This proves that class can't be measured by Louis Vuitton bags ... no matter how many you've got.


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I saw this bitch at Blonde (a club in Kansas City) about a year ago...I think she was dating Ryan Cabrerra at the time, because she was with him the whole night, and it was the night of his concert. Cabrerra and Stewart were at the club. I was sitting at the main bar with two hot Mexican girls...and Stewart walked up to the bar to get a drink. She was wearing a leather skirt that said STEWART on the back...I had remembered seeing it on MTV cribs a while back. I was drunk, and when she walked up to the bar...being a gay man, I thought it would be okay to slap her on her ass and say CUTE SKIRT! ARE YOU HAVING A FUN NIGHT? She turned around, looked at me, and said DON'T TOUCH ME...and then she walked away. What a dumb c**t...just thought it was a funny story to share.

2893 days ago


If her dad wasn't Rod Stewart do you think she would have
her picture taken? Don't think so. She's just another rich celebrity kid.

2893 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Where are the Skycaps when you need them? Class, it always shows. Didn't P!nk have a similiar type outfit when she went to Par!s?

2893 days ago


Who care about this silly bitch......her daddy is famous not her. Who the f*** does she think she is? She is nothing but Paris Hiltons flunky ass kisser. This bitch needs to get a life of her own......instead of trying to live off of her daddys fame...just another Hollywood P***y giving it up for anyone who will have her holland tunnell

2893 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Dear Andy,
we were YOU wear panties when you go out?

2893 days ago


That girl looks like a little bit like a man! I don't no why these girls think having a body that looks like a 12year old boy is cute!

2893 days ago

Peggy Archer    

Those are designer boots from a company called "Chrome Hearts". Everything CH makes has that particular obscenity printed upon it.

Go figure.

2893 days ago



2893 days ago


This bitches face is putrid! So ugly!

2893 days ago

Puh der Baer    

I hope her liver doesn't look as bad as her face.

2893 days ago


Who cares about this? Aren't there some celbrities you could report on?

2892 days ago


The people working at TMZ clearly aren't all that bright. They can't figure out why Kimberly Stewart is so famous, when it's magazines and online magazines such as TMZ which report on her inane, yawn-inducing life that make her "famous."

2892 days ago

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