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Charlie & Denise -- Officially Swingin' Singles

11/30/2006 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After a year of seething accusations, alleged threats and nasty personal attacks, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are officially single again.
Denise andf Charlie divorce docs

TMZ has obtained fresh court documents from Los Angeles County Superior Court that finally end their 4-year marriage.

The couple has two children; Sam, 2, and Lola, 1. The estranged pair made an effort to be civil with each other lately. They were spotted together last month with their kids.

Richards filed for divorce in March 2005. She filed a stinging declaration in April, alleging that Sheen threatened her life, employed a madam and frequented pornographic websites featuring girls who looked "very young." Sheen denied the allegations. A judge previously ordered Sheen to stay 300 feet away from Richards and required that monitored visits with his children. Denise and Charlie: Click to launch gallery


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There's an old phrase: when you go to a bed with a dog, you are going to wake up with a dog. I guess that it took Denise Richards a lot longer than the rest of the female world to realize that Charlie Sheen is a dog, a talented actor, but a dog none the less.

2821 days ago

Down with stupid people!    

So he likes porn! did denise really think that she was the woman to change him . Raise your hand if you didnt know charlie is a sex-o-holic!

2821 days ago

Thad C Radel    

I don't know why you guys are hatin' on Charlie Sheen. Remember how hot he was in Ferris Bueller? And in Major League? I'm glad he got rid of the stinky Denise Richards Barbie doll once and for all! You go, girl.

2821 days ago

white girl    

who gives a rats ass?
I'm so sick of these hollywood couples and their 5 minutes marriages...

2821 days ago


I once partied with Charlie Sheen. It was nothing but hookers and coke. A good time had by all.

2821 days ago

Denise Go Away!!!!!!!    

Richie Sambora better be on the run. This skank a$$ will now take anything and everything she can get her crappy hands on. I do believe Charlie proved that Denise is nothing more then a liar and C&*^ of a woman!!!!!

2821 days ago


Denise Richard is just a wanna-be B list Skank who thinks she can act and by marrying Charlie Sheen she thought she could finally be on the A-list of celebs. It worked for Annette Bening, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Nicole Kidman...but it requires talent and Denise demonstrates to have none. Her only talent was to take Charlie Sheen who is a sexually perverted a**hole and get pregant twice to procreate more demon seeds. For Charlie this was a step-down and I am sure he now regrets it. Considering her behavior post separation she is not only a LOSER but a home-wrecker and a back-stabbing ill-fated best friend. I feel for Heather Locklear, but she is much better off w/o that cellulite, old rocker Richie Samboring! They should all go their separate ways...they make me sick!!!!

2821 days ago

white girl    

Wow, i just realized that the full mailing address was on there...
cool... lets all chip in and send them a sympathy card...


2821 days ago


Denise looks like a cow, and shes anorexic..Charlie Sheen can get someone so much better. Anyways Im sick of I dont even know why Im on this website. They should just get married once not 7 diff times.

2821 days ago


Who gives a rats ass? It's just another Hollywood couple who couldn't keep the goodies in the box, who f*****g cares that there divorced, now maybe we wont here another thing about them.

2821 days ago


we should be so lucky!

2821 days ago


Yeah #7 Brenda...I'm with you, you said it all!!!

2821 days ago

grossed out by this loser    

who gives a rats ass about these two... ones a drug addict.....the other is a homewrecker.... shes not even that hot either, with her big ass lips....and to think Ritchie Sambora left Heather Locklear for that?!! what goes around, comes around, you sleazy skank.....your 15 minutes of fame were over years ago... get the fluck out now....

2776 days ago

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