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Rosie to Brit: Ditch "Idiots," Come Live With Me!

11/29/2006 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today on "The View," Rosie invited Britney Spears to live with her, her wife Kelly, and their kids, and begged Britney to forsake what she called her new "idiot" BFFs -- Hilton and Lohan.

O'Donnell really, really wants to snatch Brit from the clutches of her panty-shunning pals, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, and provide basic instruction to the Britster on how to wear underwear again.

She told Elisabeth, Joy and Barbara that her feelings for Britney were "purely maternal," and that she didn't worry about Britney corrupting her own kids -- a concern that Joy sensibly raised. Rosie also appealed to Victoria's Secret to provide an unlimited supply of underwear to the Taco Belles, so that we -- and the rest of the viewing public -- don't have to be subjected to their "ying-yang," as Rosie called it.

Barbara, austere as ever, asked only the eternal question, "Why?"


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With all that is happening in the world , do we really need to worry if Brit wears panties or not? She is a very sexy woman. If she doesnt want to wear panties, why should she! I wish my wife didnt wear panties when she went out. No panties and a sexy stiletto pump. Wow, talk about hot.

2820 days ago


I am so disgusted at the comments being left on this subject ! Rosie Is a a wonderful person who goes out of her way to help others less fortunate, I am a wife and mother of three girls, and It drives me crazy when someone attacks anothers sexuality, why should that have any bearing whatsoever on what Rosie Is trying to say to Britney. Everyone and I do mean everyone has things In life that they are passionate about, Rosie Is not ashamed to let people know where she stands on certain subjects, and I for one applaud her for It. We have so many people now a days stating their veiws only to change them when It doesnt suit what ever It Is they are trying to accomplish at the time. Rosie Is a good person and she Is what you see Is what you get, no fronts, no fake apperances, and as I said before I am a mother of three girls and If they have the values and integrity that Rosie has when they all go off In pursuit of there lives their Dad and I will be very matter what path they choose In life

2820 days ago

Just Me    

I think it's all about Britney being afraid that her career is a wash out now. So she does what every floudering star the goodies. That might work for awhile, but if she has no talent to back it up, then we'll see her off broadway doing Grease or something. Not everyone can be like Madonna, but a lot of people can end up like Debbie Gibson. Anyone remember Debbie's Pop Tart days? Remember her at all???

2820 days ago


I don't particularly care for Rosie...but I am with her all the way on this one. Man oh man, where are Britneys parents?

2820 days ago


I agree with Barbara, Why ? It's the saddest thing i've ever seen, all this behavior say's to me is, she really has become a nobody, and hanging with the so called somebody's, ( which is a matter of opinion) will help her image. I don't think so, if she wants a good image, be a good mother, take good care of those precious children, what does she think her kids would say when they get older, and someone show's them a picture of there Mom's crotch, they will be mortified. Paris and Lindsey are not mothers, they don't care about your image, and they are probably laughing behind your back, kick them to the curb, and hang with your baby's.

2820 days ago


I feel so sorry for britney's kids. I mean I have kids and totally understand wanting to "get out" now and then, but come on she's flashing people (and yes it was a calculated move) and hanging out with a bunch of gals whose main goal in life is to party and spend money and get their pics taken by paparazzi. Actually come to think of it, birds of a feather...
I really wish she would grow up a bit and get some class from somewhere. Her kids are going to be so embarassed in 10 years, "yeah that's my mom flashing her privates on the cover of US Weekly". But come to think of it, she wants to keep herself in the headlines and keep people talking and any attention beats no attention - she's planning a "comeback" so this is all supposed to help her career. Hey look what being a whore did for Paris. Sad that these girls do it but even worse that it makes them rich (err, richER).

2820 days ago


To "OH YEAH" thoughts exactly.

Rosie needs to just knock it off. So does Britney.

Yes, we all know Britney is acting like a ho-bag. I can see where any mother (new, old, intermediate).

However, offering your family home as a place for this chick to live? Please. That's too far. I'm not sure if Rosie was offering this in jest or seriously, but it's not your business to take it seriously. Brit has a mother and father...they're the ones that should be stepping in.

Brit is not hurting Rosie with her actions - only herself.

Thnks for letting me post.

2820 days ago


Sooo sad that Britney would pick a wild, rich Old Money socialite for a role model.

There is something very genuine and niave about Britney. Is she trying to learn to play the Hollywood 'political' games ? I hope she wakes up soon.

Britney is CREATIVE she can get good publicity. What's she gonna get out of this ? .... a porn career?

There are a lot of sophisticated, refined Old Money role model examples for her to follow Or... she could just follow her heart and work endorsing something that the world a better place. I'm sure that opportunities for Hollywood work would come to her that way.

I hope her distructive antics don't lead to disastrous things like they did for
Marilyn Monroe or the Thelma and Louise profile of dispair when their life is ruined. She needs to turn to something more wholesome to secure her future.

Hope she has a good counselor and agent to lead her down a better path.

2820 days ago

richard silaika    

rosie is a pig --dont let your kids watch her--hbo show was a real pig show

2820 days ago

Ticked off    

The media has nothing better to do than cover antics of this mentally sick young woman. She acts as though she had no parents to teach her the proper way to behave in public or how to raise her kids. Her kids are who I feel the most pain for. Their media whore mom, is out for herself. She has picked another media whore to hang with. I truly hope the court takes her kids from her and she can then hangout and let it all hang out as much as she wants and her kids can be raised by a family that will teach them good morals. This young lady, like Paris, and Anna Nicole are just media sluts. The give no real meaning to being decent women first of all and are poor examples of being mothers (Brit and Anna). It sickens me as a parent to see women like these running around flaunting their bodies like that is all there is in this world and it is going to make the world a better place to raise kids with examples like this.

2820 days ago


Maternal? Oh, please. How many other single moms has she offered rooms for? When will people wise up to her phoniness?

2820 days ago


My god ya'll are raunchy. I'm glad i'm just a poor nobody. I'd hate to hear what ya'll say about me. Providen i did anything to provoke it. Brit was doing ok til she hooked up with the ho~tel heiress airhead

2820 days ago

phillip Belcher    

I think Roaise is a bit jealouis, cause she anit ,t gitting none of that action....sing the song by M.C. hammer...UCAN'T TOUCH THIS

2820 days ago


Sry.. But I do have to agree w/ Rosie! She needs some maternal guidance! It is really sad to say that she, herself is a mother! I realize that she is trying to resuface, so she wants people talking about her, But cmon.... Could we have a reason to talk about her in a more decent way? I wonder what her mother thinks! And if she is proud of her and how she has been behaving... when she is supposed to getting ready to fight for custody of her babies!! I have had friends that have gone through a divorce and custody issues... let me tell you, those women stay out of bars, clubs, dating scene, basically become susie homemaker so they don't give their soon to be x, any excuses to start a war!!! This girl needs to grow up!!!

2820 days ago


Somebody needs to stick something hard in Rosie's mouth to shut that bitch up.

2820 days ago
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