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Rosie to Brit: Ditch "Idiots," Come Live With Me!

11/29/2006 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today on "The View," Rosie invited Britney Spears to live with her, her wife Kelly, and their kids, and begged Britney to forsake what she called her new "idiot" BFFs -- Hilton and Lohan.

O'Donnell really, really wants to snatch Brit from the clutches of her panty-shunning pals, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, and provide basic instruction to the Britster on how to wear underwear again.

She told Elisabeth, Joy and Barbara that her feelings for Britney were "purely maternal," and that she didn't worry about Britney corrupting her own kids -- a concern that Joy sensibly raised. Rosie also appealed to Victoria's Secret to provide an unlimited supply of underwear to the Taco Belles, so that we -- and the rest of the viewing public -- don't have to be subjected to their "ying-yang," as Rosie called it.

Barbara, austere as ever, asked only the eternal question, "Why?"


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So Sick Of...    

Britney, can you see what everyone thinks of you?

How many more nights are you going to go out?

2885 days ago


OMG. How's it hanging Britney? Obviously not so good.
Britney has made a complete fool of herself not only hanging loose everywhere but also hanging out with Paris. These two have started the club Hanging Loosers.

2885 days ago


Rosie is evil she just wants to munch on Brit's rug

2885 days ago


You know, that Paris is a sly one. She has one brilliant publicist. Paris is nothing if not an opportunist. And Brit - what a way to convince the divorce court that you should have sole custody of the children. Way to go - keep putting your children first. You want to go out and enjoy life - and you should - but not this way, my dear, not this way. Train wreck is heading your way..............

2885 days ago

So Sick Of...    

TMZ should put a counting clock on thier web site counting how many nights Britney go's out in a row...

like they did with "When will we see baby Suri"

She's is a piece of sh*t mother!!!

2885 days ago


# 4 - your ode to Britney is getting old. It is everywhere on this board, it seems.

Are you Britney's ex? or her publicist? the latter would make sense.

2885 days ago

Mike V.    

I agree with #1. That fat lezbo Rosie wants to munch on Brittney's stretched out muff.

2885 days ago

Not a Britney Fan    

#1 - Does Britney even have a rug?

2885 days ago


LOL # 1 - I think you may be CORRECT...

2885 days ago


thanks rosie for that piece of advice to britney, maybe if she knows grown ups also are watching her every move maybe , just maybe she will come to her senses and drop that sh*tty baggage that is hanging on her.Does she not know that her x kf*** is watching her every move to get dirt on her for his up coming custody battle?What i8s wrong with this ho, i know she's country and dumb but come on she's even giving country a bad name.I for one am starting to give up on this dump truck of a woman Wake up before it is too late! wake up britney!!!!!

2885 days ago

Erica Frantz    

There's no way Britney's latest antics can be helping her future custody battle with k-Fed. It turns out maybe he wasn't as bad for her as we thought.

2885 days ago

Heaven Nose    

Let the poor girl show her tw*t to the world if she wants to. Who are we to judge her?

"Hello, Even A Vagina Evens Nuts, Now Over Sh*tney Eggs."

2885 days ago


Britney please listen to Rosie and cover up down there you are attracting flies. Thank you.

2885 days ago


I think Rosie is right about what Brit needs to do... She needs to quit the new party persona and be a Mom. Take care of those babies. (OR MAYBE she is doing the babies a favor and maybe/hopefully they are cared for by experienced/loving nannies).
At least ACT like she loves them. I think Rosie means that Brit needs to model her behavior after a loving family situation or on someone that has one. Britney can't look at her own life or parents. They are just living off of her and always have. She lived as a working kid with one parent just tagging along.
ANd I also agree with the VIEW ladies....
WHERE ARE THESE GIRLS UNDERPANTS? Why do they think this is a good statement. Everyone is so grossed out by the flashes of they not read or hear about the comments everyone makes on TV shows, on the tabloid shows and in print. IT IS DISGUSTING.
These 3 are a joke.
Paris is a no talent fool.
Britney is a white trash has been. If she actually made a new CD WHO WOULD buy it? What is her audience now?
Lindsay is defintiely an out of control alcoholic and who knows aht kind of drugs etc she ingests. Plus those slashed wrists are pretty scarey.

2885 days ago


Britney needs to grow up. By what she is doing she will lose her children and hanging out with those 2 what is she thinking. Paris is a spoiled brat and will be a lonely person when she grows up and Lindsey she needs to get her head together. The three of them are acting like fools and people are laughing at them.They are only hurting themselves and if the parents don't care they are bigger fools. Seems like the parents don't have the time or what to take the time to see what these 3 are doing. But when you have money you can do anything you want and no one seems to care or try and make a difference in their growing up. Not wearing panties reminds me of a street walker. They must think of themselves as gods gift to men. One day they will get themselves in a situation where money won't help them out. None of them are good role models. Where were the parents when they were growing up they sure they weren't teaching them anything. We are taught how to grow up from the parents . Maybe the parents needs some education of raising children. or maybe the parents didn't care about them. If more parents took an interest in their children maybe we wouldn't have so many in jail or dead.

2885 days ago
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