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Britney Addicted to Drugstore

11/30/2006 4:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears was spotted heading into a CVS pharmacy yesterday morning for some essentials, not just once, but twice!

On her second run, she wore a new pair of sunglasses, a different hairstyle and similar sweatshirt. Brit did manage to have all the same camera-wielding friends follow her on both outings.

Maybe she needed mass quantities of disinfectant after hanging out with Greasy Bear?


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Looks like she purchased paper towels to wipe up all the c*nt spillage she left in Paris's car!!

2884 days ago


She's going to need a lot more than paper towels to clean that sh*t up! Sick!!

2884 days ago


I think britney is trying to show a new side of her but then again i think its a little over the top not to wear panties while there is cameras all around
wear underwears britney when you wear skirts or dresses we dont want to see you exposed
we love you britney

2884 days ago



Now THIS is news!

2884 days ago

Magical Mike    

I live in Malibu off Trancas Rd. and I know for a fact Britney was buying Condoms, Lube and Pregnacy tests after banging Greasy Bear last night.

My friend works there and told me this true fact.

2884 days ago


Please buy some condoms Brtiney and go on the pill too while you're at it. Please don't bring another "it just kind of happened" child into the world. Two neglected babies is enough for you.

2884 days ago


Notice she is wearing jeans? She is on her period and was buying tampons. That's probably why her coochie has been out of sight the last 24 hours. Isn't her birthday this Sat, Dec 2? Guaranteed ... she's on the rag.

2884 days ago


This poor pathetic girl is so desperate for attention.........ANY ATTENTION. SHe is a PUBLICITY WHORE. Would it kill her to STAY HOME???

2884 days ago


Those sunglasses have got to go. The shape and color are horrible.

2884 days ago


What did she need from the pharmacy?

Gonorrhea-B-Gone, a refill on her Valtrex meds, and some of that shampoo what gits rid of l'il crotch critters.

2884 days ago


She went there to pick up her prescription for stds cause after she hangs with Parasite the walking yeast infection and we know now clitney likes to let her coochie hang out for the world to see, maybe her coochie caught a cold. haha.

2884 days ago


If you look closely, you can tell she's been crying ( that's the reason for the sunglasses at night ( her nose is red and puffy). I kinda feel sorry for her. It's as if she can't remember how it was before Kevin and she's making a REAL big fool of herself trying not to think of the situation.

2884 days ago



2884 days ago


Man TMZ keep it up! Such a great story! Please keep giving us the blow by blow on Britneys trips to the pharmacy! Oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I wonder what flavor of lube she fancies??

2884 days ago


I'm from the rural south and am a 46 year old femaleBritney fan. I'm also a self made businesswoman with a net worth over $2 million. I say this not to brag but to point out I'm not a kid, educated with a MS degree, and not easily amused by publicity type antics, but I have to say I may finally be getting turned off by her. To go around with short skirts and no panties deliberately is one thing but to be so careless as to allow paparazzi to photograph the inside of your vagina is pretty repulsive. I've seen Britney live twice when she came to Atlanta and own every CD, bought everything I can find on disc about her. No one my age is a fan like I am. I even took my teenage niece to see her one of those times---great show! She's an extraordinary performer, but I'm beginning to accept the fact that she is mentally challenged in some way. Looks to me like she wanted to have herself photographed like that. Pretty pathetic. I suspect neither her mother nor her management if she has any left (I'd be reluctant to have a client like this) can persuade her to not behave in this manner. The Matt Laur interview was bad enough, but now this? Does she not get that Paris Hilton is an idiot, and while people may gawk at her they also have no respect for her. She's no entertainer and it won't be long before Britney isn't, either. Lynn, Larry Rudolph, Jive Records----you guys better get her under control, because she obviously doesn't know any better. I am sorry to have to say it, but I just have to get it off my chest because I've been such a fan. Hope you can salvage her image, because things are looking very, very bad. Seriously, Britney, you need to redeem yourself, and quick, or you are going to become a complete laughinstock. Sorry. You need to know.

2884 days ago
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