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Mel to Michael: Slurs Happen

11/29/2006 7:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Richards is getting support from someone who knows exactly what he's going through -- Mel Gibson.
Mel Gibson and Michael Richards
Gibson, infamous for his anti-semitic invective after being pulled over for drunk driving, tells Entertainment Weekly, "I feel really badly for the guy. He was obviously in a state of stress. You don't need to be inebriated to be bent out of shape." Ain't that the truth!

"You don't need to be inebriated to be bent out of shape." --Mel

Regarding Richards' fate in the media, Mel added, "They'll probably torture him for a while and then let him go. I like him." Of course he does.

Looks like Kramer can count on work in a Gibson flick. Perfect pairing.


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It's not acceptable for anyone to single out a race, ethnicity, sexual preference/orientation or size and express it in a derogatory manner. It is even worse to be black and make the most despicable reference to the black race a " cool" slang(otherwise known as the"n" word). Who could blame society for being confused and not understanding that within the black race it is used amongst each other as an acceptable reference BUT no one else can use it...That said, no ne should use a demeaning or disreapectful or deragatory term for any reason toward any one at anytime. Mr. Gibson, It is more than disheartening that you have chosen to throw your two cents into this firestorm - bad choice. For me, any blurred line I may have had regarding your racist tendencies is now quite clear. You are a biggot and a racist. It is always hardest to see when you or your race are not the victim of the attack, isn't it? Do you live in a glass house? Have you ever been discriminated against? Have your people ever been opressed, held in slavery, been a target of genocide, or as Michael Richards said in recounting American history - "been hanged up and a *******fork stuck up your a**. He didn't make that up. It happened in America less than 50 years ago. When most people respond as if this is no big deal - they do not have a history like the black people. Even my husband, whose family are Irish immigrants can remember "Irish need not apply" but an Irish Catholic has been President since and they were never denied schooling just entry into WASP country clubs. There are still country clubes in this country, America, that deny entry to blacks and Jews. Think about it. Were the shoe on your foot would you feel the same way? I say no more. It must stop. It's not ok to speak in a deragatory manner to anyone EVER!

2864 days ago


This so damn funny now! All i can say is thanks to these hecklers at the micheal richards show for wanting to fill there pockets with cash. Every standup comedian better be careful of what they say now! lol

2864 days ago


Here is a rhetorical question...

Has anyone ever heard a black comic make racist statements against white people?

Yes, Richard's tirade was out of line, but if you are nitpicking details be sure to watch for double standards.

2864 days ago


ooohhhhhh of course. In Mel Gibson's twisted bigoted mind, Kramer presents an ideal opportunity to hype his new movie. Let's do some old fashioned race baiting, crank up the controversey and try again to make more ticket sales. Mel is a joke and everyone should make them from now 'till January when nobody will care anymore. There are a lot to be found in a humor site I like at . Let's turn the tables on Mel, boycott his movie and send him to the dustbin of bad late night joke prugatory where he belongs.

2864 days ago

Jay Burke    

Hey TMZ get over yourself. You are definitely part of the media that insites when there is nothing else to do - maybe a s-l-o-w news day. Give it up. Not news worthy.

2864 days ago


Reading the comments from some stupid people saying that they know so much about Black History and we cry about stupid things and we are violent. Well my question is to you, if we are so violent then why did the KKK murder or terrozied black eople? Why are you kind in jail or prison or doing, selling durgs, selling their bodies on the street, also why are their white serial killers killing their on kind, like for instance the white guys that terrozied the streets of Phoneix, serial shooters and many others. Why is there a prison gang called nazi lowriders?
Civilized I think not, your kind are faaarrr very far from it. Your kind are no better.
What is so funny you racists bastards BITCH like k**ts, about how Blacks say the n word, Black comics make fun of us white people, maybe so, but how in the hell would you know? Wild guess here but it seems that you stupids must be watching them on tv, all you are doing is giving them more ratings and keeping them on the air, and lets not forget putting money in their pocket. Actually you can say what you want but if I were them I would laugh all the way to the bank. Like Chapplle said "I am rich BITCH"! Keep up the good work, keep watch.
That goes to show how smart your kind REALLY is!

2864 days ago

greg holston    

#4 I'll bet you're intimidated by BIG BLACK MEN aren't you?

You probably have a REALLY SMALL DICK too!!! LMAO!!!

Its easy to sit at home, hide behind your computer, and act like a p***y. But I'll bet you, you would never say that to a Black person's face.

You weak, spineless, piece of sh*t! You would probably piss on yourself if a Black man challenged you, and freak out just like Michael Richards. LMAO!!!!!!!

I've always been told White men were pathetic, p***ies. From reading some of the responses here, it looks to be true.

Posted at 7:02PM on Nov 29th 2006 by Tina

Tina, contrary to your racist beliefs, white men do not generally have small penises. As a matter of fact, some of us do not feel the need to imitate your gaudy gold fashion either. To me, this is what is ironic. It is ironic that "African Americans" claim white people are the racists, wear the white sheets, are afraid of blacks, are haters, paranoid etc. etc. when in REALITY, Tina, queen of hypocrisy, it seems you are a perfect example of an "African American" bigot.

2863 days ago


Jews, Blacks, Whites we are all people and we really are not that different people get their defenses up and hide behind their differences. I don't hate Mel or Micheal it is a bummer that they let stereotypes represent all black people but no one is perfect. Except for totally hardcore racist I don't think the average person (of any race) really hates based on race but all it takes is a couple of a**holes to make you resent a whole group of people. To all the posters who say they hate blacks (Im black) and jews don't let a few lowlifes from other races blind you to the fact that there are cool people of all races. Peace.

2863 days ago



2863 days ago


Too Many white men with small dicks here. Tina must have hit a nerve

2863 days ago

Mr. X    

I find it amazing how people are still talking about all of this. Mel and Michael both screwed up. They apologized. Now get over it. Shut the hell up about it. Has no one in here said anything they later regretted? Now imagine getting raked over the coals by the media over it. Leave these guys alone. Get a f***ing life already.

2863 days ago


Why single these two out when there are many blacks who call whites names all the time. And what about all the support entertainers give the anti jew countries and leaders around the world? You never hear codemnation of them. I have heard a lot of people make comments they should not have made, but if they were not white nothing is too much said or done about it. So where is the real discrimination?

2863 days ago


PLEASE!!!! This is America. Why all the ugly race comments. There is a War going on. ALL OUR MEN. Black, white, yellow, brown, red, men of all colors are fighing and dieing for our FREEDOM. We should not blame or hate because the world now hates us American's. We should stick together and put our flags out and think the lord above that we live in America. That we have freedom of speech. That we can sit in front of a computer and speak our minds. But do we have to bring down nationality's to do it? God said love one another. Not the whites just love the whites and blacks just love the blacks. Love one another. ALL RACES. Stop the name calling on here. It really gets out of hand. Let's all focus on this war and how it can stop and bring our men home. Take interest in that then some stupid comment on what richards and mel said. If you don't like black people or white people go on a island and live by yourselfs. But everyone's blood is red and flow the same. I think half of these comments come from silly young boys being stupid and want to get everyone angry on here. They have nothing more to do. School must be out. And if you are a adult posting these comments. GET SOME HELP!

2863 days ago

yir ma    

giddy up Gisele

2863 days ago

yir ma    

giddy up Gisele

2863 days ago
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